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Elvira Follower by Engeljess23

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Elvira Follower by Engeljess23

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This is Elvira Follower:D



♥My Elvira Follower is here yay ? 

i hope you have fun with she ♥:P





♥so INFOS!"!♥

!I have Recolored the armor and weapon not wonder!

Armor+Boots, Nails,Horns,Weapon,Hair Color



!!!Highly Requirements!!!

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE





  • She is Standalone 
  • She is Essential 
  • She is Immortal 
  • full Damage
  • You can she Marriage
  • She Have Full-Armor & Body-Full-UUNP-HDT
  • &Weapon(two Handed)
    She Leveling with you  
  • she is little bit hardcore i think

Multi Master: 
-Two Handed 
find this self out 



Location: Solitude in the near from blue palace 
please  Open ^Console and give Help Elvira  
When you have Player.Placeatme ...(NPC NUMBER)





♥Thank you for Downloading And Have fun :D
Please Testing and give me you Feedback and/or 
Send me PM or Join my Discord Server For Problems etc..♥


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