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Jessica Rabbit Standalone Follower

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Jessica Rabbit Standalone Follower

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Jessica Rabbit Standalone Follower

Can be married. Essential. Nord. CBBE, UNPB and HDT.



Jessica Rabbit

"I'm not bad....I'm just modded that way.....by some very lonely artists."



"You understand, Mr. Valiant, I'm just a pawn. I was set up to play paddy cake with old man Acme and that's when Roger went crazy. At least I thought that's what happened. But....I now know, it was something different."




After finding out Roger Rabbit had been hopped up on Acme gutterbunny nuggets for months, smoking large toon cigars and bar hopping, went crazy and then ending up in the squirrelly nut house,
Jessica filed for divorce and left Toon Town for the land of Tamriel. She sailed to Solitude and joined the Bards College.

To this day, Roger still swears that he was, 'fa..fa..fa..framed'. Yea, he was framed alright, but no one believes his story.


Location: Solitude, Bards College
Weight: 100, Height: .98
Armor: Light, Rating: 77
Levels: 5 - 500
Dual ebony swords, ebony bow, 2500 fire ebony arrows.
Marriage: Yes
Voice: Female Sultry
Disarm shout
Capable of 1H, 2H, Dual and archery.



Jessica Rabbit outfit for UNP HDT can be found here:
JessicaRabbitClothing Created by zhongren591360962



Remember to take away that pesky default hunting bow! Give her what you like, she is not afraid to fight for you....at any price.


Requires: (For FrankFranky pumps.)

NetImmerse Override for the shoes. If you have RaceMenu you already have this. Otherwise get it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37481

(Optional: remove her shoes or give her another outfit to your liking.)

Credits and permissions granted where applicable:

Credits: Frankfranky, EdhildilReturns, KS Hairdo's, Multi Colored KS Hairdos, Mikan eyes, SG eyebrows, Caliente's meshes, Leyenda textures.

Pumps by Frankfranky

Edhildils DMRA Store by EdhildilReturns

Multi Colored KS Hairdos


Please do not upload Jessica Rabbit to any other website. Feel free to use in your own game. Thanks.

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I really like the idea of Jessica Rabbit as Follower. If just could had the phrases she say (fully voice) like in the movie. That will be perfect!

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This mod has been on the Nexus for a long time. Author is sleepytigereyes but the mod is taken down today. 🤔

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1 hour ago, Nikstpop said:

Can i have her bodyslide preset? To dress her ofc

Seems like @thundercat use the "UUNP - UNPB" preset. Only apply to Unified UNP Outfits/Body types

Someone correct me if I wrong!!!

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The armor doesn't come with a bodyslide. It is what it is and I went with it. I do have permission to use this outfit, but I don't know how to make bodyslides for armor.



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1 minute ago, Taloren3000 said:

Correct me if I 'm wrong, but Jessica is the only follower who has body textures not vanilla (СВВЕ). Rarely when the legs and arms have any muscles.

I don 't know such followers (СВВE body).


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I believe what you are saying is it's not normal. No, it may not be. When she wears her armor, the body is the bodyslide that the author put in. She indeed has a CBBE body, but the armor does things differently that was bodyslided by the original author when the body armor type was made.

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