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La Buge Hoobies (LBH) CBBE BodySlide Preset

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La Buge Hoobies (LBH) CBBE BodySlide Preset

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A CBBE Bodyslide preset to equip player or NPC females with a slim, curvy figure and huge boobies... uh"Buge Hoobies".


There are two variants in this BodySlide Preset:

  • La Buge Hoobies v1 (Natural): Adds a gravitational effect to the "major assets" of the body.  This is best used for nude or loose fitting clothing, such as swimsuit, lingerie, etc.
  • La Buge Hoobies v1 (Boosted): Lifts and squeezes the Hoobies together for that "OMG! IT'S THE FRIGGIN' PRYDWEN!" cleavage effect.  This is better used for tight-fitting or binding outfits.

In the Screenshots section, Piper is modeling different outfits for your viewing pleasure and for a visual comparison between the two variants.




To manually install the preset:

1. Extract the file from the compressed package and copy/move it to ..\Fallout 4\Data\Tools\BodySlide\SliderPresets

2. You'll need to locate your Fallout 4 installation directory/folder that precedes the above path.


You may, alternatively, use your preferred Mod Manager client to install it directly from a file.




In order to use this BodySlide Preset, you will need to install the following mod and design tool:

  • Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 
  • Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancere





New Screenshots




Q:  What mods were used in the posted screenshots?

A:  Links to the mods used in the production of these screenshots may be found in the support thread for this preset.  (Link below)



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    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer


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Thanks, leseras.  Here's a list of the mods that were used to produce the screenshots. 


Dicky's Pinup Outfit CBBE Fusion Girl (Bikini, Gloves)
Vtaw Wardrobe 1 - CBBE - BodySlide (Jacket)
TERA Rogue (CBBE - CBBE Physics - BodySlide) (Long Boots)
TERA Swimwear - 7 Pack (CBBE - CBBE Physics - BodySlide) (Jewelry)
Ero Selene Armor (FO4) CBBE - CBBEPhysics - BodySlide (Pasties, excessively modified by me)
Highheels Dress outfits (Denim Shorrts)
V String Bikini ("Sling" swimsuit)
Just Visible Holstered Weapons (Holstered and Back-mounted guns)
Wearable Dogtags (Dogtags)
Fortaleza Armor - CBBE - BodySlide (Belt, plus others)
Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc. (Eyeshades)
People Collars (Collar)
CBBE Pubic Hair _ Sexy Tamed Bush



Be aware, I often customize most mods used in my game, with Outfit Studio, to accommodate my preferences.  You're experience with these mods may vary from the screenshots shown in the mod page.



Edit:  One thing was brought to my attention that I forgot to list, the bikini top in the "Patriotic Cowgirl (Basic)" screenshot is from another one of VTAW's mods, which is located here on LoverLabs.  Here's the link to the thread...



Scroll down for "#22 Cowgirl".



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On 3/10/2020 at 8:01 PM, NookyMonster said:


Physics parameters are provided by the outfit/body.  A preset just provides starting values for the sliders of the outfit/body.



Yeah I figured it out. X3
Thanks though!

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On 1/23/2020 at 4:31 PM, NookyMonster said:

Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc.

*as for me, I certainly wouldn’t have been angry if the contact address was below it.


*403. That’s an error.

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