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CBBE BodySlide Compatible Skimpy Armor Replacer?

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Anyone know of any good skimpy armor replacers that are CBBE + BodySlide compatible? Preferrably replacing most/all of the Vanilla + DLC armors (robes would also be a plus!)
This mod is great but it doesn't support the CBBE pregnancybelly slider and the author outright said he never plans to add it because he said it would take more work to change the models or whatever without it looking distorted... even though he could just leave it in and I would be fine with the distortion since it's better than nothing but whatever.

Browsed the Nexus for a bit looking for something but came up empty-handed. A lot of them are for UNP.


Side note - While on this topic, what are the actual advantages/disadvantages of using CBBE vs UNP? I'm just curious.

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