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Kiki Chain

[Sims 4] Kiki's Animations for WickedWhims [20/December/2020]

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I just came across your page, some days ago; and decided to go and give your animations a shot.


And, have to say, am not disappointed, at all!


Holy shit, your animations are fucking awesome!


Hope you keep animating for WW. And just keeps getting better, and better, with time.



Sending you all the love, man.

Take care.

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Man your animation are *chefs kiss* the kissing on the couch for your watching tv animation is my fave. You're really talented! I love the little details you put in the animations too. Everything flows and just looks so smooth. Love the passion! Thank you so much for doing this! ❤️ 

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On 4/13/2019 at 11:21 PM, Kiki Chain said:

[Sims 4] Kiki's Animations for WickedWhims [13/October/2020]

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Greetings to all who interested in my animations and who just found it!


I create long and looped animations, containing sound or visual effects and props. Also they're focused on romantic and teasing interactions, maledom, light bdsm, semi-forced sex. Basically my animations contain some kind of story that I take from my head or from your suggestions, so if you have an idea for animations that fits into the theme of my works, you can offer it here, it would be very helpful (especially if it'll have a detailed description, hehe).


Also you can support my works on Patreon, so I can spend more time to it! Thank you!



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 1. How to use this mod?


   1) Download WickedWhims and my Animation package.

   2) Place "WW_Kiki_Animations.package" to your Mods folder.

   3) Choose the desired location in the game and start the animation.

   PS: for climax animation you'll need to download Cum Mesh by Cherry Pie [Download here])


 2. Do I need to add props (books) to inventory?


   No, they join automatically to animations you play.


 3. Which specific desk/chair should I use?


   Desk - it's a table with one chair slot, this one:


   Animations on the desk can be played without a chair, but I make animations taking into account the presence of a chair, so it's better to have it there.


 4. I can't find the location:


   Toilet Stall - from "Discover University"

   Closet - from "Get Together"




Location: DESK

Props: Homework book (Base Game)


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 Help with homework 1 - TEASING - MF/MM



 Help with homework 2 - TEASING - MF/MM



 Help with homework 2v2 - TEASING - MF


 Help with homework - HANDJOB - MF (picture of WIP)



 [HW] Reading on the desk - TEASING - MF



 Checking Homework - TEASING - MF



 Making out on desk - TEASING - MF

 Making out on table (side) - TEASING - MF - Desk, Dining Table Short, Picnic Table



 Making out (Vaginal stage) - VAGINAL - MF  



 Don't be distracted - ORALJOB - MF/MM



 Cunilingus under the desk - ORALJOB - MF



 Try this spell (requires "Realm of Magic") - VAGINAL - ANAL - MF/MM



 Missionary - holding legs - VAGINAL to CLIMAX - MF - Desk, Dining Table



 Bent over the table - VAGINAL - MF



 Reverse Sitting - VAGINAL - MF/MM



 Seated Forward Bend - VAGINAL - MF - Desk, Dining Table



it says the file is broken or damaged when i try to download it

All animations list:

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  • Help with homework 1 (MF/MM)  [Desk]  📖 
  • Help with homework 2 (MF/MM)  [Desk]  📖 
  • Help with homework 2v2 (MF)  [Desk]  📖 
  • [HW] Reading on the desk (MF)  [Desk]  📖 
  • Checking Homework (MF)  [Desk]  📖🖊️ 

  • Watching TV (MFM)  [Sofa] 
  • Watch TV stage 1 (1 loop) (MF)  [Sofa, Loveseat]
  • Watch TV stage 2 (MF)  [Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman] 
  • Watch TV stage 3 (transition) (MF)  [Sofa, Loveseat]
  • X spanking and fingering (MF)  [Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman] 
  • Spank naughty girl (MF)  [Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman, Single bed]  
  • Pet (MF)  [Chair, Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman]   -  New 
  • Sleeping next to each other (B+M/F+B/B+M)  [Double bed] 
  • Getting closer MFM st.1 (MFM)  [Double bed, Single bed] 
  • She came at nigth (MF)  [Double bed]   -  New  
  • Shy Girl (MF)  [Double bed, Single bed]   -  New  
  • Kissing on towel (MFM)  [Floor, Towel]   -  New   
  • Making out on desk (MF)  [Desk]  📖 

  • Making out on table (side) (MF)  [Desk, Dining Table Short, Picnic Table] 

  • Come sit on my lap (MF)  [Chair, Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman] 

  • Closet Kissing (B+M/B+F)  [Closet]


  • Help with homework (MF)  [Desk]  📖  
  • Fingering on bed (MF)  [Double bed, Single bed]   [Preview]


  • Don't be distracted (MF/MM)  [Desk]  📖 
  • Cunilingus under the desk (MF)  [Desk] 
  • Toilet Stall Oraljob (half-closed door) (MF/MM)  [Toilet Stall]   [Previews]
  • Toilet Stall Oraljob (opened door) (MF/MM)  [Toilet Stall] 


  • Try this spell (WITCH_MF - requires "Realm of Magic")  [Desk, Dining table]  📖 
  • Cowgirl (MF)  [Lounge Chair]
  • Missionary - holding legs (MF)  [Desk, Dining Table Short/Long]  
  • Bent over the table (MF)  [Desk, Dining table]  📖
  • Making out (Vaginal stage) (MF)  [Desk] 
  • Reverse Sitting (MF/MM)  [Desk] 
  • Seated Forward Bend (MF)  [Desk, Dining Table Short/Long]


  • Try this spell (WITCH_MF/MM- requires "Realm of Magic") [Desk, Dining table]  📖


  • Cowgirl CLIMAX (MF) [Lounge Chair]
  • CLIMAX Missionary (CumMesh) (MF) [Desk, Dining Table Short/Long]  💦 Previous animation: "Missionary - holding legs"


    * M - male; F - female; B+(M or F) - both genders + prefered gender




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6 hours ago, Acta said:

I can't figure out how to download this 😅

@ActaFind the wide button View File in the first message here or follow the link, there'll be a green button "Download file" 🙂

1 hour ago, weeirishgurl68 said:

hi. Maybe I am doing something wrong but every time I try and open this file, I get an error message. :( It says the format is either in unknown format or damaged... Help!




Hi, are you trying to open this file not in the game? You just need to put the package file in your Mods folder, you don't need to open it.

I reuploaded file, just in case.

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@Vanecessary, @korbe, @alexbrightest, @BlueGemini, @Praxidike, @Wubbvles

Wow guys, thank you very much for your words! ❤️ 

I'm happy that you found something for yourself here.



On 11/2/2020 at 8:19 AM, Freeby43 said:

For your vampire bite arm gif, what pants and underwear are the guy using?

You can find it here "Open Jeans"

On 11/7/2020 at 9:11 PM, kunkirito615 said:

I can't do the animations. Any suggestion or requirement?

What do you mean by "do"?

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On 11/22/2020 at 10:32 PM, nonsumqualiseram said:

You have quickly become one of my favorite animators with your attention to detail (and anything with vampires or magic or other occult instantly has my attention). Bonus points for having a Peter Steele avatar. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Oh, I'm very pleased 😊 Btw, now in winter I'd like to come up with some animations with magic.


Yeah just a great photo of Peter. It's a pity that the video of their concert in this super sexy lingerie is nowhere to be found

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