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HS BTRA(Transgender) Ring Tanga Bikini

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Transgender Content: If you do not like  transsexuals or huge boobs please press the back button. I really appreciate those who do not like a thing but know how to turn away and show respect to allow those who do like that thing to enjoy it






I have come out of my little hole to do aother posting for my favorite community!

Introducint the NEW Sui Cup Ring Tanga BIKINI SET!!!


This set is not 100% perfect but it is a work in process.

It includes

-17 Sexy Ring Bra's (In various Colors)

-17 Ring Bikinis (Also in Various Colors)

-17 Stockigns (Also " ")

-17 Crystalized Ring Shoes (Various Colors and DMRA Friendly though meant for Sui cup)


The outfit is found in Waye by the Inn that I am lazy to jot the name down for atm (Waye Inn?)

Here are some pickys




[spoiler=Locations ]514db474a62581f4d3598cef429067cc4390cdf0



Keep in mind this mod is a small mod but the mod itself will be added into a future work with improvements.




PS Sorry for the hairy girl but I like her like that :D.



Nexus Link:





(sadly the file is too big to post here (i hope that's changed)


If you do not have Nexus please use my blogs links :)



Free to DL xD no need to register ^_^.

Please play and Enjoy

Happy Gamming


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