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City of Heroes/Villains RP/ERP Group

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Since CoX is back I am putting my RP/ERP Villain Group back together. The Coven of Idh-yaa. If you are interested in joining us simply contact @Ravencroft on server Everlasting. If you need help getting started you can click here.


Do you find having a soul or a mind of your own too much of a burden? Then why not give in and pledge it to Mistress Ravencroft. Grow weak at the knees and moist in the loins as you sink into a wicked weaved web of obedience and pleasure.

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Did they get all the legal stuff worked out?!?!  Is it for real??!


I had heard about Score and that it had went down after it got leaked, but haven't heard anything since then, and had no idea that just anyone would be able to play it!




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I would be Interested in such a group. I enjoy some ERP with my RP. If anyone knows a super group/Villian group on Homecoming or ThunderSpy or just wants to meet up then I'd be up for it.

Sort of bumping the thread and going to send a message to Sophie as soon as I can (Made an account for this)

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