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                                                  FULL CHANGELOG                     UPDATED 25 April 2020





V 2.12.50 - 25 April 2020: 

  • Fixed: some extra checks to prevent recently submitted and pacified npcs to approach the player using the npc initiative system;
  • Fixed: some code in the cloning of npc after enslaving that prevented the increase of the submission level. Note that this fix also has the side effect to reset the MCG personality of that actor on enslaving. Thanks to BruceWayne;
  • Fixed: added some code to change the behavior of commands issued to slaves and lovers, before when commanding them to sit somewhere they would be considered "temporary companions" by the game and because of that they would teleport with you on fast travel. Now this should've been addressed. Thanks to Blabo; 
  • Fixed: added a keyword check to see if the player is still in AAF Scene to be used by the Infamy system to limit some calculations. This is not the solution suggested by Satanfist, but still could be useful to prevent gatherings and reportings on LOS gaining even if the sex scene is ended that he has seen in his game;
  • Fixed: some topic scripts that were not updated in the last release are now being added;
  • Fixed: other minor tweaks not worth mentioning;
  • Changed: rearranged the buttons order of the MCG Options menu accordingly to an order of use, more used buttons are now on top, less used buttons are now lower in the list;
  • Changed: rearranged the buttons order of the Slaves and Guards registries so that you can easily use the button to select a registered actor by index instead of scrolling to the bottom;
  • Changed: rearranged the buttons order of the Teleport submenu accordingly to an order of use, more used buttons are now on top, less used buttons are now lower in the list;
  • Changed: now when using the clear body activation option the "shovel" additional menu will be shown without the need of having the mcg shovel equipped, it will be enough to have one in the inventory;
  • Changed: now the Initial welcoming popup message when you first run this mod will let you to activate the mod immediately or later, this should solve the issue that some people have of not being able to see the "Start the Mod" button in the MCM of this mod. Now they can start this mod immediately and then customize it in MCM;
  • Changed: changed the banning from civilized places when Infamy is higher than 75 to a popup messages based method instead of a dialogue method. While this is less immersive, it is less prone to bugs and possible unwanted outcomes, you can disable the Infamy mechanics if you don't like this or never let your infamy to reach a level higher than 75;
  • Deprecated: integration with mod AAF Purgatory is now dropped for stability and future expansion reasons, so the relative options in MCM are no longer available and the normal MCG Respawn will take place instead;

V 2.12.32 - 02 March 2020: 

  • Fixed: some keywords checks expecting a returned false instead of true in the Player raped function;
  • Fixed: scenario handling post harassment not capable of producing respawn outcomes when CSA was installed;

V 2.12.29 - 25 February 2020: 

  • Fixed: an error about the function to pay 100 caps to dance in a date. It logged an error for Magnolia because she isn't a radio. Thanks to Satanfist.
  • Fixed: a test quest that was left running in the last versions that was used for development and it was never supposed to be released. Among other things that quest was stopping combat on player being hit for some seconds. Now it will be shut off for who update and it will start already shut off for new installations.

V 2.12.27a - 22 February 2020: 

  • Added: an alternate version of MCG that doesn't include any AAF scripts in its ba2 archive, use it if you had problems with animations not starting. Note that the 2.12.27a version has AAF as hard requirement. In the near future it will be uploaded a new version with a new method for soft dependencies.

