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DOAXVV Mod Posting/Mod Updates

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On 3/16/2021 at 10:59 PM, KanekoVV said:

Warmth Muffler White Day 2021 SSR - Honoka & Common Body



I posted a mod for Warmth Muffler Honoka & Common body.

You can download it in my thread or here:

For more info see the post in my thread.


good i am glad you can come back👍 thank you for this mod🙏

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On 5/14/2020 at 6:39 AM, scottie304 said:

Leifang Pigtail Hairstyles

UPDATE: 5/19/20

Added a missing shader override. Please add it to your d3dx.ini if Leifang's original pigtails silhouette still appears.


UPDATE: 5/17/20

@krunkDunk discovered and fixed an error with the twintails VS (big thanks to them) added shader override to post and the d3dx.ini provided


add the command to your ini if you are experiencing problems.






Use: SHIFT+C to cycle through the hairstyles


Replaces Leifang's Pigtail hair




Make sure you update your d3dx.ini or replace it with the one provided.


if you want to manually edit your d3dx ini add these lines in the support for third party mods section:

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hash = d19d68505c1c8c72
run = CommandListClothes


hash = 096e8de77c05a141
run = CommandListClothes


; Eyelashes
hash = 08178552fffb5040
run = CommandListSkin


Only add these lines if you do not download the d3dx ini.


If the mod still fails to work add this last line by krunkdrunk


  Reveal hidden contents


hash = ca8a23be65616727

run = CommandListClothes



Special thanks to @KuroKaze78 and @CeeZ_M for their help this would not be possible at all without them.


Supports VV_ModManager by avenger54


CAUTION: Has not been tested on the steam version.


Planning to add more hairstyles in the future so stay tuned!



LeifangPigtailHairModV1.zip 10.77 MB · 599 downloads



d3dx.ini 72.61 kB · 221 downloads



Hey man I've tried the mod in steam version but unfortunately it didn't work..

Will you post further updates on the steam version?

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On 5/12/2020 at 7:05 AM, etsorhtt said:

SSR Cheerleader (Luna/Honoka)  Version 1.0  12/05/2020


!Mod Manager Support!





Z - Top/Bottom Variants
SHIFT+Z - Top Straps
X - Skirt
SHIFT+X - Frills
C - Color Variants


Nude variants require HI-METAL body textures.


Malfunction support is yet to be added(texture and part switching works but not nude variants).


  Reveal hidden contents









I also put a small update to my Luna HAIRMOD to fix some stuff. So if you using that, consider updating.



SSR_Cheerleader(Luna_Honoka).7z 14.43 MB · 612 downloads


Hey man I really apperciate your work!

Btw is it possible for you to add wardrobe malfunction variations like where the top is worn in half so it shows the boobs and the panty is pulled aside?

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