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I'm looking for a mod that would allow me to pacify an NPC like Gristle or McDonough and erase their script, replacing it with a settler script and send them to my settlement to spend the rest of their days working the field.


I'd much rather do this than straight up kill them.


Advanced Animation Framework does something like this, but I have to download several other mods and it implements all kinds of sexual things. I'd just like the bare-bones, settler only option.


Nexus has a lot of similar things, but they're watered down, like Abduction... Which you have to reverse pickpocket a clone beacon into an NPC you want to CLONE. Or tee party followers that will linger around a beacon that you place in a settlement.


I've been looking for this for a while, I figured maybe someone can point me in a new direction. Thanks!

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have you tried 

just buisness ?? it has exactly that. Enslave named npc and send them to your settlement or turn them into prostitute or make them work your farm etc..  or have them fight for you be provisioner etc..  

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Yeah I've tried it. I'm probably just gonna have to stick with it. There are just a lot of requirements for it and I don't really want all the sex stuff. I don't like booting the game from the script extender either.


But the enslave feature is exactly what I'm looking for.

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