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working mods and not working mods

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Many of those links are old and outdated as the nexus updated how the links look you must search the nexus for the file manually if the file is gone then just find something that is compatible the the body.


For the universal skeleton is you have LAPF installed you don't need the universal skeleton as the skeleton in LAPF is a modified version of the universal skeleton.

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Have you read my yellow Link below?

Everything that you need before you install Lovers.

Some tips for the first Lovers Mods

And the Load order. Wrong load order and nothing works right. ( Or wrong mod manager or wrong Oblivion installation and your Mods will not work )



And there are other things you should never do.  So read my yellow Link.

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Grab Wrye Bash. It's the dominant standard mod manager for Oblivion and it excels everything else in terms of sheer power and utility. If you ever find it too difficult to use you may switch to OBMM or TesModManager, but you will miss out on some good amount of nice stuff like bashed patch.

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I never used vortex . Do not know how it works. Can not help.

I use OBMM.


See my yellow Link below.  READ IT !

This one  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbbmod-sorting-and-cleaningcs-cse-body-stretching/?do=findComment&comment=915257


It is step by step , all you need and must have.  First Tools like OBMM , OBSE, ...

Then nude body, Arnor-clothes.

. . .


Read it.

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Please note, not sure that the latest versions of Wrye work well with Oblivion.  Some in the 300 series don't work much at all with Oblivion as they are tailored for Skyrim.


I recommend version 295:  https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/releases/tag/v295.5


You can read this tutorial about how to use it:  https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/35230

It is a pictorial guide and is easy to read and understand.


Note:  You can try to use vortex and have a fucked up game, or do it the way we are telling you.  It is your call.  The old nexus mod manager would not properly install oblivion mods, especially the animation and ini files, and I have no confidence in Vortex being any better.  As I said, your call.

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