V 2.12.27 - 13 February 2020: 

  • Fixed: made the vanilla chaises buildable under the furniture/chair category of workshops, useful for using it with BP70 animations.
  • Fixed: the smoking animations for current companions will not be interrupted on entering command mode, this will allow you to have a conversation while both smoking. You can make them stop by drawing your weapon;
  • Fixed: some conditions missing for the infamy mechanic effect;
  • fixed: a condition that allowed some relax scenario outcomes also for actor that had not the "actortypenpc" keyword;
  • Fixed: (this almost drove me crazy, the devil is in the detail...) some bugged while structs in the player defeat and player raped fuctions that left those in a loop (and consequently the entire related mechanism stuck) because an index was not incrementing... this happened when being raped without any companions or with non human companions. With this fix the respawn system should now be in good conditions again;

V 2.12.22 - 11 February 2020: 

  • Fixed: possible involvement of turrets in random sex system, thanks to @satanfist ;
  • Fixed: now nearest enemies (1024 ck units radius) on defeat will come near you to watch the defeat scenario;
  • Changed: Infamy report chance is now 25% (was 33%);
  • Added: alternative MCG social anims that doesn't have the kissing and hugging poses (The one that freeze at some point) because not everyone likes them;
  • Added: a slider chance percent that upon seeing you having sex, humans and synths will come near you as onlookers (This is integrated in the Infamy system)
  • Added: a slider chance percent that upon reaching you an human or synth onlooker may start masturbating upon your sexual act. (This is integrated in the Infamy system).

V 2.12.04 - 05 February 2020: 

  • Fixed: saving data of actors currently involved in sex with player now more reliable for some particular infamy processes;
  • Fixed: third party mods masturbations recognised for MCG Infamy purposes;
  • Fixed: improvements to the MCG smoking function to be on par with the Light2.0_MCG_verion smoking function, regarding code safety measures.
  • Fixed: a slider to customize infamy gained for public orgies that was forgotten in the last update;


  • Fixed: an unwanted behavior in the npc initiative system that allowed some npcs to be selected as sneaky stalkers when infamy was above 50 even if they should not be allowed by the gender limitations setting;
  • Fixed: huge overlook that basically connected the Gender limiter in MCM to the Creature support global for the Player Respawn System, review those settings in MCM after update;
  • Fixed: the player being raped after a defeat feature could become stuck due to the fact that AAF is not capable to handle a call involving an actor currently waiting to be redressed, solution to this is a new slider in MCM where you have to define the amount of seconds you setted in AAF_Settings.ini about the requip delay +1 second, make sure you set this slider accordingly after the update if you use the Respawn System;
  • Changed: Expanded the Infamy mechanic to allow more customization for the user, now in MCM (basic systems page) it is possible to set the amount of infamy gained for the following situations:
    •     - Infamy gained for sex with animals;
    •     - Infamy gained for public sex with sentient mutants;
    •     - Infamy gained for public sex with humans;
    •     - Infamy gained for public sex with robots / synths;
    •     - Infamy gained for public masturbations;
    •     - Infamy gained for divorces;
    •     - Infamy gained for murders;
    •     - Infamy gained for submitting non hostile npcs;
    •     - Infamy gained for taking sexual advantage of npcs when using the jet/medX sharing;
  • Added: RSE II bad karma will increase when submitting non hostile npcs, when raping  submitted and enslaved npcs, when executing submitted npc or slaves, when torturing slaves with the bad end animations. This is achieved by raising the vanilla crime stat "Assaults" which both the RSE and CSA fine mods track.
  • Added: toggle in MCM to quickly disable the MCG Wear System effects, this switcher will override any other wear system setting. (This is intended solely to provide additional support for others redundant mod should the users wish to use them also..."de gustibus non disputandum est")
  • Added: New interaction option with npcs executed using the bad end animations mod. When they are animating because you are executing or tortuing them you can start a new dialogue using the "Interact" activation. The dialogue options are:
    •     -Masturbate on them while they suffer, this will count as an aggressive sexual act;
    •     -End their suffering immediately;
    •     -Taunt;
    •     -Exit the dialogue.
  • Added: new MCG Craftable, as usual located in the chemlab MCG section, where you can convert a misc Shovel to an MCG Shovel weapon, main feature of this weapon is that being used on corpses killed by the player allow you tu "bury", this is intended for immersion purposes.
  • Added: when using the activation option "Clean body" while having an MCG Shovel equipped a menu will appear letting you choose if you want to simply clear the body (like before) or if you want to bury it, this is intended for bodies not killed by the player (i.e. those already in the world) that cannot be buried by just hitting them with the MCG Shovel;
  • Added: new interaction option on graves added by MCG, using it you will have the opportunity to flatten (remove) the grave or to add a marker like a wooden cross or a stick with an helmet that you can then activate to pray on or remove;
  • Added: activable tombstones that you can build in your settlements under the "Decoration/Misc" tab, settlers and the player can activate the tombstones to pray in fron of them, this is intended only for immersion purposes;
  • Note: Credits for inspiring me the features regarding graves should go to MrCruelJohn and "Pra" with his mod "Grave Digger" available on Nexus, HERE.
  • Added: new Dialogue scene for the player voluntary surrender feature, now when you use the "Try to surrender to enemies" button of the MCG Option Hotkey menu and you select a sentient enemy a dialogue will start where you can:
    •     -Offer your body to pacify the enemies for the duration you set in MCM, (this is the same as before and the only option that is automatically selected for non sentient races without dialogue;
    •     -Pay a sum of caps that you can set in MCM, formula is base amount settable in MCM * Player Level;
    •     -Talk your wait out using an hard speech challenge and either Luck or Intelligence higher than 6;
    •     -Attack (aborting the surrendering)
  • NOTE: this is not the last update in general, bug fixing support will continue.

