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The new vegas mod, monster mod wasteland edition, has been set to hidden on the new vegas nexus. I was wondering if anyone had an extra copy whether it be the lore or full version of the mod. I could of course just wait until the author releases it to the public once more, but mods that are branded with the "hidden" status is usually a death sentence for the mod in general

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On 11/8/2020 at 6:48 PM, Takurtz07 said:

The Sweet Roll Thief sent me a link to this now deleted mod.  I've attached it for this community.  It's version 4 with the ESP fix, but does not include the optional files No Oblivion, Passive Rad Horns, or Robco Certified Fix.  Enjoy!

Monster Mod Wasteland Edition + ESP Fix v4-42136-4.rar 18.67 MB · 30 downloads


Thank you !

Does this requires the original Monster Mod ?

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