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X-Edit: Applications and Patches for Beth Games

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2 hours ago, KoolHndLuke said:

Figured out how to make my "fast and dirty" merge of esps work without screwing shit up I think. Copy records as override into your patch making the mod a master to your patch. Now copy those same records into your patch as NEW records giving them a slightly different editor id. Remove the overrides you made first and then clean masters for you patch. Done. Haven't tested it thoroughly, but it has worked fine so far.

As a note/addition to this: You don't need to 'manually' give them a different editor id. Just mass select all the ones you want to change, (probably all of them), then right click and select "Change formID." then select the module you override them into from the list given in the popup dialog. (it copes with links and everything, eg from ARMO to ARMA records, etc..).

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58 minutes ago, spoonsinger said:

As a note/addition to this: You don't need to 'manually' give them a different editor id. Just mass select all the ones you want to change, (probably all of them), then right click and select "Change formID." then select the module you override them into from the list given in the popup dialog. (it copes with links and everything, eg from ARMO to ARMA records, etc..).

Theoretically, one could merge all their mods into one esp. I read somewhere a person claiming to have done just that with a full mod list (didn't believe it though). I'd like to ask them how they resolved all their conflicts. I guess this is how a few people have been able to use insane numbers of mods in their games- I heard one person claim something like 600-700.

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AS I understand it .. eventually you are a mod author.. you have to do so m any changes and redirects and script corrects you end up having a completely8 different mod (at least the scripts and such) if you merge everything to gether.


However, you really can't.. as I understand it .. because there are only so many records that can be accessed and other maximums that can be used. Just like there are things you have to have an eSM for to get to work properly.. there are so many things running and such at one time in one esp for it to work properly.


however, generally, that shouldn't be necessary.. for the common and some uncommon mod users.. a few group mods for specific task and such should be enough. keep in mind that the more you merge and have to change the IDs and such.. the more further away from the mod you get. The more you have to alter and change each and every update the author does to get it to work with your system. NOt fun and a shit ton of work (even small scale in many cases)

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Hat hair- you know you want it! I'll show you how


For FO4


You will need BodySlide (Outfit Studio), Nifskope, BSA Browser (or similar) and of course FO4Edit. This will take some time, but once you do it, things get easier.


The way I usually start is by going in game and writing down the name of the hair I want to use. Exit game (qqq). 



Now open BodySlide Outfit Studio and find that hair nif in your game files.






Now find the hat nif and load it as a reference (don't think it really matters).

*Note that you may need to extract the hat mesh from the meshes bsa depending on what you want to use. I use BSA Browser for that. Here's how


Open BSA Browser and you should see this-




Select open archive and navigate to your FO4 data folder, scroll down to the meshes bsa and select it




Scroll down the list and select the hat you need (I just copy them all so I have them)




Right click and select extract then navigate to data/meshes/clothes/hats (create the folder if not there)




Now that you have your hat meshes, go back into Outfit Studio and load the hat nif as a reference (I don't think it matters really)




Great. What you're going to do here is shrink the hair under the hat- just where the hat clips and no more. Make sure the hair is what you have selected when doing this. If you mess up, just undo it.




When finished, select the hair and export without reference




check the box to keep hair physics. Then navigate to the hair click on it and add HAT in the name and save it.




You're done with OS. Now on to Nifskope- really easy btw as all you do here is update face normals. In Nifskope, click NiNode so the mesh turns green, and right click mesh->face normals and save. Exit.




On to FO4Edit (X-Edit). Open your hair plugin (mod) and go to the hair you used. Right click on it and choose create new record, use the name there and add "Hat" to the end and save it back into the same esp (plugin).





Now find the hat you used (if it's not there, then look in the base game files) Copy it.




Now go back to your new hair entry and to the section called extra part. Add a new entry and paste the hat ref in there. Before you save and exit you need to give the new hathair a name so it shows up on the list in game!!!!!!




Now you need to edit the name of the nif the record is looking for in your game folder.






You're done! Go in game and see if your new hat-hair shows and check/adjust clipping by pulling the nif back into OS. I usually have to go back and forth several times to make it look good. Cheers!


I will try to help if you have questions. Will try to add tutorials for Skyrim and FNV soon.

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