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[Unity3D] Sadistica's Revenge V-0.1.0 (Public Release)

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On 6/14/2019 at 4:55 PM, ZaZ said:

Sadistica's Revenge






 @Hugh Reckum@ZaZ

We're happy to release the first Demo of our very own game where we showcase some of the mechanics and systems we have built ourselves  from scratch and polished to our needs.

Play as a kinky Succubus out to settle the score with those that betrayed her. Gain power from sex and kinky activities and hunt down powerful sex artifacts from a long lost civilization.




-Unique leveling system based on converting arousal to XP via various sexual activities.
-Stat system with talent points to allocate upon leveling so Player Character can have multiple different build options to fit with different play-styles.
-Advanced camera framework for sexual animations with many options, including zoom and allowing to switch between first and third person in real-time.
-Sex animation framework which works in tandem with the camera framework to give full control to the player.
-Dialogue system and unique interact-able NPCs. The game features a fully original story and the dialogue will result in different outcomes based on the choices that you select.
-Combat system with unique mechanics and a spell casting system. Enemy AI has been created from scratch using custom behavior trees.
-Break-Undies framework (Clothing can randomly be destroyed upon taking damage).
-Interact-able Objects

Game is designed for keyboard and mouse


Planned Features:


-Controller support
-Save and Load system


-More NPCs, NSFW animations, level expansion, additional quests, stories, sex-puzzles, and more
-Advanced Slave Training and Management System
-Player Character Customization & Custom Outfits
-In-Game economy with various kink merchants which will sell devious items to help train your Slaves.


(Patreon support will help to make this happen)


Please Consider Supporting , Thanks !



Download V-1.0.1


Windows 64x




Windows 32x





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V-1.0.1 Change-log


Changes + Features Added:

-Control schema has been changed. Camera will auto rotate without using RMB, cursor is no longer on screen during regular game-play, interactables will work based on being oriented in the center of the camera view with Player facing them within proximity. Interactables/usables button has changed to 'E'. Shield has changed to RMB.  (Change made due to Patron voting result).

-Added zoom to the main camera.

 -Added Controller Support (Based on Xbox controller layout). - To activate, use the toggle in the in-game menu. - For info on the button layout,  see the Controls section of the Main Menu.

-Added numbering to dialogue responses when there are multiple options that correspond to the number keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 that can be used to advance respective response as an alternative to clicking on them.    

-Masturbation is now done using 'M' key since the cursor is no longer on the screen to click the button.    

-Resolution options will now be available before the game loads.   

-The 'Enter/Return' button will work to progress both Player and NPC dialogue, for Player, 'Enter/Return' defaults to 1st dialogue response option.   

-Added toggles in the In-Game menu to flip mouse X-Axis and Y-Axis independently.

-Improved Controls-Menu organization.


Bug Fixes:

-Script in dialogue sequences now have higher priority – should fix the getting stuck on dark screen bug reported for Walled-Damsel scene.  

-Fixed Spirit dialogue logic when talking to her for the 2nd time.  

-Spell casting and attacking is now disabled while in dialogue.   

-Escape key doesn't pause the game or bring up the in-game menu while in dialogue or if another different UI window is open. If dialogue or UI is open, escape will work to cancel dialogue or close the UI. If no other UI is open, ‘Escape’ key will open the in game menu.

-The Player now returns to the main menu upon death.

-All database variables are now reset after dying and everything in the scene should be properly reset once returning from the main menu. - This should fix stuck dialogues etc.

-Sady will now check if she has her whip equipped after the Thrall Girl scene and automatically re-equip it if it isn't already equipped before the fight so she doesn't start combat unarmed.

-Fixed Stat-point exploit after leveling.

-The continue button will now progress via 'Enter/Return' button on initial NPC dialogue prompt.

-Shield can no longer be used during dialogue and will be disabled if active on dialogue start.  

-Fixed camera rotation sometimes getting stuck after the end of Wall-Damsel scene.

-Fixed heel sounds not playing while controller was being used.

-Fixed Player portrait sometimes not showing up during dialogue.

-Fixed issue with Walled Damsel scene not playing correctly if Player previously had sex with the Perv Skeleton.

-Fixed issue where Sady couldn’t masturbate after having Sex with Perv Skeleton.








Open - Discord






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Original Development Thread


I play as a Succubus in Skyrim think i will try here love it as i drain their life soruse to feed mine after Sex 


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