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Queen of spades Interracial Bar

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This is my sex club I use in my game for my part time whores as they make $ to pay for their tuition in University. Feel free to use it for your whores, Shady characters, Gangs, n playthroughs.  This lot utilizes in game drugs from basemental

-CC included


RECCOMEND you add custom music to "Pop" folder. That way the speakers will play better custom music. The bar is built that way but the choice is yours.


REQUIREMENTS: Obviously sims4, All expansion packs, Nisa's Wicked Perversions, Wicked whims (pointless without it) AEP pornography,  Azmodan22 Bondage device animations, 

Basemental Drugs. (Some items will not appear/function without these installed)


-All credit goes to mod authors of said CC, I claim nothing as my own other than the blueprint and some re textures I did myself.






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    Sims4, All Expansion, Basemental Drugs, Wicked Whims, Nisa's wicked perversions,,AEP porn mod


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Anyone know of a spade tattoo? Preferably on the abdomen, lower back or wrist? I was looking for some queen of spades related things recently, this place will do nicely. If you've seen anything else with this theme as well I've had no luck.

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