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hello can someone help me?, I been download

MagicNippleSpells.7z and install it on NMM, but when I enter the game and search in magic inventory I didnt found the spells


the list spell are:


Rune Visual Effect - XX0012CA - It is an Ability, works like a buff.

The Nipple Thunder Bolt - Left hand:XX001D95 Right hand:XX001D96

The Milk Spray - Left hand:XX001D9C Right hand:XX001D9D

Cumshot Power - XX00332E - No animation

Cumshot Shout - XX001DA2 - With animation


 I also download and install Schlong Shout.7z

Replace the animation of shout. Use the masturbation animation in Sexlab.


but when I use the battle cry shout, the animation is still kinda same as the vanilla shout animation



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