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smite Izanami Plague Bearer

added plague bearer armor from smite izanami's skin Plague bearer


I just liked the armor design and was working :)


it is female only armor


got a 4 part of armor 


main armor(upper + lower)


plague mask



It's not necessary, support bodyslide 


thoes armor each got a enchanted effect


main armor(boethiah's cloack same as ebony chainmail)

plague mask(resist poison)

glove(incrase fist damage)


if you don't like enchant version

replace attached esp from 'Non ench esp'


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Eyo (My Hello)


OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!! NOW I CAN BE THE MARTY SCURLL OF SKYRIM!!!!!!! Now i just need a sword that looks like a closed umbrella 😜


#Villain #Longlivethevillain #Villainenterprises #Chikenwing


Seriously, look him up, pretty cool!


Have a Nice Day :)

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