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Servitron: More female customization parts

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Its been a year that im cranking with this idea, but it would be nice to share it here since Servitron ITSELF is one of the best Fo4 mods ever made along with Mechout.

Servitron itself is a awesome mod, but is suffers severely of customization options along with armors, like DX synth body clipping though the body, the lack of support for many armors and the lack of Facial animations.


The idea is simple, Add more feminine customizations, one that came out recently and it will be released soon in febuary 2020, its the Transformers Big Firebird Figure for Arcee, named EX-01 Nicee.









Bethesda did a great job with the Assaultron models, but even with Servitron, you can't add anything to it besides a custom paint and pronto.

This mod would be the perfect  gateway to add more customizations into it.


i know that many people here loves this mod, and i would like to see it receiving some love with this extra stuff.

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Maybe this but really just replace vanilla assaultron parts with some of the servitron parts and add assaultron deployable penis as a melee weapon complete with rape attack finishing moves. Has the assaultron skeleton been figured out yet? Last I read nobody had found that skeleton yet.

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