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Pose Converter - 0.89.i (10/30/2014)

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Pose converter clothing converter mesh rigger and any other tool by Gerra6 are not compatible with fallout 4 as they have never been updated to work with it. The only games Gerra6's tools work with are fallout 3 NV oblivion and skyrim. The pose converter is for changing one body pose from one game to another. Like oblivion's pose is in the T post pose and skyrim's the legs are spread some and arms are down some. By using the tool you can change the oblivion's pose to the skyrim's pose or vice a versa.

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Not sure on that part as I have never used it for animations I have only used it for changing one pose from one game to another pose. I know that I have tried running fallout 4 meshes through some of the tools before and all that is did was make it crash or throw out a error.

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Does anybody have the standalone version? Blender is so painful to me and the domain expired :'(

edit: nvm I found it a few pages earlier, sorry for bothering and thx for the link :"D

For now I have another problem: I hit OK and nothing happens, no new meshes made :'{ I'm trying to convert some clothes: choosing target directory, hit Ok. Am I doing something wrong?

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Not sure if I have posted this problem before or not but I have been trying to run the oblivion dungeon explorer by Eiries through the pose converter to change the pose from oblivion to skyrim but no matter what body is in the nif the arms always go funky and go up bend back and then the 2 fingers come out the front of the chest and looks like some kind of mutated monster. Has anyone had this problem before how it is caused and how to fix it? Not sure why it would be doing this just from changing the models pose.


Also noticed that the legs are spread farther apart as well.




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