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[sims4]NikutaiKaizouClub WW compatible bodyparts [0626return update]

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[sims4]NikutaiKaizouClub WW compatible bodyparts [0626return update]

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This content includes only fantasy sims that have evolved through training for various body parts. Please be careful if you are not good at hypertrophy in excess areas.





:桃:Nikutai Kaizou club is a fun club activity where you modify your sim's body and strengthen its parts!:桃:



Mainly data for the body customization of The Sims 4. Produced by Fuckin' Punk, produced by a personal subject who fits the Maxis, not 100% realistic.




  • Well, maybe it doesn't exist in LL
  • Do you think there is a middle ground there? There will be, but these are all extremes. Isn't that right?
  • I'm going to aim for smooth rigging.
  • Well, it doesn't really exist, and no one is going to make it happen. Such body parts.
  • Obviously, everything I want.




V1:FEMALE BODY PARTS with very long nipples






FAMALE 6 BODYPARTS.Nipple position for different skin tones.


V2: Delete


V3: FEMALE BODY PARTS Seriously Pussy



This is FEMALE 6 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS.  Extremely trained anal and vagina. This works with WW body changers. Color works with tattoos.



V4: BOTH Modest Tongue Closed until WW is addressed.




Tongue preset. Non-reality thick tongue. Only works with WW body selector. It is not displayed unless you are having sex. 

There are two types of this data! "Yes" is only one color, while "no" refers to the texture in the mouth. "No" looks less than "yes", but changes color depending on the skin tone.



V5: FEMALE BODY PARTS Dreaming clitoris



Extended preset for Seriously Pussy! The clitoris gets bigger! It consists of 3 kinds of vagina, 2 kinds of Soft Futanari penis and 3 kinds of Hard Futanari penis!


V5.5: Delete






The body is different from the conventional one and is gradually changing. Also, extreme depressed nipples, same system as V1.







Official and complete update of ketsu penis! 5 types of hard penis and 10 types of soft penis.








This is a small update compared to Super Anal. Female pussy-like anal that brings 5 kinds of subtle changes







There is no vagina. I am intentionally designing data. Very hard anal with no softness at all. Anal of different sizes to support growth.


V10: BOTH BODY PARTS Basic Tongue  Closed until WW is addressed.




mmd_riko basic tongue [number][Tongue size. (There is only N yet)] [P or R. P is a pierced earring and R is a ring][Center, Back, Right, Left acronym][After that, it will increase depending on the number]

"Mmmd_riko_NB_10_newtang_02.package" is a very thick, high polygon tongue. Since the tongue of this base is thin, I am considering making this version as well.

I have an open tongue with pierced earrings. This will compete with most sims. There is only one color. In addition to tattoos, color changes can also be adjusted at places where cheek scratches are adjusted.

From this version, the icon has been fixed to be displayed correctly. (Until now, I didn't know how to create it.)

If the data of "01" does not exist, these will not work properly on WW. Basically, put all the data in mod data.



V10.5: BOTH BODY PARTS MOB DICK  WWv170 already supported



mmd_riko MOB dick HARD/SOFT

Both SOFT and HARD are available. So many colors!






mmd_riko male tits [number]

This upper body set is for male sim only.

When I added the fantasy color, the number of textures became very large. It's designed to overwrite the skin textured nipples, but I'm sorry if it doesn't work.

The texture is on the cheek scars.






mmd_riko newanal [number]

Male penis. One size penis, hard, soft and eight types of anal! Anal texture and penis texture included. The anal texture can be found on the cheek scar of the face part.





mmd_riko NEW ANAL F [number]

The anal texture can be found on the cheek scar of the face part.

A female version of the previous male anal. This body part does not have a vagina, so you will need to prepare a separate texture. The problem of the texture not showing up without the package will be fixed soon.


V14: BOTH BODY PARTS DEKAMARA WWv170 already supported





bonus: BOTH Nasty tattoo

Moved here.



Anyway, Nikutai Kaizou Club (NKC) is designed for use with WickedWhims and appears in the body selector menu. If you unzip the zip file and put it in Mod file, it will probably work.

With peace of mind! It is designed to appear in CAS.  Most are displayed in everyday clothes.




  • 22/03/22: BOTH BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE Super huge dick.
  • 21/12/19: FEMALE 9 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE Anal rose that is as good as a man.
  • 21/12/08: MALE  8 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPDATE A genuine, re-made penis .And the raised anus.
  • 21/09/14: MALE BODYPARTS TOPS UPDATE The upper body of a man with various nipples and breasts. 
  • 21/03/07: BOTH 1+1 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPDATE A small update. Evil dick.
  • 21/03/07: BOTH 12 BODY PARTS TONGUE UPDATE One year from this activity ...
  • 20/12/24: FEMALE 5 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE happy holiday! Celebrate the New Year with strong prolapse!
  • 20/11/15: FEMALE 5 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE Removed the lower version of Ketsu Penis.(I will update more in a later update.) The lower body of a woman with a hole in the butt that opens.
  • 20/08/13: MALE 5+10 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE Ketsu penis new version.
  • 20/06/05: FAMALE 13 BODYPARTS TOPS UPDATE A variety of nipples that change little by little.
  • 20/05/06: MALE 1+1 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE Ketsu penis new version.
  • 20/04/18: FEMALE 6x2 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE Big clit vagina.
  • 20/02/29: BOTH 5 BODY PARTS TONGUE UPDATE Modest tongue.
  • 20/02/19: Small updates. The phenomenon that the dick and the pussy become black has been avoided. However, the use of a full dick and pussy requires a dedicated tattoo skin tone system! Also, add tattoo skintones that can apply specular to anal. This requires the original tattoo skintone.(As it tattoo skintone is included, it is okay if you do not delete it) However, these seem to compete with sweat data, and sweating will extinguish the shine of the anus. be careful.
  • 20/02/12: FEMALE 6 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE Very plump vagina.
  • 20/02/07: MALE 4x2 BODYPARTS BOTTOMS UPFATE Extremely trained anal.
  • 20/01/30: BOTH TATTOO -inmon- Add a nasty tattoo. This tattoo is a stomach tattoo. Manufactured not to interfere with the skin. 
  • 20/01/28: FAMALE 6 BODYPARTS TOPS UPDATE  I don't know how to set the thumbnail, but there is no problem with the operation. I upload this nipple and make it the next booster!