V 2.11.26 - 06 DECEMBER 2019: 

  • Fixed: the "Try to surrender to enemies" button in MCG Options menu is now working properly in all situations with the "Gender Limitations" setting of MCM Tool Page. In addition it now presents a lists of closest enemies sorted for type for easiest choosing, instead of only the single nearest enemy;
  • Added: Now you can extend the grace period (pacification time) after a surrender or a defeat rape using the appropriate MCG dialogue. (Before you could only extend the grace period using the MCG Options Hotkey on a pacified enemy actor in your crosshair).

V 2.11.24 - 30 NOVEMBER 2019: -very minor changes - not important update.

  • Changed: now if you activate to talk with someone that is smoking a cigarette using any MCG system, they won't finish smoking anymore unless you have your weapon drawn, this to increase immersion letting you have a vanilla conversation with them while smoking. (before if they were smoking a cigarette due to MCG if you tried to talk to them they would always shut the cigarette off.
  • Changed: when divorcing, if you have the infamy system enabled, your infamy will increase by 5 points.

V 2.11.22 - 27 NOVEMBER 2019: 

  • Fixed: the button to abort the planned sex in the MCG Options Menu is now more radical in the action of aborting ( now it also remove some added MCG Keywords);
  • Fixed: The alternative approach function now takes into account also if the player is currently sprinting, delaying the approach if so. This to avoid the dialogue being prematurely ended bacause of the player running away;
  • Fixed: the approaching npc now *should* try to reach the player with a Fast Walk instead of a Jog, while this could take more time than a run it will also reduce the chances of the dialogue being prematurely ended bacause of the npc run away! This doesn't apply to the old approach function if you still use it and you still want a joggin approach. (This may not apply to already running games)
  • Fixed: the scripts at the end of the dice game in the approach scenario "asking for caps" and "asking for paid sex" that were not correctly clearing the approaching alias at the end of the game resulting in the npc stuck in following the player.
  • Fixed: when using the button "nevermind" when selecting an immersion animation with companions now it simply exit from the system instead of having to press also the "nevermind" button in the choose companion pop up.
  • Fixed: if the toggle to kill all MCG Followers before sending the player to CSA Abduction is enabled, the vanilla companion, if any, will be dismissed to increase integration with the CSA Abductions.
  • Added: an MCG dialogue topic to abort the planned cuddle animation if you have to locate a bed and are in an area with no valid beds or you just want to abort it. Before you could only do it with the "Abort Planned Sex" button in the MCG Options Menu.

