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KW Pavka pets animations for KinkyWorld

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21 hours ago, XyeRivera said:

Hii I'm kinda new to this. All of your file have the same name and i need to use (1) to the end of the file name in my mods file. I try to add file in-game but the file is undetectable. How can I fix this?😭 Is the newest package contain the older animations as well? By the way, I REALLY LOVE YOUR ANIMATIONS!! :love:

In general, if an author releases newer versions of a mod, and the name remains the same, it's safe to assume it's a replacement, and not an addition, so yeah - use the newest (usually has a larger file size for animations) and delete the older/smaller one.



>>>>>> I'm looking at those beach scenes - looked familiar. Then I noticed the stonehenge in the background - Yay! Isola world (small Island very useful for testing things due to fast loading)





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On 4/30/2020 at 8:11 PM, iidie12 said:

Anyone Know how find the packages in game? I've tried OKW_Pavka_animations and KW_Pavka_animations but nothing happens can anyone help I'm currently using the latest download you can get of Okw build 399

My guess is that other animations work for you, and you have animals in the game.

Have you read the instructions on the first page?

OKW_ and KW_   - you need both files!

Did you do: click an sim KinkyWord -- settings-->WooHoo-->packages-->add animations package ?  As a result, the name (kw_pavka_animations) and number of animations should appear in the list. This means mod KW saw the animation.

After that, it should work.

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I can't see to get these animations to play in sequence. I have not enabled the option to switch between random poses. Animations like mike24 play properly in sequence, but I can't get yours to play in sequence.

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On 5/16/2020 at 8:37 PM, pavkahch said:

I don't like the sequence, I leave the sims free

I see. It's just weird.. You can select one of your poses, but it constantly switches to mike24s pet animations. It would be nice if you selected a action, it would follow from pose 1 to pose 7 or whatever. If someone wanted it to be random, they can always set kinky world to use random poses.

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On 4/27/2020 at 11:20 AM, Nikolaj Coster - Waldau said:



          Cranky Wanke  and where, you can download such an island?               

Sorry, you never quoted me, or used my name (landess) in a way that drew attention to your post.


I just stumbled across your post while looking up this Pet Mod download for someone whom Just started using KW and apparently doesn't know how to use a search function or read.....



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im currently coding a mod for pet sex, well um i guess im evil so i added to the female horse fucking animation a 25 percent chance of dying by being trampled and the male a 25 percent chance of dying by being kicked in the face, these are coming with animation variants and it all depends on relationship with the horse as well unicorns 100 percent kicking you in the face  or trampling if you molest them. yes you will get your pet sex degenerates but after watching a kero the wolf documentary, I feel that in certain instances your sims should be punished for trying to diddle your horses.

future updates will include:

1. a cow as an object that you can fuck, be warned I will mock the shit of your sim and make your sim wear a farmer hat with some custom sounds

2. if your dogs relation ship is low enough instead of a sex interaction being successful there would be two variables, 1 if it only 25 percent green, the interaction will start however a variation of the animation with include your dog biting you all over, if it's a pet then you will get a custom negative moodlet that says rover bit me, if it's a stray, you will have a 25 percent of catching rabies, the relationship will go further down and you sim will have bite marks on its body for 1 one sim week. If your sim wants to avoid catching rabies, they need to go to the hospital with in 24 hours of the encounter, if they dont then slowly your sims need would fluctuate, start making insane actions, avoid water and in a week your sim is dead. If the relationship is zero then theres a 50 percent chance your sim will die by being bit in the neck, immediately. the other 50 percent chance is your sim walks away with a terrible neck scar.

3. if any of the zoophile actions happen on a public lot, and a police officer catches you, your sims goes a way to jail for 24 sim weeks, it can't be canceled out, and if it wasn't your first time your reputation while have sex offender, and most of the sims who have decent traits will shun you, and if you go on a lot where theres kides you go to jail for another 12 sims week and fined 5000 simoleons. 

4. Teens, I'm adding an age of consent as the pet mod is an ad on, any way, basically the idea is a teen will be considered legal only after a certain amount of days, which is either 18 17 or 16, if you sim whoohoos a sim under your chosen age of consent and the sim is ya or older, than theres a 50 percent chance you got to jail for 48 sim weeks and get a sex offender reputation.

5. sex offender reputation will severely impact your game play, virtually no one with good traits will interact with you, if you get caught on a lot where theres kids with parents or police officer on it then you will be in  jail for another 12 weeks for a first time, then each time it will be a another 12 weeks added for each offense of you registration, no good paying jobs will be open to you sim, and if your sim has a baby or a kid on that lot a social worker will immediately take any kids you have under teen away, no you will not have the ability to adopt, only shitty careers such as cook or criminal will be open to you, and cook you wouldn't even be able to progress past level 2, criminal is open to advancement only, as well  as few custom careers such as gangbanger or pimp/prostitute, porn star, drug dealer, etc. people will gossip about you, and if a mean spirited sim hears about you we'll if they run across your sim threes a huge chance your sim will be jumped. if you have nraas assassination mod then assassinated at 25 percent. 50 percent if the parent of the sim you diddled is mean spirited. 

6. incest will be classified as a sex offense its opitional so you can also set it as cousins okay, but immediate family will have a risk of getting caught, and a custom "sweet home alabama" moodlet. however you can opt out of criminal penalties for ya and of age teens as some countries are okay with incest. the sweet home alabama moodlet though isn't  opitional, and I think I will make a custom reputation thats called "keeping it in the family" if you whoohoo intermediate family more than 5 times, "From Alabama" if you marry/fuck your cousins. if you opt out of criminal penalties the two custom reputations will literally impact your ability to interact with rich sims as the upper classes frown on the idea of redneck sims, also i'm adding a "hapsburg" function that will literally warp your kids appearances if you interbreed one two many times. basically if your going for a hapsburg legacy style then ill will make it possible so your kids will look inbred as possible. There may or may not be an option like for medieval play styles so you can opt out of getting a negative reputation if you sim is rich. 


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