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Fallout IV for Beginners - V3.0.2 (ZEX / 3BBB / Bodytalk)

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I'm here to mention

In the interest of preventing further support confusion, please do not name 3BBB as a body type. It's a feature, not a body. I know some people named their shit as such to chase clout and cause confusion, but still. There's at least 4-5 bodies that use the feature, so try to be specific to prevent support issues. . 

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Uploaded 'ESL-Flagged ESP'. It contains the ESP where either the permission was granted or the OA abandoned the mod.


The ones with 'The ESP can be flagged as ESL.' are NOT included as there are no permissions to modify/upload them.



Fixed a few entries (there were doublettes).



Taking a look at ShadowOfTheWind's 'Commonwealth Reaclamation Project' (hosted on Google).


Very impressive! It is almost as if you're playing a completely different game. Combined with 'Ghost ENB for NAC X' it looks very good.


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Planned changes:


To remove:

Deployable Turret Pack 2 


To add:

MW Sentry Turret

Feral Ghouls Replacer

🟢The ESP can be flagged as ESL

Gun Smoke (Weapon muzzle smoke and Smoke Trails)

Ghost ENB for NAC X

(O) Full Dialogue Interface

(O) Patch for Far Harbor - Full Dialogue Prompts

(O) Patch for Nuka World - Full Dialogue Prompts

Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping

Stone Walls

Mirelurk Nests

Red Rocket got a new interior wall paint

🟢I recommend using the 'Cracked and Dirty' version.

ENB eye adaptation

Tactical Reload

See Through Scopes Patch

(O) RSE - Random Shenanigans

🟢Some say the old non-broken version still functions. If thats the case i have to add it.

(O) Quick Hack Programs ESL

🔴You won't get XP for using this.

(O) Quick Lockpicking ESL

🔴You won't get XP for using this.

Subgroup: Additional Weapons


 Glock 19X - Pistol

HK G3 - Battle rifle

🔴Merge the HK G3 - Update into the main file.

HK G3 - Tactical reload patch

 HK G3 - LeveledList patch


Colt M1911A1

🔴You have to use 'OG WWIII 1911A1'. Otherwise the silencer will be off.

WWII Colt 1911 Overhaul

XOF CVC Helmet

🟢Lore-friendly and looks good.


NOT to be used:

Anom's Sanctuary Hills Overhaul                                                  Works, stops working, works, stops working...




Bobble Girl                                                                                           🟢The ESP can be flagged as ESL (see 'Final'). (Not included yet)

FN-FAL                                                                                                           🟢The ESP can be flagged as ESL (see 'Final'). (Not included yet)

Everyone's Best Friend (Dogmeat and Companion At Same Time)    🟢The ESP can be flagged as ESL (see 'Final'). (Not included yet)

Live Action Mr. Handy                                                                           🟢The ESP can be flagged as ESL (see 'Final'). (Not included yet)

Night Time God Rays                                                                            🟢The ESP can be flagged as ESL (see 'Final'). (Not included yet)

Workshop Spotlight Fix                                                                         🟢The ESP can be flagged as ESL (see 'Final'). (Not included yet)


ENB-Setup: Ghost ENB

NAC X Settings Menu > Visual Settings > Camera: Noise-Vignette-DOF > Noise > DISABLE Noise

NAC X Settings Menu > NAC Settings > NAC Options > DISABLE Fake Interior Darkening

NAC X Settings Menu > NAC Settings > NAC Options > DISABLE Fake Interior Lighting

DO NOT use the patch for ENB

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