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Any mods that give Family Planning Pregnancies status effects?

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Are there any mods that give FPE pregnancies effects? I'm referring mostly to things like SPECIAL point and movement speed decreases that get worse the further along your character is. I just think that it kind of trivializes the contraceptives if there is no good reason to not be pregnant.

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4 hours ago, failmuseum said:

any chance of that coming back in version 2?

I could make a mini-mod to give pregnancy effects, yes.


In fact, I think that's what I will work on now since I have no real ongoing projects at the moment. :)


I mean... the original meaning of RSE, almost 2 years ago, was "Reproductive System Effects", where the sole purpose of the original mod was to give Nora a menstrual cycle and pregnancy effects. So in a way, it'll be like returning to the beginning. And as luck would have it, I still have the original RSE source code here and can just pull out those parts of it and make a small mod. Lucky for you!

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As an update on this.


I didn't actually have what I needed in the old source - it was VERY old RSE code and not what I needed at all, so I spent the last little while building a new API so that I can poll or action on player pregnancy related items within FPE.

  1. I can compare your days to months ratio, which is great for building a menstrual cycle.
  2. I can know when you are pregnant or not.
  3. I can know how many months pregnant that FPE considers you, per your days to month ratio.
  4. I can make you have a miscarriage.
  5. I can force you to have a birth, be it an actual baby or stillborn.
  6. I have made this API aware of an infected player via Wastelander's Rash, so that can carry consequences and a problematic pregnancy.

With this API in place, I can now build effects, such as the actual menstrual cycle, morning sickness, fatigue based on months pregnant. I can even build in craving for certain kinds of food, I can reduce carry weight based on months pregnant and I can certainly alter you movement speed or make it so you cant run.


Which is to say, you should probably expect all of these things. ;)


Further updates on this will take place in the RSE II Resources ESM support thread. And yes, it *is* happening. Probably be release ready within a day or two, knowing me, as well as I'd like to think I do.




And who says mod authors ignore requests for mods to be made??? Just depends on the idea and on the person it resonates with I suppose... 


Now if this had've been an inflation mod request or a pissing or shitting the pants mod, lol, there's no way I would've even posted in it... 🤮

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