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Cross Breed Challenge - Sims 4 WickedWhims Challenge


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Cross Breed Challenge 

Sims 4 WickedWhims Challenge


:classic_exclamation:  In this challenge you may need to have incest enabled in wickedwhims settings IT IS NOT REQUIRED BY ANY MEANS THOUGH :classic_exclamation:


I have not tested this challenge yet 

pictures will come as soon as I try this challenge




In this challenge you will need to make one sim (that is able to impregnate other sims) for your household.


Then you'll need to make a variety of occult sims (that can become pregnant) for your sim to have a child with 


These are some occult ideas and mods you can use (including cosmetics)


  Black Widow ?️ (Will Require You To Make Your Child This Manually)



     Succubus ? (Will Require You To Make Your Child This Manually)



Succubus Life State (for occult type) :classic_exclamation: This mod is outdated and may not work :classic_exclamation: :



If the Succubus Life State does not work 


Become a Sorcerer (to give the succubus powers {dark magic options} ) 



Succubus Cosmetic Links













  Alien ? (Will Require Get To Work)



Enhanced Aliens Mod (for more features) :classic_exclamation: This mod is outdated and may not work :classic_exclamation: :



Alien Cosmetic Links









 Mermaid  ?‍♀️ (Will Require Island Living)




Vampire ?‍♀️ (Will Require Vampires)



 Spellcaster ? (Will Require Realm of Magic)


Fairy ?‍♀️  (Will Require You To Make Your Child This Manually)



Fairies Mod (for occult type) :classic_exclamation: This mod is outdated and may not work :classic_exclamation: :



Fairy Cosmetic Links :






Werewolf ? (Will Require You To Make Your Child This Manually)



Ghost ?




Goal :

In this challenge you are trying to make every possible cross breed of occult sims (cross breeds of EA made occults will require MC command center)

To do this you are going to need to have sex with and impregnate different occult sims

This will make a human/occult child this does not stop there

If your child is male all is well, if it is female it you'll need the option to impregnate others (for extra challenge make it so you'll have to get a male)

Once your child is a teenager they'll need to find another occult to impregnate making a cross breed 

After this your goal is to just see how many combinations of cross breed sims you can get

Furthermore, for even more challenge you can make it so that once a black widow or succubus has your child, you'll need to kill them off making it only possible to get more cross breeds of half black widow or succubus through incest

Another thing you can do is make your werewolf a dog which will require cats and dogs and wicked pets



Comment any other occult types for me to add and any more suggestions you may have for this challenge and have fun!


Required Mods

Wicked Whims



Nisa's Wicked Perversions (Go to "Black Widow" spoiler for link)


Recommended is...









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