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Nunjas  :classic_laugh:


The 3 nuns cannot fight. All their life they have just worshiped Dibella and fucked.  Then Kvatch was destroyed and the three and their master escaped.

So they decided to fight the Daedra and started weapon training.  . . .  And they fuck with their master until he was completely exhausted and went to the next Bandit cave, knocked, and let himself be captured. It's part of the first quest to find him and help him (Only one nun a night.  :classic_biggrin: )  . . .

At the end of the quests they realize it was a stupid idea and they do what they do best again, worship Dibella and fuck. 


And they change their clothes to completely un-erotic ones.




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Hrm... I like the lower wrap on selection 2, though for *cough* modesty sake, a lower garment to cover their virtue.  The upper garment for the first image is passable, but wouldn't work IMHO with the second's  More of a shawl-like wrap I would think.


Mayhaps I should check around before shit starts disappearing more.


:D I wonder what store(s) may specialize in such an entertaining line of apparel.



EDIT:   Finding a few over... there... that are male.female sets of a sort.  Even some Japanese or Akaviri style.  And a set of 'revealing' robes both genders.  Finding matching or like-matching is a pain.


Making sure that their tag reads:




✔️ Asset use permission

     You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me




EDIT 2:  Okay, now when the NPC is a friend and approaches the hooker for free sex, there is some entertaining dialog if either the hooker or NPC is pregnant.


Hey, wanna go for it? I know you're pregnant, but I'm gonna try for a double kill.

Guess you're not scared of getting pregnant. Wanna reinforce that?

I would love to spend nine months inside you.  How about just for now?


Got milk?  I do. Wanna taste?

Want to try and bump a twin up in me?

Sex is supposed to help induce labor. Let’s get me dilated.


So the greetings used when an NPC Friend approaches the player is worked out.  Granted, they have just as much chance to issue basic dialog or 'gender-to-gender' dialog (ie categories like male hooker & female client). 


What are the odds? :open_mouth:


GEEK TIME:  :cool:


Well, there are 9 lines per category, this including the gender to gender, and only ONE category will be valid any meeting at a time.  So ... um... Gender to Gender...  Hooker Pregnant... Client Pregnant... DiffSex-GET-pregnant... and General sex... that would be a base 5 categories.  And since nine lines for each, there is measure of equality per category


Apart from two lines, the DiffSex-GET-pregnant category will not run if anyone is pregnant.  So you may have a 30% of a pregnant line if either the hooker is pregnant or the NPC is pregnant, or 50% if both are... just don't know which gets the line.


Now if neither are pregnant, the DiffSex-GET-pregnant category DOES come into play, but only if the participants are of different genders.  If they are different genders, then there is a 30% of breeding foreplay going on.  


:wacko: Seriously, I planned this out just for the pickup lines of the clients approaching the player.  And it was a fuck-time easier to have nasty lines for the friends (or fuckbuddies) than come up with something where the NPC doesn't know you're a hooker or not.


*   =   *   =   *


Blowjob lines between friends and clients has differed, but not the NPC reaction dialog.  Well, the dialog options did double from the original.


The original NPC dialog gave options for Oral Sex or have the client follow to a quieter location.  During the follow, there is an option for NO sex... which sucks.  And for the Friends, when you tell them that they are a friend, sex begins immediately, no fuss no muss.


Friends, being reworked has a more extensive set of dialog options:  Oral Sex Options, Sex right now, Follow, and Not this time.  Having the no-sex now option immediate works for me.


I had issues initially with the 'Right now" option... but that's fixed.  What `isn't fixed is the NPC reaction dialog before sex begins.  It's .... basic in my viewpoint and doesn't have the optional tamago touch.   And I'm thinking that I might make the 'right now' NPC dialog offer a choice HOW the hooker gets fucked.  Not every time of course,... But always a freebie.


CONCEPTS:  The technique to check on Actors being pregnant (Player or NPC) was easy enough.  But a fun Tamago option came to mind for the Approach system.  OPTIONAL of course, testing NPCs for their ovulation phase, and forcing a bonus/penalty according to the INI towards their chance of approach.  It only tests IF the subject in the approach loop has the NPC, so it's like REALLY short in duration and resource requirements.  And only works if Tamago is in play.


