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1 hour ago, Indarello said:

Do you have Data\AAF\AJ_XML_SC_Crowd_positionData.xml

Send me this file

i've copy it


<meta title="AJ_XML_SC_Crowd_positionData.xml" version="1.0" dataSet="position"/>
<defaults startEquipmentSet="unEquip" stopEquipmentSet="reEquip" startMorphSet="ready" stopMorphSet="unReady" offset="0,50,180"/>

<position id="3P Standing01-01 Staged" animationGroup="3P-Standing01-01_Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="3P-Floor01-01DoubleTeam Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor01-01DoubleTeam_Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="3P-Floor02-01DoubleTeamRough Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor02-01DoubleTeamRough_Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-Floor04-03DoubleTeam Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor04-03DoubleTeam Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="4P-Standing01-01Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="4P-Standing01-02Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="4P-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="4P-Floor02-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="4P-Floor03-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="5P-Floor01-01Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,5P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="5P-Floor02-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,5P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="5P-Standing01-03Multiple-Handjob" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral"/>

<position id="6P-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,6P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="7P-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,7P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="8P-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,8P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="9P-Floor01-04Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,9P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="10P-Floor01-04Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,10P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-Bed01-01Handjob-Doggy Staged" location="Single_Bed" animationGroup="3P-Bed01-01Handjob-Doggy Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-BunkBed01-03Threesome" location="Bunk_Bed" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-Chair01-02Handjob-Doggy Staged" location="ArmChair" animationGroup="3P-Chair01-02Handjob-Doggy Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-DoubleBed02-03ReverseCowgirl-Blowjob" location="Double_Bed" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-DoubleBed01-03DoubleTeam" location="Double_Bed" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral,Aggressive"/>


<!-- wait for fix offset for stages
<position id="3P-Floor03-03Gangbang Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor03-03Gangbang Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-Floor03-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

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3 hours ago, junyh1019 said:

i've copy it


This scripts will turn on all other quest before AAF animation

This time your controll will not be disabled, so when you will be beaten wait 3 sec and open AAF menu

Select Administrator, and show me errors if it have some




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22 minutes ago, MitchJones said:

Yep updated everything too, its pretty weird but its not just me, 3 or 4 more people have the same problem



Try install savage TD folder from my patch manually, and check if it fix issue with my quest

What mod manager you using?

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1 hour ago, Indarello said:

Try install savage TD folder from my patch manually, and check if it fix issue with my quest

What mod manager you using?

Im using Nexus manager. Everything is installed correctly i checked... Im at a loss, see if more people have the same problem and im gonna wait till its more stable.

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6 hours ago, TEMMIS said:

When I get up to the part where I follow Kira and then get hit by the guy and it says my character is fucking them, they all just stand still and don't do anything. I have all of the requirements and installed it properly.

Open aaf menu and check for errors

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29 minutes ago, Anotherone0507 said:

I'm having this issue where no dialogue just shows up for Kira and the game would crash after you get into the room with her. Not sure if it could be extended dialogue interface but i disabled that also. 

Sounds strange, I dont have extended dialogue

Dont know what can cause this problem

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