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mad bean

No animations found :(

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Hi there...sorry for not being smart enough to do this on my own :)

I copied the wickedwhims files on the mods folder on sims4
i checked the options to allow 3rd party mods
when i load the game it shows the 2 WW files....but...when i play and i pick something whicked it says no animations were found even though i downloaded and copied a few in the mods folder....any thoughts?

PS do i need to start a new save every time i copy a new animation?

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Here's two mistakes I made when fist using WW:

I copied .rar-Files and .zip-Folders into the Mods directory. That doesn't work - you need to extract the .package-files.

I had subfolders within subfolders (something like "Mods/WickedWhims/anims"), however the game only goes one level deep (so it went to "Mods/WickedWhims", but not any further).


And no, you don't need to start a new game. Animations can be updated/added/removed from your Mods folder at any time (except for when the game is running ofc).


Hope this helps.


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So, couple of things. 


You need to have both custom content and script mods enabled.


Put any downloaded .package animation files into Mods, not the WickedWhims folder. That should be sufficient enough. 

After that, in the game you have to select an object. Be it bed, floor or anything else. Animations should show up... if you have ones which can be played. If you don't. download some more.


Other than that, if you're attempting to bang someone in your family, you have to turn on the global incest switch in relationship cheats. Otherwise it won't play any animations or offer members of the family.  


You generally don't need to start a new save when add new mods. I'd recommend starting new saves only when you install huge overhaul mods, trait mods or mechanic mods. Something like Nisa's Perversions mod, Extreme violence mod, basemental drugs mod etc. 

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