Ooh, optionally, increase beastrace male chance of approach if the player is ovulating???  Can 'sense' it?   TECHNICALLY VANILLA ONLY for now.

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The mod allows NPCs to approach the hooker, fine enough, and to allow you to turn off NPC approach.


But now, there's a switch mechanism to allow/deny pregnant NPCs to approach the player.  :wacko:  And an overriding switch if the pregnant NPC is a 'friend' of the player.  Yes, sir!  You can make it so only pregger friends approach you, or allow any pregger to approach you, or just turn approaches off.  


Hey, the hooker might be a chubby chaser.


Honestly, one thing I forgot when testing was to put the 'Test if Actor Pregnant' command in the mix, and wondered WHY THE FUCK IT ISN'T WORKING?!? for about 30 minutes. :astonished:


That was a DOH moment.  At least I hit "SAVE" on my test runs right before the preggy NPC friend was supposed to try and pick me up.  Once done, testing both yes/no on the pregger friend pickups tested fine.  Shh..  Once friended, I raped her and knocked her up.  She was still 'friend' though.  She likes it rough.


As of now, complete pregnancy mechanics has been fully defined.  Only dialog expansion within Topics, both the Main and Ranks quest is needed for this and to add to the variety... hopefully much moreso.



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I check preg or in-heat NPC/player like this



short pregnant
short InHeat
ref Womb ; Set TanWomb to GetFormFromMod "TamagoClub.esm" 002500
ref Ovum ; Set TanOvum to GetFormFromMod "TamagoClub.esm" 002002  = Ovum not Fertilized



        if ( NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Ovum >= 1 && InHeat == 0 ) || ( InHeat == 0 && NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Womb >= 20 && NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Womb < 30 )
            set InHeat to 1

        if NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Ovum == 0 && InHeat == 1 && ( NPC-ID-.GetItemCount Womb < 20 || NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Womb >= 30 )
            set InHeat to 0


        if pregnant == 0 && NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Womb >= 110 && NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Womb < 150
            set pregnant to 1

        if pregnant == 1 && ( NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Womb < 110 || NPC-ID-Ref.GetItemCount Womb >= 150 )
            set pregnant  to 0



Many women are horny during the Ovulation Phase.  Reduced prices, or a discount if an NPC says "Too expensive"

Or if the player is not using contraception, she can say :

"Do you want to get me pregnant? I have my fertile days."

"I have my fertile days, wanna knock me up?"

"I am fertile today, inseminate me."

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I kept the Pregnancy and Ovulation/heat check as separate tests.  Though mine also returns 'failure' if TamagoClub is not loaded.   And they do the same state tests as yours, though I do like to keep each line of a certain border. 




TESTING FOR FUCKIN' CONTRACEPTIVES IN DIALOG!!!  FUCK!!!!   Good point.  Guess all general dialog options AREN'T done. Ye classic LAPF flag to test in dialog.  And that would also go for NPCs like the ImmoralGuards. 


:love: Damn, those babes are hot.


3 hours ago, fejeena said:

"Do you want to get me pregnant? I have my fertile days."

"I have my fertile days, wanna knock me up?"

"I am fertile today, inseminate me."


More dialog... for SPECIFIC IN HEAT type characters.  Yes!    :wacko:


Now gotta consider HOW to handle reactions


Handling NPC-In-Heat Reactions

FertilityHeat:  (0=Off/1=BeastRace/2=All)         Determines if the system is on, works only with defined beastraces, or all races)

FertilityHeatDialog: (0=Off/1=On)                     Determines if dialog from the Fertile NPC kicks in or not.

FertilityHeatApproach:  (Range: -100 to 100)   Alters the chance of approach for the Fertile NPC, for better or worse


FertilityRut:  (0=Off/1=BeastRace/2=All)         Determines if the system is on, works only with defined beastraces, or all races)

FertilityRutDialog: (0=Off/1=On)                      Determines if dialog from the subject NPC after the fertile hooker kicks in.

FertilityRutApproach:  (Range: -100 to 100)    Alters the chance of approach for the NPC after a fertile Hooker for better or worse


And after figuring out dealing with the Pregnancy bypasses needed for the NPCs, should have THAT worked out.