Future content

  • I have plans! I have not given up on me yet.





”I just want to extend this sim!” 




There is early access and WIP data. Well, there's some data that's about to be hoarded...

If you're looking for fieldback or detailed use, patreon might be a good choice. Discord is also open.






Edited by Super anal fucker meiko
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18 hours ago, NoirXiaoba said:

These work very well. They look hillarious. I cannot wait to see what else you will come up with.


For some reason mine are not bouncy, though. Edit: Bounce engaged!


Would you consider implementing udder style breasts with four nipples?

Was good! Thank you!

Well, my description is like fraud. Looool  This boobs will be a rocket all the time while the animation of WW is not rocking.

Is this to increase boobs to four? I have a technical problem and I don't know if it can be achieved. (Probably the other breasts will be the same size)

This may take some time to achieve, as I did not expect the sim to have multiple breasts.


11 hours ago, Gelubir said:

an impressive job ?


14 hours ago, weredeer said:


thanks for the comment. I was relieved that these were working.

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31 minutes ago, o_mailey said:

Is this to increase boobs to four?

Only four nipples per breast, like the udder of a cow. Although four boobs sounds fun too.


34 minutes ago, o_mailey said:

This boobs will be a rocket all the time while the animation of WW is not rocking.

I managed to make them bouncy when running or dancing too. :3

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2 hours ago, modella said:

This is PERFECT. I love them so much ❤️ Thank you thank you thank you!

I'm very happy that this will suit you!!!!!!



Leave a mark in the lower abdomen and strengthen the uterus and prostate! (The actual efficacy is not well understood at this time.)


Last but not least, this content is mixed gender. A mosaic is applied to the face of a new born amateur sim, but carefully selected sims work like professionals. The two sims simply didn't need facial information.

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15 hours ago, JadePawPads said:

I don't comment much on forum, just use it for searching, but i have to comment here. This is so nice! Thank you for the work! They all look very good. 
I'm waiting eagerly for the large clitoris. That is so hard to fine. it will look great with licking animations

Thank you. I'm glad you leave a comment here. (I also use here for search lol)
Well, the big clitoris, that is what I want. Working in 3D is esoteric, but I believe it will be completed someday. Well, I'm not confident that I can complete the animation so that it doesn't look unnatural.:flushed:

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2 hours ago, o_mailey said:

I don't know your specific situation.  However, this nipple is strongly affected by skin tone.  The nipple of the skin tone is misaligned, the nipple is not present in the skin tone, or the nipple of the skin tone is gray.

After deleting Game Default Milky Breast from Noir and Dark, the nipples became normal color. I'll be more careful next time. ?

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ANAL rigging adjustment of this is hell. The first goal is about to be completed! I saw hell again in a woman's pussy because I saw hell in a man's dick.

Rather, the pussy is hell. Please wait for a while until I am satisfied with a better pussy!
Introduced substance painter. There are many possibilities for this, as monthly payments can be made at the price of AE.


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Really great stuff! thanks for sharing it with us. ?


I would love it if the nipples looked a little more pink, using AirplaneRandy custom nipple tattoo overlay makes a difference but its a very strong pink, I guess it is intended to have similarity with hentai nipples that is why, do you know of any tattoo or skin that can give it a softer or more natural pink color? Cmar nipple top gives a more brown color


On 2/3/2020 at 10:21 AM, o_mailey said:

There are vagina that are so strong that the meat around the crotch cannot cover it.


And wow Purrrfect :D

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1 hour ago, パンティ said:

Really great stuff! thanks for sharing it with us. ?


I would love it if the nipples looked a little more pink, using AirplaneRandy custom nipple tattoo overlay makes a difference but its a very strong pink, I guess it is intended to have similarity with hentai nipples that is why, do you know of any tattoo or skin that can give it a softer or more natural pink color? Cmar nipple top gives a more brown color


And wow Purrrfect :D

Thank you. This work is very hell, but it does work. I am tired of real pussy.

Nipple color is highly dependent on skin tone, so if you want to change the color, you need to make a skin detail that covers your boobs. However, this boobs preset is designed to increase nipples without any hassle, so there is no detail to overwrite nipple colors.

Yes ... I'm troublesome, so you need to look for skin tones with pink nipples.

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