V 2.11.15 - 26 NOVEMBER 2019: 

  • Fixed: a dialogue that was not correctly displaying using the sex limiter option;
  • Fixed: missing script on relax scenario walkaway topic;
  • Fixed: a possible bug when eating during a date if the dating actor decided to leave because bored;
  • Fixed: the npc will not propose to smoke a cigarette, you can't use the button to smoke a cigerette with companions, you can't share a cigarette in dialogue etc if the player has a drawn weapon (it conflict with the animation aborting it). Sheate any weapon before smoking a cigarette!
  • Changed: giving trust to users I made all systems activable with all mods, so now you can for example activate the respawn system even with mods like KnockOut Framework installed. Note that I strongly not recommend to do so and a warning message popup will show to remind you this if you try to start that system, at that point if you proceed you will be able to experiment but I do not guarantee any compatibility between those mods and it will be all upon you to make those systems cohexist with those mods, if it is even possible! I did this because I want to give users a choice and I don't want to be that guy that force limits on all of you, but if you don't feel an expert, trust me, remain on the known road and continue to follow the suggestions you find in the incompatibility list post of the support topic of this mod!
  • Added: a toggle to force aggressive animations in player defeated and raped. Note that with standard AAF animations some races like animals and or gender combos like only males animations don't have any aggressive tagged animations. So if you will use this toggle make sure you have the animations tagged as aggressive for the actors that will be involved otherwise don't use it! Some authors made patches for AAF animations for this purpose.
  • Added: an MCM toggle to use a different function for npc approaches that doesn't block player controls and make the approaching npc to wait up to 60 seconds for the player to become available if they are already in a scene or using a workbench, this should give more compatibility with mods like Player Head Tracking. This new method also doesn't abort the approach when the player is in workshop mode. This new method is active by default but you can revert to the old you use so far, if you find it better for you, by simply disabling this toggle.

V 2.11.07 - 22 NOVEMBER 2019: 

  • Fixed: some typos in the MCM;
  • Rearranged: now the MCG Social Anims are included in the main file;
  • Rearranged: now the patches for Locksmith Mod, all Unique Player mods and Servitron Mod are unified inside an automatic installer called "MCG Compatibility Patches v2.11.07" to facilitate user installation of this mod;

V 2.11.06 - 21 NOVEMBER 2019: 

  • Fixed: a misspelled conditional function that did not allow to use the button to blacklist an actor from the approach system if the random sex system was not enabled;
  • Fixed: the blacklist from approach system button was not working properly;
  • Added a patch for Servitron mod, to be downloaded separately;
  • Added a patch for Unique Player mod, to be downloaded separately;

V 2.11.04 - 20 NOVEMBER 2019: 

  • Fixed: unwanted behavior using the cheats in the tool activation submenu on Vanilla companions, now for example if using the cheat to maximize relation on a vanilla companion it will try to maximize vanilla affinity if possible, instead of MCG relationship level;
  • Fixed: dating actor stuck in following the player even if date has ended, while using the experimental gender limiter system. Now the alias is correctly cleared.

V 2.11.02 - 19 NOVEMBER 2019: 

  • Fixed: an issue in the forcegreet AI package for the Npc Initiative System that sometimes made the interlocutor run away on starting the dialogue, also increased greet line duration to 5 seconds up from 2. Thanks to Martin56;
  • Fixed: an issue that sometime allowed vanilla companions to approach the player for a date. (They should not because they don't use the MCG relation level, they use the vanilla affinity level.)

