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Shinobi Follower By Engeljess23&MBOp

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Shinobi Follower By Engeljess23&MBOp

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♥HELLO GUYS oh sorry for big texting XD 

this is my first uploading here on loverslap ....but i hope you love it :D 

and yes i m the original Engeljess23 dont worry 😮 



♥My Shinobi Follower is here yay ? 

i hope you have fun with she ♥:P 





♥so INFOS!"!♥


!!!Highly Requirements!!!

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE






  • She is Standalone 
  • She is Immortal
  • She is Essential
  • You can she Marriage
  • She Leveling with you she can full Damage 
  • She is a dead god (shinigami)-(google it what this is!)
  • She have two handed Weapon
  • She have a UUNP HDT BodyShe Have Armors
  • Body Weight:100




Porting you  to she coc Witherun 


you can she Find in Witherun,Dragonreach


 Or you can she porting to you give in the console

open this with ^ then Help Shinobi

And then the Last under NPC is the ID Player.placeatme

ID from shinobi  




install this Manuell or With Mod Manager 


Skyrim LE: Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/Data 

Skyrim SE: Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim Special Edition/Data









♥ForXbox one Thank you





♥Credits Thank you all ♥
innova889 - Runic Eyes
Maevan2 - Maevan2's eye brows
t56yr - Ravens Warpaint
Loshirai14 - Combined Hairstyles Collection
HeroedeLeyenda - Leyenda Skin
rblade - HGEC_Ambassador_of_Darkness - UUNP by Malfdawg

animated featherd Wings - Modified by MBOp with permission
Daedric Glowing Chainmail - Mister Mane


  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended- for HDT
  • Special Edition Compatible


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I download all your followers, they all have default grey faces, so I tried to dl the LE one and convert them to SE. All the heads threw errors and did not convert. Not sure if it is because I do not have the hair meshes, need another mod or what. At first I thought it was because I esl them, but the non-esl does the same thing. Shame really.

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