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Monster Hunter Rathalos Armor

add Rathalos Armor Set from Monster Hunter


but the Shape is different as Monster Hunter: World 

exactly Armor design is from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 

1688682035_Rathalos_Blademaster_Armor_Art(1).jpg.61c3c6ff14542ff5f668cd52db3f70d5.jpg Rathlos-Blademaster.png.6d66b577d39b33848b16f99b26097927.png



I got a thoes model resource from 'capcom vs marvel'


support only female mesh

and support Bodyslide 


Seperated part of some of armor







Helmet with wig


i pre enchanted fire resist for armor

wig color can change with in showracemenu(default is grey)


Only can get with console Type 'Rathalos 4' 


or use additemmenu

highly recommend additemmenu

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