V 2.11.0 - 17 NOVEMBER 2019: 

  • Fixed: some bugs in the ban dialogue when you have an infamy higher than 75;
  • Fixed: a bug that prevented the enslavement of "big creatures" when the relative MCM option was enabled;
  • Fixed: Increased the minimum following radius of the following slaves ai package to better accomodate big creatures;
  • Fixed: some issues in the force greet package of the npc initiative system;
  • Fixed: the wear widget settings are now correctly saved;
  • Fixed: fixed some issues in the "steal by value" function, now ammo is stolen before making the script evaluations of inventory caps value to save processing power since usually ammo are the most numerous items in inventory;
  • Fixed: a bug that prevented the correct recognizing of the player combat status regarding submitting npc handling;
  • Fixed: added McCready to the list of companions that don't like chems for relaxing since he dislikes when you use chems in vanilla game;
  • Fixed: Made the respawn system defeat scenes more immersive, with brief dialogue comments instead of message popus if defeated by NPCs and not animals to increase "immersion"; 
  • Changed: Current active followers cannot report you to your spouse/husband for infidelty no more. If they ARE your husband/spouse though, you will still divorce;
  • Changed: buttons to blacklist single npcs from the random npc sex system and Npc initiative system are now grouped, together with other new cheat buttons, in a new submenu called "Tool Options"
  • Added: support to AAF Purgatory mod, now if you have that mod installed and you enable in MCM the relative option you will be sent to purgatory instead of MCG Respawn. Note that MCG can interface directly with Purgatory mod so you don't need AAF Violate installed alongside it even if the Purgatory mod description tells you that you need it for its installation;
  • Added: a new cheat in the Interaction page of MCM to let you submit non hostile npcs without triggering a crime alarm;
  • Added: anew cheat option in the interaction page of MCM, if enabled it will unlock some new buttons in the "Tool options" of the Main MCG Hotkey pop up where you can change many settings of the npcs like their personality or their relation/submission level or set them essential etc;
  • Added: A new experimental system that you can enable in the debug page of MCM to limit sexual dialogues and outcomes according to your sexual preferences, i.e. if you set it to etero only, all the scenario where the npcs approach the player or generally when the player has no control of the scene will lead to sex only if they respect the player sexual preference. Note that this doesn't necessarily include the scenario where the player is approaching instead of being approached. 
  • Discarded: Due to the community recent lack of support and hostility I decided to withdraw entirely my personal XML Project. I will work on them for my personal use only and I will not share it with the Loverslab community anymore;

V 2.10.15 - 19 OCTOBER 2019:  

  • Fixed: The player executed animations now use the "Raped duration settings" in MCM instead of the general animation duration for player;
  • Fixed: Now also the function to increase slave submission level, like the one to increase the relationship level before, uses the decimal conversion from sexagesimal and back before doing calculations for more reliability in case of negative values;
  • Fixed: More reliable application of drugs on player submissive sex if the relative option in MCM is enabled;
  • Fixed: Various fixes in the MCG enslavement handling of non human creatures;
  • Fixed: Added some while constructs to the Wear handling function in an attempt to limit the No wear after sex bug that sometimes could happen for unsuccessful reading of a globalvariable by the papyrus machine;
  • Fixed: given more time to the "Chair Enter Handler" that set an inputEnableLayer when used to dispose of itself after exiting the eating animation before deleting the furniture, hopefully this should prevent being stuck with that layer. In case use the consolle command "ResetInputEnableLayer 0" ;
  • Changed: Now refusing a relax scenario when approached by your married non unique actor has a 1% chance to lead to divorce;
  • Changed: now you can't offer submitted or enslaved npcs to current companions if they are in cooldown. ( They will not be found as valid when searching, this to avoid exploitation of sexual gifts to increase relation)
  • Changed: moved the button to allow or not a companion to partecipate as clients in player prostitution orgies to the Companion submenu;
  • Added: Now offering an enslaved or submitted npc to a current vanilla companion or current MCG companion will increase affinity (if vanilla companion), relationship if MCG unique follower or chance to become lover if non unique MCG Follower;
  • Added: MCM option in the Abduction mod integration settings to allow or not the killing of all MCG Followers before abduction. This may increase difficulty and compatibility with that mod;
  • Added: Now if you hold and release for about a second the Options for MCG Hotkey while you have an actor in your crosshair near you instead of opening the MCG Options menu it will push that actor away if non hostile, sueful for when your companions block your way. If there are no actors in crosshair range then the normal MCG options menu will popup;
  • Added: Now Gen1 and Gen2 Synths are treated by the MCG mod systems more like as humans than creatures, this way you can fully sexual interact with them;
  • Added: Now Gen1 and Gen2 Synths can be executed and tortured like Humans and Ghouls (non feral) using Bad End mod animations;
  • Added: New MCM option to set a dedicated duration for Kissing, hugging and cuddle animations;

