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Chest Resource

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This is a  High Poly chest Resource/Replacer. Comes with custom meshes and textures.


Chest is also animated, using a modified Chest01.nif animation.

Chest01.nif Vanilla - 41kb

Chest01.nif "Mine" - 309kb

If you are looking for some more improvements to meshes and haven't looked at my SHIT MOD yet, it contains many improvements to areas and things not touched by normal mesh improvement mods, such as Riften's blocky railing.

Want a more dynamic world? Check out my Destructible Urns or my High Poly Animated SMP Barrels.

I made this because I was bored. Also there are only really 3 types of chests that appear in Skyrim, the basic chest, the regular Nordic chest, and the large Nordic Chest. More variety is always nice, now it just needs to be implemented.


Rules on Usage

-This resource can not be used in any form that would net monetary gain in any way.

-To make it easier to use based on credits, I require no credit, only a message that you will be using it, and preferably a mod link.


- View my other mods here -


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  • 4 weeks later...
11 hours ago, Nameless God said:

It is already set to replace the normal chest as an optional file if you want that.

Yeah but i use CL's Barrels&CHests and that mod use some more models. Dunno how it'll work if I place yours chests as main and 'another mod' model as one of those variants.
Barely that will work but i will try.

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  • 7 months later...

Hello. I have been using your work for a very long time and I really like it.  Recently on solstheim I met three chests using vanilla texture for some reason. The texture is sideways and looks terrible. I suspect Dragonborn.esm or USLEP changes paths. This of course does not bother me, but I consider it necessary to inform you. Surely if I face it again i will definitely rewrite ID for more useful information.


And thank you very much for your works.

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