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Opportunity to Create New Club Image

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Hey All,


I'd like to change this club's icon to be something else. So, this is opportunity for club members to join in on creating a new image. The image's dimensions should be a 1:1 ratio and it should be larger than 95 x 95 pixels. The theme only needs to match with Starbound or something space related. You can be liberal with your design choices.


Please submit your image as an attachment or embedded within a forum response to this post. I'll select the top 10 images that have the most engagement from users through the thumbs up per each post (or I'll just select them if the case is that we cannot thumbs up a post). Finally, a new poll will be created with the 10 selected images as voting options. The image that is voted as #1 will become the new image for this club.


Deadline for submission is September 1st, 2019.

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