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[Sims 4] MISSME's Animations for Wicked Whims (Updated 12.31.20)

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2 hours ago, DeadlyShadow said:

how do you use the animation with the tentacles coming from the back of the male char?

Hi! If the animations aren't showing up for you, please make sure that you don't have any older versions of my animations in your Mods folders!

If the tentacles aren't showing up when the animations plays, please make sure you have the updated file of Asketo's objects as I encountered the same issues when I was importing my animations into the game! It was fixed when I re-downloaded it.

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Hello.  It sounds like you uploaded some new free animations, but the two files you have for download are exactly the same as the ones from July?


MISSME_Animations v1.1

MISSME_Monthly Gift Animations v0.2


I have those from July 22.

Am I missing something?

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On 8/27/2020 at 7:43 PM, MISSME12 said:

I know, I know, haha! I thought about adding adding sound for these animations but I took one look at the how to page and was like 'I'll do it later'! You don't have to make any custom pledges, I'll get off my butt and do it soon now that I'm not working on the animations and the sound at the same time! Thank you though!

So it's my birthday and all I want is for MISSME's animations to have sound...! 🤣😜  I'm just playing with ya! Keep up the great work! 💯

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On 9/30/2020 at 8:44 PM, korbe said:

thank you for gifts!


any plans for some footjob love?


can't read your read me! can you make it in notepad instead?

Perhaps in the future when I finish the next request set. Also, I will upload a notepad version of the readme later today!

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On 10/2/2020 at 12:24 PM, Vanecessary said:

Hey, boo! Just wondering would you ever consider making a lesbian 3 sum.

I would! Buuut I'm currently working on requested animations so it wouldn't come soon unfortunately.

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3 hours ago, MISSME12 said:

I can't remember exactly but I'd say that it's probably a larger variant of Noir & Dark's Pornstar Cock. Hope this helps!

I checked and it seems like you were really close. The Sim's hand in the clip isn't clipping through the penis, so I don't think it was the thicker variant of the Pornstar Cock. It looks more like the Futanari penis by the same author. So yes, your post did help a lot. :D Thanks.

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Hi MissMe,


I've been trying forever to get your tentacle animations to work but for some reason every time I click on the object only Alonely's animations show up. I have the most recent Asketo_object file and the most recent MissMe animations file (WW_MISSME_Animationsv1.3 & WW_MISSME_Fight Animations v.0.3 and I place the Tentacle Prop object on the floor but your animations still don't show. 


When I go to the SIMS 4 main screen I have it show me what MODS are enabled and your mods are in there which means that they loaded so I'm at a loss TT__TT I've been wanting these animations for so long because they are so sexy! Please help~<3 


Update: I went into WickedWhim settings to see if your mods were disabled but they aren't. They are showing up when I go into settings and I even tried to create a playlist (which I can do) but when I went to use the object it says it isn't available. Also, when I click an area (ex floor, counter, etc) just to see one of your animations--none of your animations pop up.  I see everyone's animations but yours and I have absolutely no idea why. 



I realize why it is limited. I had to reset WickedWhims and just change to recognize everyone's gender as both to get all the options (since I only play males) 

Then your animations showed up! Thanks!

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