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I was wondering how you follow people on here. I know I probably should seen it somewhere but I don't know where the follow button is! I am a bit new here since I hardly be on and just look for the animations and things. Could someone show me where it is?

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At the moment adding followers is disabled because abused by spammers.


When it will be active again,

go to the profile of the person you wish to follow, in case the person allows followers you will see the button to follow him/her.

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Was wondering the same thing today, then found this thread. Seems to be permanently disabled.  😞😢


Workaround: What I've been doing is to follow something like a file or thread from the author, then I can at least find and click their name to finally find their other files.  Lots of clicks. 


Or just bookmark their member profile page if you are okay with having those links in your browser (NSFW and all).

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Ah.  I don't think it will be added anytime soon, if ever.  There was something about it that slowed the forum to a crawl if I remember right.  Not sure if it was a bug in the software of the IPS system or what.  It is up to whether that bug was fixed and if Ashal has time to mess with it.  I'm sorry, I don't know any more than that.

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