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Mabye some people knowed me from the old nexus time with my Wasteland Clothcollection, available here on Loverslab at time!

http://www.loverslab...ad.php?tid=8030 uploaded by Nagothm my old friend!


i want show my new project exclusive for NV! its called Paradise Island!


right now i post some screens, but soon a upload link will come!

there are only some issues in the dialog options, this must by fixed! :D


here are the BETA file for paradies island! its fully playable, mabye some issus can be, like jumping containers, or a stupid door what nerv around :o)))) dialogs and quests come later, and mabye some new outfits!

the clothes are designed for DIMON99 CALI and ALICE body and Type 3 BB (2PAC4EVA) the containers with the clothes you find on the middle bamboohouse at the veranda!


the helicopter for travel to paradies island you find at the goodsprings gasstation! have fun, and dont by shy and tell me if something dont work, or i could make better!




This is right now the full release! wish all pepole much fun with the mod and a big thanks for everyone who loaded down and like! im sure i will do an update the next months again!! :)


this is the new esp, it include some fixes, vendors and a quest



More Body Conversions (T6M, T6BB, TN, BerryK2)



Want More Outfits?

MyClothCollection 3.1 By Alex3874 (Type3Cali, Type3Alice, Type3BB)

MyCloth Collection Conversion Expansion (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

Paradise Island Conversion Expansion (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

New Vegas Outfit Conversion And Parts (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

New Vegas Raider Chains Armor (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

New Vegas CH Raider Conversion - Parts (TypeN, Type6M)


Want Just The Bodies?









*Alex is busy with real life atm, so he asked me to take care of the file for him. PM me with any game breaking issues you might find. Nagothm*


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Oddly enough, installing this, seems to have messed up the textures from the gear sold in the temple shop.  /shrug


Also, there is a LOT of pink (missing textures) on this island.


EDIT:  Turns out, it seems that even though they weren't merged into the Wrye patch, leaving them checked when rebuilding the patch causes some issues.  Disable, build patch, enable seems to be working much better.

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