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Lady Antonia Follower by Engeljess23

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Lady Antonia Follower by Engeljess23

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This is My Lady Antonia Follower:D 






♥My Lady Antonia Follower is here yay ? 

i hope you have fun with she ♥:P 





♥so INFOS!"!♥

For XBoxOne


!!!Highly Requirements!!!

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE

Heels Sound



  • she is Essential
  • She is Marriage
  • She is Standalone
  • She Have full UUNP HDT BODY
  • she Leveling with you
  • She have full Armor



Multi Master:
+Resist Fire
+one Weapon Handed
+Light Armor
+Health skill




You Find She WindhelmStables

open Console Help Lady

when you have 

Player.placeatme.....<--NPC NUMBER





Install Manuell or With Mod Manager :P (all Followers)

Skyrim LE: Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim
Skyrim SE: Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim Special Edition



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6 hours ago, abcd99 said:

Looks beautiful. And so is your other follower mods.

I am wondering if you could combine/merge all your follower mods into one? It would be great to have several beautiful ladies from you into just one mod. Thanks!

Very thank you and happy you like it.. But when all my Followers have no more errors or whatever then in future yes I will but is long process 😣 I hope you happy 🤔😌

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24 minutes ago, tonytony1 said:

I can't find her either, neither with console commands, she does not register in-game even when I have the mod installed with mod manager. I've tried both with the SSE and Oldrim file, none works. :/

Hmm have you download again? :/ by others works and have you loot for sorting starting? What for Mod manager have you? 

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