But dang... more dialog.  Gonna need (math wise).... 9 friend Knock-Me-Ups, and 9 friend Gonna-knock-ya-ups ...  And roughly something like that for clients.  Hrm... I need to expand the 'I'm following you" dialog (First lines in the Greets).  Get that going fun.


*   =   *   =   *


More fun dialog for pregnancy scenarios
I got a bun in the oven, and I can see you some fine buns too. Let's bake.

Let's have some fun. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt the baby.


*Grammatically subject to change*

*   =   *   =   *


Now, what else done?  I cleaned up the main quest.  I like things legible.  And the main quest now branches to a separate set of LOAD VALUES scripts.  One handles all ini values, callbacks and mod support, the other is the initialization branch.  Now separate scripts of their own, so the only thing REALLY in the Main Quest page are the list of quest variables and the NPC approach system.


I also updated my copy of the Hooker/SSP patch as it now no-longer uses the old quest script, but alters the xlHookerMainInit script which adds the topics.


Edited by LongDukDong
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On 10/15/2021 at 10:16 AM, LongDukDong said:

And if you have armor turned on and are only wearing 'Clothing', you get an armor penalty for 0 armor value.  But still, this is the original system.  I'm not touching the base mechanics that was designed. 



My previous examination had me looking at these bonuses that were put in for light armor and heavy armor, thinking that you get perks.  BUT NOT A SINGLE PART OF THAT IS EVER USED BY THE FUCKIN' SYSTEM.


The way it works... you start with a 100% score!  Wear a piece of armor, your score LOWERS!  Wear a fuckin' suit, and you're fucked!  You get a 0 score that will affect your clothing modifier!


I'm fuckin' removing the BULLSHIT that is in there that does absolutely fuck-all nothing!

.... this as I'm cleaning the format and adding headers describing script functions and what uses them:



scn xlHookerGetArmor


;; FUNCTION:  Determines percent armor worn, the less armor worn, the more approachable
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;  USED BY:  xlHookerMainScr
;; ====================================================================================

; Declared Variables:
short unarmoredPart
short lightPart
short heavyPart
ref slotItem
ref rWeapon
short Weap2H


begin Function { }




Certainly, scrolling through the list is easier when you see function headers.  Technically, that's been programmer etiquette for as long as I can remember.  And... it's been a good while.

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I told you  0 x 100  = 0  ( sometimes I payed attention in school :classic_wink: )

I checked with console and it didn't work in my game. with or without armor or with 15000 gold clothes, all the same.


And I thought I did something wrong.



And the weapon part I never understood.


If player has "IsWeaponOut"  she gets -10 disposition.

So in the approach check a minimum disposition  or better " if Player.IsWeaponOut == 1 "  no approach.  If a whore is walking around with a weapon in hand, I wouldn't speak to her. I could end without my cock.

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No armor and well dressed is good.  Wearing full plate and looking like you fought fifteen Xivilai without a weapon?  Bad.


Weapon out, low disposition.  Understandable.  Like you're ready to slice someone's dick off like you suggest.


I just went through phase 1 of cleaning/formatting all scripts.  Basically just spacing and putting in more comments for better explanations and the headers.  Phase 2 will be me setting up a little more in the header saying WHAT uses THIS script.   Going through them THIS way helps the study.



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On 10/21/2021 at 1:20 AM, LongDukDong said:

Handling NPC-In-Heat Reactions

FertilityHeat:  (0=Off/1=BeastRace/2=All)         Determines if the system is on, works only with defined beastraces, or all races)

FertilityHeatDialog: (0=Off/1=On)                     Determines if dialog from the Fertile NPC kicks in or not.

FertilityHeatApproach:  (Range: -100 to 100)   Alters the chance of approach for the Fertile NPC, for better or worse


FertilityRut:  (0=Off/1=BeastRace/2=All)         Determines if the system is on, works only with defined beastraces, or all races)

FertilityRutDialog: (0=Off/1=On)                      Determines if dialog from the subject NPC after the fertile hooker kicks in.

