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Thread to Post Good High Effort Adult Games

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Imho its a bad time for adult games at the moment. You try and find new and exciting things yet sites like patreon are so flooded with crappy low effort Renpy games with stock 3D models, its hard to sift through and find "the good stuff."

I wanted to start a thread where people can catalog good things they have found. This list can contain anything, even if its Renpy, or RPGmaker, so long as it is differant from the mass of copy paste stuff you see online.

The low effort stuff I am talking about is this kind of thing:


As you can see, each of these seems to use the same type of stock 3D models, posed in badly done still images, and compiled in Renpy. Even their Patreon pages follow the same tired formula. And there are hundreds upon hundreds of these creators trying to make a quick buck.

Anyway, now that you can see the kind of stuff NOT to post here, here is a list of a few things I have found interesting, some of it new, some not. Know that I personally like NTR so a lot of the things I post will feature that controversial fetish to some degree.

https://www.patreon.com/splendidostrich - Newlife: a Genderbending game thats really well crafted. It's still in development with monthly updates and has been going for several years now. It's a woman sim in the same vein as games like Anonymus man's Cursed, where you are a man who is transformed into a woman and must live your day to day live in your new body. There are ample opportunities for dirty things including cheating on your partner, getting molested, being a dominant or submissive etc etc. The outfit system is really neat and comprehensive, and time passes in weekly increments instead of daily like in Cursed. Here is the page for Cursed if any are interested as well http://anonymousmangames.blogspot.com/p/cursed.html, note that you'll need a specific version of a dated game engine to play cursed.

https://store.steampowered.com/app/887530/President_Yukino/ you'll need to download the adult patch to get all the good adult content, but this is a very well done NTR game, with tons of different scenes and paths for you to take. You play as two characters: Yukino and her Boyfriend. You play as Yukino by day, doing odd jobs to try and save money for college and getting molested and slowly corrupted as you do so. By night you play as the boyfriend and try and find and spy on Yukino doing dirty things with other people.

https://www.patreon.com/trapquest - A submission game where you are trapped in a VR sim and constantly assaulted by all kinds of things to slowly transform you into a bimbo slut. Has lots of roguelike elements to it and fulfills degradation and masochistic humiliation fetishes. Been around for quite a while and have supported it on and off over the years when I have the cash.

https://freecitieslib.blogspot.com/ a slave training game taking place in the near future where you run a small city dedicated to the slave trade. These cities are numerous and represent the decline of civilization as governments fall and people desperately try and survive. They flock to these free cities where many are captured and trained and sold by the rich and powerful slavers that control them. 

These are just a few, I will post more as I find them or remember them. I hope others do the same and we can create a nice catalog of decent projects here.

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