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Sexout Simple Prostituion

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Extremely bare bones mod that allows female characters to earn quick caps in exchanges for services from any npc. Pay is calculated from players charisma and barter values with cheap over the top dialogue added. Female is not setup as receiver in FF or FM options always giver. No threesome options available. All options will happen immediately so if you want a more secluded spot you'll have to use a mod which adds follower packages like Sexout Sex or manually move them with Groovatron.


For dialogue for FF strap-on to appear it requires one of two corresponding dildos from SCR to be in your inventory:

SexoutSKSTStrapon02Twin "Strapon 02 Twin" [ARMO:XX0410BF] Renamed Dual Dildo by this mod.

SexoutSStraponDildo "The Penetrator" [ARMO:XX0373AC]



Sexout (Version 98 Beta 2 tested)

Sexout Common Resources

Smaller Talk



Sexout Store or Gear List if You don't want to use console.


Note: This should be safe to merge for those that know how as well to conserve plugin space.



Sexout Tryout & Sexout Sex for coding basis.

Sexout Simple Prostitution.7z

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