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Graviczapa Desert Dancer No-glow and Translucency Patches

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Graviczapa Desert Dancer No-glow and Translucency Patches
v2.0, 2020-08-18
by Darklocq, based on resources by Graviczapa


This is a set of patches (new mesh and texture files) for the Graviczapa Desert Dancer outfit (and its UUNP BodySlide set) to fix its jeweled items to stop having a silly glow-in-the-dark effect. Also includes options for a better-fitting bracelet for UUNP bodies, more translucency on veils, and some some saucy translucency on two tops and a bottom.


There are 4 separate patches, or a combo archive for doing manual selective installation, or an all-in-one combo archive with no manual-install steps: "2054321784_GraviczapaDesertDancerNo-glowBraceletTranslucencyPatchesAiO.7z".  If you use a mod manager and want everything, get that version. If you use a mod manager and only want certain features, get the separate archives for the features you want.  If you do manual installs, get "Graviczapa Desert Dancer No-glow and Translucency Patches.7z" – includes bracelet fix despite the filename not mentioning it.  The docs below are written with that combined archive in mind; it does have some separate manual drag-and-drop install stuff to do.



What This Is For


Some modders seem to confuse the concepts of shininess and glowingness.  Shine is caused by light reflecting off something smooth.  Glow is caused by a light source INSIDE or behind a translucent object or (for magic items that glow), on the surface of an opaque one.


These unrealistic glow effects mis-applied to things that should just have shine vary from mod to mod, and can only be fixed by trial and error, one tiny tweak at a time.  In the case of this mod, quite a number of adjustments were required; it took about 3 days, and with help.  It's still not absolutely perfect, but the jewelry items now better match both vanilla jewelry and this mod's own built-in jeweled parts on a few of the clothing pieces. The gems in the jewelry items have been left with a bit of added specularity to simulate them catching and reflecting light.  This is about as good as it's going to get, though I'm willing to try different settings if you have a better idea.  I do not use an ENB preset (my potato can't handle it), just ENB with its default settings and the memory patch, so I am not certain this is going to look just right in every ENB. It does look proper in vanilla, in basic ENB, with various lighting mods, and under different lighting conditions like a dark room, clear-sky daylight, outdoor rain, and bright magic light.


The jewelry patch has no effect on the BodySlide resources, which only provide slider sets for the clothing items. This patch does not change the jeweled parts of those clothing items, as they did not have the glow problem; only the necklace, earrings, bracelets, and jeweled female turban had the problem. It has been fixed for all variants (female Argonian green turban, Khajiit red earrings, male blue necklace, etc., etc.).


The bracelet-fit patch is for UUNP and may only be needed on fairly beefy bodies. If you don't see your wrist through the jewelry, on any side, then you don't need it. As a stand-alone patch, it also integrates the glow fix for that specific item.


The more-translucent veils patch just helps you see character face-shape and chin a little better, if wearing the veiled female turban. As a stand-alone patch, this also integrates the glow fix for that specific item.


The "some translucent clothes" patch makes three items a little more revealing (the only three that could be patched in this way): the purple top and bottom, and the red top.


See sections below for details. Or, if you get all the separate patches, each has its own ReadMe.




The glowing jewelry patch (stand-alone, or as the default patch in the combo archive) installs like any other mod, either manually or through a mod manager. The archive's "meshes\" and "textures\" subfolders go to your game's "Data\" folder, and merge in to the same subfolders of that folder.  The optional translucency and bracelet-fit patches are separate manual installs (drag-and-drop), detailed below.


Install the original Graviczapa Desert Dancer outfit first (and its UUNP BodySlide files if you want them), then this patch, and let the patch overwrite the original's files as needed.


You DO need the original mod, as this patch does not include a full set of the mod's meshes and textures, nor the ESP file.


Both the original mod and its BodySlide files are available after clicking the "Download" button below the pictures at: https://graviczapa.blogspot.com/2017/03/graviczapa-desert-dancer.html?zx=45b6ec793765d727


Optional Better-fitting Bracelets

If you find that the original bracelet shape doesn't fit your characters' arms and hands (with the wrist clipping through the jewelry), there is an "--alt. bracelet shape\" folder in the combo archive with a "meshes\" subfolder containing a replacement mesh you can try, tweaked to fit UUNP Special properly.


It will probably be fine with any UUNP variant, unless you are doing something like an obesity or bodybuilder mod with very thick arms. The UUNP BodySlide set for Graviczapa Desert Dancer does not include a slider set for this item, so it has to be tweaked by hand to fit unusual bodies.



Optional More-translucent Veils


The combo archive's folder "--more-translucent veils\" has replacements for all the veils (found on female turbans). They are versions with more alpha (transparency) so you can better see the face. It's not excessive, and is tweaked for different veils so they look okay.


Note: this is not additional clothing items, but a veil replacement.


To install this, just drag the enclosed "meshes\" subfolder to your game's "Data\" folder and let it overwrite the meshes.  


Optional More-translucent Clothes


The combo archive's folder "--more-translucent clothes\" has replacements for the violet (default) top and bottom, and the red top. These new versions have a bit of alpha (transparency) for more of a sexy bellydancer look.  The other clothing items were not adjustable in this way; they have some kind of texture virtualization I have not encountered before (the UV for key parts of them are over black areas of texture, and they are getting the colored part through some other means); any attempt to add alpha to those parts simply results in them completely disappearing. For the three items that did work, the tops will be a bit revealing, the bottom less so (mostly legs), and they can be installed separately.


Note: this is not additional clothing items, but a replacer. Doing them as additional items would require new ShapeData meshes and SliderSet entries, and a new ESP file with additional Armor Addon, Armor, and Constructible Object records.


To install, drag the enclosed "CalienteTools\" and "meshes\" subfolders to your game's "Data\" folder and let it overwrite what it wants to.




As far as I know, there is no CBBE conversion, but if there is a CBBE BodySlide set for Desert Dancer somewhere, it should not interfere with the jewelry patch, unless the creator of it also included slider sets for the necklace, bracelets, etc. 


In that eventuality, you can replicate the BSLightingShaderProperties details in each NiTriShape in each mesh, as needed; just use NIFSkope to make the meshes in the slider set (under "Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\ShapeData\" somewhere) match what I've done in the meshes in this patch, setting by setting. Then regenerate in-game meshes and tri files that match your body.


The optional more-transparency veils should work with the CBBE conversion, since head sizes are all the same and SliderSets don't include head stuff.


The optional more-transparency clothing will not work with a CBBE conversion.  But it's just a matter of setting Alpha: 0.6 in the BSLightingShaderProperties for the two NiTriShapes that form the bulk of the clothing item, so you can easily do it yourself with NIFSkope (edit the meshes for the items under "Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\ShapeData\", and regenerate in-game meshes and tri files that match your body.




Most of the real credit goes to the original modder, Graviczapa. All I did is tweak some numbers in some of the NIF files, and do minor texture work (and test again and again and again).  The replacement textures for most of the jewelry items are based on a metal grain used for DEM Burlesque by Karter.  Special thanks to C5Kev at LoversLab for investigation, testing, debugging, and suggestions.


I impose no additional restrictions on this patch over any that may have been applied by the author of the original mod.  The original requires permission for redistribution as an entire mod; however, Graviczapa's permissions page makes it very clear that patches and other partial use require credit only, not prior written permission: the entire thing is a screed against restrictive permissions, since most of what Grav does is release patches herself.


Screens credit: The comely Redguard is Bella from Immersive Wenches (and technically coded as an Imperial, for some reason).

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