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[mod] Teratophilia

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1 hour ago, Impestato said:

i downloaded again the mod and changed on the arousal.lua and nothing changed, monster now works but NPC are still immune


Feel free to send another log for me to take a look at. And make sure you're firing the left-click uncharged arrows.

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So, @Impestato, i've double-checked your logs and that is currently the only issue being shown;

Naturally Horny seems to be installed correctly judging by the fact it even gets as far as loading the other files required to run the mod. But that one arousal file is supposedly "Not there".

I've double-checked my local copy and downloaded my own mod from the website, both had the file there;




My Mods Folder:



I even checked where the file is called, and they were both fine. So i'm going to ask you again to make sure the file is in there, and if it is, my only last suggestion is to rename the Naturally Horny folder to something else, preferably shorter. I only have one suspicion but i cannot confirm it, since the log on says it cannot find the file. Not that i cannot access it or otherwise errors reading it.

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13 hours ago, Impestato said:

I'm keep tring

Well, nothing's gonna fix that, you can try, as a last ditch effort, to use the .pak version of Naturally Horny, and just drop that in your mods folder (Remember to remove the folder for it if you do) and see if that helps, otherwise, you gotta remove it entirely. Sorry about that. I don't know why your computer just does not load that file in particular.

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