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Necromantrix 2.0 UUNP

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One of the best Oblivion armor sets, now in Skyrim, completely remodeled and retextured.

With four colors to you choose (Bone/Marfim, Red, Dark Red, Pink, Blue).






1 - Copy the ZIP content into your Skyrim/Data folder and activate the mod using Skyrim Launcher or directly from the text files (loadorder.txt and plugins.txt) in: "C:/Users/YourUser/AppData/Local/Skyrim ". Or if you prefer, use your MOD manager.

2 - Open Body Slide and build meshes. If uor use UUNP morphs in Racemenu CHECK "Build Morphs" before build meshes.


Getting Armor Pieces:



1 - Use the blacksmith forge, under hide or leather. No perk or skill is required.

2 - Open console. Type ''help necromantrix'', see codes and then type ''player add.item CODE'' for each armor piece you want.

3 - Use ''Add Menu Item'' MOD for getting armor directly from menu.





* Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

* UUNP Body and all dependencies.



Consider supporting my work on Patreon.com








Original Necromantrix Skyrim MOD:



Original Necromantrix Oblivion MOD:



Ah, sorry for my english. I am Brazilian.


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    Body Slide, UUNP Body and all dependencies.
  • Special Edition Compatible


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