FertilityRutApproach:  (Range: -100 to 100)    Alters the chance of approach for the NPC after a fertile Hooker for better or worse


Alrighty then!  I got my Hooker to ovulate, and set the FertilityRut to 1 and FertilityRutApproach to 25.   The debugwindow confirmed... when I encountered  Aga in BravilUnderground, I got a 25% Tamago bonus on being approached.  And when the TortureAgent appeared, there was no Tamagobonus.  Yep, not only will punters approach you, but it can be based on beastrace (vanilla right now) or not!


AND...  Yep, I set FertilityHeat to 2, HeatApproach to 50  and then blasted a couple like Cyril and Rannock :love: (MBP) with ovulation spells from the FertilityClinic mod.  Sure enough, they tried to proposition me, displaying a 50% ovulation bonus for their approach chance.


That's a start.  I do want to put a little more.... um... touches.  I mean, do female beastfolk want to get jiggy with a woman ovulating?  Is a woman ready for a kid go TO a woman for sex?  Touches.... touches...  But for right now, it is functional.


OH, I forgot to say..!!!  I altered a little more of the system.  Until now, 'Non-Playable Races' were denied making approaches.  That included Rannock and Eventia from BravilUnderground (MBP version), or any custom race that was set non-playable.  NOW THAT SUCKS.   However, it is configurable.  By default, I'll have it set so Non-Playable races cannot be attracted.  But... where's the fun in that?


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Yuk yuk yuk  :P


The 'BeastRaces' check, I can prolly work out to include MBP without needing the MBP, merely by turning the race name into a string, and then doing ye classic comparison of the name.  This I did for the updated "HiyokoGenerator".  Hell, other races that are on nexus like the Lilmothiit, Nonyxia, CheshireKanin, Renamon (YES!), Clouded Leopard, anything with 'Raht' or other Khajiit appelations should be easy given I know the names.  I remember a bird-race in Nexus... looks like they took it down too.


I think I need to put in an override feature for the women ovulation system.  No bonus if they are wearing contraception.  Kinda makes sense, right?  I mean, first is setting the shit up.  Then set up the limits so shit don't break.


Hehehe...  I said before that I rewrote the QUEST system.   The main QUEST just passes control to two Load Scripts.  One handles loading the INI values, the other sets/resets initialization.   Since I did that, I had re-worked the Hooker/SSP patch to recognize the new layout, no longer needing to have a copy of the Quest script in memory, but only the smaller Initialization script.  AND... since all the changes have been to the main quest and INI loading, I have NOT had to update the Patch ever since!  Less work for me!!!

Well, in that aspect. :P


*   =   *   =   *


Okay, I got greetings dialog set up for friends that WANT to get pregnant or want to get the ovulating player pregnant... the above system.  No dialog for the ovulating NPC if she's using contraceptives of course. ;) And I'm using the three lines  @fejeena suggested, along with other.  For my policy of 9 , I need 4 more from an ovulating femme's point of view, and 5 more from the pursuer's.



Do you bake? How about you putting a bun in my oven?

I just checked my schedule. Think I could have you pregnant by this evening?

Hey, good looking. How about I give you a few extra pounds?


A few.  And again, in the friends section, though the ovulation pursuit system is not Friend specific.


Oh, and an ovulating female will NOT get the bonus if she is also using contraceptives.  It kinda doesn't make sense.  As to the NPC pursuing the player, like he'd know you have contraceptives?



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A few lines from my mods.


Whore in heat:
Fertilize me, I do not contracept.
Mate me, fertilize me.
I am ready for insemination, make me pregnant!
Wanna fuck this pregnant slut/whore?
I'm in heat, I need a cum infusion.
Inseminate me, make me pregnant.
I'm so horny, I want to be fertilized.  /   I'm in heat, I want to be fertilized.
I'm in heat, inseminate me.
Couple with me.
Impregnate me.
Fuck me, get me pregnant.
I'm fertile, inseminate me.
I have my fertile days, do you want to impregnate a whore?

Whore pregnant:
Wanna see my baby belly bounce?
Should we make my baby bump vibrate/bounce?
Do you know that pregnant women are very horny? Do you want me to prove it to you? (Should i prove it?)
Have you ever fucked such a fat woman like me?
If you don't like that I'm pregnant,fuck me from behind in the ass.
Want a blow job? A pregnant wonan needs all the nutrition/nutrients she can get.
Ever fucked a pregnant woman? Wanna try it?


