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Skyrim VR modding: an absolute begginer guide

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On 2/5/2020 at 3:56 PM, APL3 said:

- Anything that requires the Skyrim Utility Mod (makes menu unusable by scrolling too fast, and even if you can live with that, mods that depends on it seem not to work in VR). Sadly it means no Prison overhaul, which also looks quite fun. (even if you can live with the menu bug from skyrim utility mod, the events never really triggers properly in Prison Overhaul)


I have a patch for this here:  POP is too essential to leave behind!~




I have added the mods/advice from this thread to my VR compatibility thread. 

If you have updates to what works or any workarounds let me know here:



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I actually have a mostly finished revised guide in word format that was supposed to replace this OP months ago.  And then I got drowned in work.


I guess it's obsolete now, I have to track what changed in the last monthes (new DCL, new ZAP ?)

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7 hours ago, Nunzirn said:

ive followed step by step but my game wont even start up anymore :'(



My first guess, is you don't have the VR version of one of the requirements.  Typically an instant CTD on loading skyrim is from a LE version of a mod, a mod that has a .dll that is not sse, missing a master, or a load order issue. 


Maybe start here:

Then check if you can start SkyrimVR through SKSEVR without a crash.  Play a bit and add one mod at a time.


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