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Penis Slider?

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Hello Fellow Simsies,


Forgive me if this has been discussed but I searched in the bar for a 'Penis Slider' and nothing came up.  Where we at with this?  The ladies get tit enhancers, the default CAS penis mods we have are all Teeny Peens.,  Equality for the men Sims please.  Anyone know of a working Penis Slider mod yet?  The one I can find seems to be out of order old.  Either that or can someone make more naturally looking mods that go with lumsies Body hair and other mods.  The pornstar ones and some other models look a little out of place and... a little unnatural.  What can I say, my sims are size queens.  

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Male sims have all of the same sliders that female sims (and breast are genitals)do so it isn't so much a matter of equality as it is your wanting more customization which is perfectly fine (and more accurate).

Cmar's morphing penis isn't compatible with Wicked Whims hence people tend not to use it in favor of all of the Wicked Whims compatible penises from modders such as Simdulgence, Noir and Dark, Wild Guy and Untraditional Nerd.

Incidentally, there are options for both male and female sims so that does help to further equality between the binary coded genders in game.

If you still want it, here is the link:


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I was just thinking about this very issue. I've realized what would be perfect for me is to be able to use CmarNYC's morphing penis, or in other words to be able to make it compatible with WW. I use the sex animations only occasionally, nudity options rather more often, and would in this way be able to "customize" each Sim's equipment, at least for the 98% of the time that they're flaccid.


The Lunareclipse rigged hard penis is just fine for my uses, and I don't mind if every erection looks the same.


So I guess what I'm asking is whether anyone knows where to find out how to make an incompatible penis mesh compatible. Of course I would do this for my own personal use only, which CmarNYC has generally allowed in the past. Then again, it's just possible (if unlikely) that it's easy enough for everyone interested to do it for themselves.


Thanks in advance!


EDIT: My apologies, I just found what appear to be instructions for doing just that on the Wicked Whims website. I will give it a try.

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