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[mod] DZM Expanded

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the mod does sound very interesting, but I have troubles to get this mod working, the soul forging part of it doesn ot work, or at least I cant access it. I can build the soverign tower, the study and all the other buildings and interact with them. I can build the underground passage, but not the mystic workshop. Even if I change something in the mod and I can "cheat" me one, it does nothing for me, I can not interact with it, even if I have the mystic trait.
I can search for a mystic and make them my court mystic, but I cant use decisions to let them search for spells or anything, something I should be able to do if i understood correctly.
I was in the possesion of a mystical artifact, the staff of lorule from a link between worlds, but again I could not do soul forging voodoo with it.

Are there any requirements for this mod?
The old DZM mod had a few listed, and I am missing the reapers due dlc, is that necessary, or is it just for a few minor things?
Do I need the standard DZM mod to build upon? It is not listed anywhere  as a prerequisite. Is that it? Am I simply an idiot? xD

Mod conflicts?
I tried deactivating every mod I have and only left Luxuria Fantasia and Dark world.
"Dark World: Not a hard incompatibility" Minor issues yes, bigger ones....perhaps?



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On 7/22/2021 at 12:43 PM, Kamui2011 said:

Am I simply an idiot?

No, just me.


As for the rest, you need to keep getting tomes until you learn the spell to soulforge and you need to get the magic crystals required to fuel the ritual to soulforge someone.  What spells you learn are random.


All of this will be completely absent from the new mod.


Here's the new process.


1. Have the Summoner trait. The first release will give it to you on game start without needing to go into character customization. I'll much later down the line add a "storymode" to get the trait.


2. The first summon is free. You'll have a list to choose from.


3. All soulforges after that will require you to have an artifact of some sort.


No buildings, no technology advances, no RNG magic tomes.


There will also be no rush like before. NPC Soulforges will not spawn in the world until you summon your first.


23 hours ago, MagnaSonic3000 said:

he won't be able to fix much until he gets the mod in a state he likes.

The current uploaded version will remain as is. Unless it's outright causing crashes, it will be the last version until this new mod is ready for release. Which will have a new page.

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So... Any idea why I'm getting swarmed with Cu Chulainn's? I probably have several hundred of them running havoc across the continent. I'm going through the slow process of cheat-killing them, but I have no idea why it's happening in the first place or if it'll last.


Edit: It does not, in fact, last. Looks like I'm getting like 4 new Cu Chulainns every month.

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Analyzing the save and mod files, it looks to me like the player soulforge keeps getting triggered. The global flag is set, but nothing actually seems to check for it, so it just keeps getting updated, and Cu Chulainn keeps getting forged.


What I can't figure out is what actually triggers the dze_culancer.1-3 events since they only show up in dze_player_lancer_soulforge.txt and they're all is_triggered_only = yes.

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Man, I've never seen that before. Last time I saw Cu somewhere around Scotland, but it was the only one I ever saw. That is new. The only "duplicates" I ever saw were the alternate servants, like Artoria and Nero, or the many forms of that Rin chick.

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22 hours ago, Kithara said:


What I can't figure out is what actually triggers the dze_culancer.1-3 events since they only show up in dze_player_lancer_soulforge.txt and they're all is_triggered_only = yes.

Yeah that is really weird. I deleted the decision file before uploading the "final" version so the AI shouldn't be spawning him in either. For now just delete that text file. I'm gonna reupload the folder so people don't have to do it every time they feel like downloading it.

I wanted an excuse to add the flag that prevents them from running off to China anyways and might as well use this as an opportunity.

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