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Sims 4 WickedWhims Challenge : Poor Girl Daily Grind


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Poor Girl Daily Grind Challenge


(Required Mods For This Challenge)

Wicked Whims (Of course 

NisaK's Wicked Perversions

Basemental drugs

Maybe The Extreme Violence Mod

Optionally: The Hoe It Up Mod


Here are the links:












Okay so in this challenge your sim has to be a Prostitute, and you need to have sex with clients everyday


You need to make a white female young adult sim, (SORRY I AM NOT RACIST YOU'LL SEE LATER WHY I CHOSE THIS) she needs to have the trait 'Sexually tight' trait and the 'Family oriented' trait, and optionally the 'Pheremonal Flower' trait.


She needs to be really skinny because she almost doesn't have any money at all, you need her to move into a cheap apartment at first

(If you have City Living, if you don't then move her into a cheap home instead) 

and you need to make her only have 500§ simoleons in the beginning


This is her backstory :

(Whatever you want to name your sim) is a young adult but she ran away from home when she was a teenager, she ran away because she was obsessed with sex. Her parents stopped letting her hang out with her friends after school because they were paranoid that she was going to find a guy to have sex with while she was hanging out with her friends that were girls. She got so angry at them and one day she just had enough and ran away from home, she hitch-hiked and had sex with strangers for money, now she's an adult and still does that but now she finally had enough money for a home to live in finally. She now has sex with both men and women for money, she longs for children though and dreams of having a family...


So now you need her to like I said before have sex with clients everyday, oral, anal, vaginal or feet just anything that the client wants. She needs to have sex everyday until she earns 1200§ simoleons. (You can continue making her sex if you feel like it though.)


When she reaches 2300§ simoleons in her household money she needs to get pregnant, make her have sex without a condom (In the default settings WickedWhims makes every NPC use a condom but you can change those settings just to get her pregnant, then you can change the settings back to the default way.)


Since she has the 'Family oriented' trait she will get really happy that she's pregnant, but she gets interested into drugs and smokes weed and drinks lean and takes xanax pills and snorts cocaine, if  she doesn't get a miscarriage then you will need the Extreme Violence Mod (I put the link above in this post.) and make a sim punch her in the stomach so she does have a miscarriage. Now you need to make her infertile you can do that by changing it in CAS and getting the Infertile reward trait. (Just to make sure that she can't get pregnant again.) She now never takes/does drugs ever again. Continue making her have sex for money until she reaches 3598§ simoleons then she will adopt a child since she wants a child so much. You can adopt a child by literally adopting a kid through the phone or computer or making one in cas by writing the cheat code 'cas.fulleditmode'.

The child needs to be a girl and she needs to be black (Now you know why I wrote that the adult sim needed to be white.) 


You cut down on having sex everyday so she only has sex a 5 times each week (WHILE THE CHILD IS IN SCHOOL OF COURSE!) And you can twerk in public for money by using the 'Hoe It Up' mod. But you don't have to use it but if you do, you need to do it while the child is in school and go outside and twerk in public if the child is home but you need to lock the doors so she doesn't see your sim twerking for money.


When you reach 4200§ in the household money you need to age up the kid into a teenager, when the child is a teenager your young adult sim will stop prostituting and twerking (If you chose to do that). And that's it. I did this before and I now felt like making it a challenge so other people could try to do this. 


So that's it, that's the challenge, I'm sorry if this was really long. Maybe you got really tired of reading this and just nope'd out of here haha. But if you did read this and felt like doing this challenge then I wish you good luck and hope you have fun doing this! ?


happy hour smile GIF    chow yun fat yes GIF  excited luck GIF


BTW sorry if there are any spelling errors, I'm really tired... ??

And also sorry if some of these subjects were a little heavy, I understand if you got triggered. I know that this is really dark, but it's all just a game. 



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On 12/26/2019 at 10:40 PM, intoner1 said:

I'm confused...why does race matter in this challenge?

Well it could also be the other way around, the point is that you can tell that the child is adopted, but she still loves her child and it doesn't matter to her.  And like I said in the post, I did not mean to hurt any feelings or be offensive in any way.

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On 1/3/2020 at 6:48 PM, Sinner6969 said:

Well it could also be the other way around, the point is that you can tell that the child is adopted, but she still loves her child and it doesn't matter to her.  And like I said in the post, I did not mean to hurt any feelings or be offensive in any way.

Oh okay, I wasn't offended or anything just confused lol.

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