Customer and preg whore:
Hey fat one, I wanna fuck you.
Oh pregnant, how cute, how much?
Work accident or intentional? Anyway, I want to fuck you. ( Does not matter, ...  or whatever,... )
Shit too late, I would have liked to impregnate you. How much? ( Shit too late, I would have loved to get you pregnant. How much? )
Holy shit are you fat! But I don't pay double.
Oh, someone someone paid more than you asked for. Ha ha. How much?
A gift from a customer? I want to fuck you, but without a present.
I want to fuck this pregnant cow.
Are you a whore or a broodmare? I want you.
I want to fuck you, even with a bun in the oven.  (the or your oven ? )
You have a big one in the oven, looks sexy, I want you.
Sorry, not with a bun in the oven... Hmm ... on the other hand, you've got an asshole.
I can't give you a baby, someone was faster, but my sperm/cum.
Do you want me to feed you sperm/cum? You look like you can use some nutrients.
Wow, I want to make that belly shake.
Wow, I want to see that belly wobble. / Wow, I wanna see that belly shake.
I want to let that belly bounce and play with your milk-filled udders. / I want to bounce that belly and play with your milk-filled udders.
A pregnant cow with milk-filled large udders, are you looking for a bull?



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Some of that is actually quite usable.  I had to 'augment' for friendliness for the FRIENDS.  Others, doctored based upon certain criteria, such as gender mechanics.  NOW, the greetings in the MAIN quest appear to be nice and full.  :)


NEW option just implemented and is in the INI file.  Busy NPCs.  :cool:  The basic premise is that anyone standing around like a guard has been deemed since the inception of LoversHooker as being too busy for a quickie.  This state of being busy includes shop clerks standing around and other such individuals.  Oh, yes.  You may now have more clients than before.  Of course, this IS still only an option. But one you may now set within the INI file.


The CHOICE system... I may need to 'augment'.  Sure, it is fully functioning. However, perhaps not so well if the 'client' is in heat and randy to get laid.  In essence, I am thinking of a nice little override whereby the client wants to get fucked more often when ovulating.  That is a case where girl-on-girl may occur of course. :wacko:


And I touched nothing of the FRIENDS immediate sex system.  I do plan for some extra dialog for the Friend. Essentially, this would be where the player/hooker is asked by the FRIEND how they wanna get down.  Should that require an OPTION switch in the INI too?




I just uploaded a new version of LoversHooker, the mod that I have been discussing here with input by @fejeena.  True enough, I do have features planned. But that will have to come later.  I am burdened by having to perform work long put aside for another person's game.  I had intended to help her ❤️ but this came up and she was away for a while.  Now back, I need return to her aid.


Besides, leopard tights... slender hot bod... raven hair...  :kiss_wink:


I will be back.   Maybe not to modding right yet as I'm working on her.  I MEAN HER GAME!  But I do pop in daily.

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I can't remember but there is a lovers with pk mod that allows you to acquire new lovers and move into their houses/take over their property and build relationships with them (kind of)

This mod do the same but isn't complete. I remember there being an advanced mod that would take into consideration mod added NPCs and houses.





Sexual Life:
- like anyone else in the game world, you have two indices: Excitment (which is social) and Sex Need
- to obtain excitation: kill things, neutralize people, complete quests, discover a new location, hear an orgasm...
- once obtained, a part of your excitation can transform itself into sex need
- with a high excitation and a high sex need, you are a good lover at bed (ie: producing "good love" in your relation)
- each day, your excitment cools off or restores itself a bit, your remaining sex need (depending whether you had sex) too
- you can try to seduce someone with the Dispose spell
  > the resulting small talk is driven by the decency of your speaker, and you adapt to this decency in your answers
  > excepted the last one, marked [quit], which will certainly destroy your relation (you may have reasons to do that)
- in high privacy area (like in town in daylight), your partner will lead you to "a quieter place", ie: their private bed
  > and sometimes, it's locked
  > your partner will try to give you the key, if one is available (you may have to do a break-in for complex situations)



Found it. It is LoversPlunders.


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