V 2.10.00 - 14 OCTOBER 2019 - Major:  

  • Fixed: If your dating actor is a male and you go dance he will not perform the Magnolia dance idle, instead it will perform the "Fight winner idle", this doesn't apply to dancing command given to companions. For technical reasons only the magnolia dance will be available for them, being male or female.
  • Fixed: clear the last aggressor alias if the player is hit while riding a vertibird, this will allow only the respawn scenario if you are killed while you are on a vertibird, and avoid bugged situations;
  • Fixed: the dialogue for starting the orgy with orgy member 3 and orgy member 4;
  • Fixed: now the infidelty and Infamy system works also for MCG Followers and MCG Guards;
  • Fixed: Submitting a non hostile npc now is better recognized by npcs around that will consider that an hostile act;
  • Fixed: an error that would break the initiative system if paying caps for sex in the Npc asking for caps scenario. Thank you Bab Peeg for your tests and for pin pointing this, without your suggestion I would probably never found this pesky bug!
  • Fixed: now if the dating actor relationship level goes negative while you are in a date, the date will end badly, this to avoid being stuck with that actor until the end of the date without having the opportunity to end the date with the relative dialogue;
  • Fixed: a mathematical bug made unreliable the modifying of relationship level towards negative int values, now it is fixed;
  • Fixed: a bug that prevented vanilla companions to be pissed off (loose affinity) if you were doing sex with another actor in front of them. (Only if you had the handle vanilla companions affinity option enabled in MCM);
  • Fixed: pause the initiative system while the player is working on a workbench since workbenches like armor, weapon etc don't stop game time while at the same time locking player input;
  • Fixed: many more small bug fixes I don't even remember;
  • Changed: if you use the vanilla companion affinity handling option and Infamy system enabled, now cheat on romanced companion result in stiffer penalties up to negative affinity;
  • Changed: if you use the vanilla companion affinity handling option and Infamy system enabled having public sex in front of vanilla companions not involved in the scene results in lower penalties but now the decrese in affinity is no more capped at 0 and can actually become negative up to the companion leaving your party;
  • Changed: now submitting a non hostile npc if you have the infamy system enabled, will raise the infamy by one point;
  • Changed: now the Dating Npc can approach you using the initiative system even during a date, but only the "relax Scenario" will be available for it, and only accept or refuse;
  • Added: Reorganised "player immersive animations" in a single submenu using a button in the MCG Options Hotkey, and also added one more button to "dance", it is just for immersion purposes...with a bit of fantasy can be intended as a form of Taunt xD;
  • Added: a button for current active MCG companions and vanilla single companion following the player to have dancing, eating drinking and smoking animations, they have the sole purpose of immersion;
  • Added: Herbal antimicrobial effect prevents the player to take a disease after a sexual act. Doesn't apply to disease from wear level.
  • Added: Support for the new Bad End animations "Still" variants. Now you can execute submitted and slaves pretending they are already dead and hanging still with closed eyes;
  • Added: A barter dialogue with non unique npcs (in the romance non unique dialogue branch in place of the share booze dialogue, which now is unified with unique npcs). They generally sell a very limited amount of random goods and have very little caps for the trade;
  • Added: 10 radiation damage for sex with non human or synth creatures if you have the diseases from sexual act enabled and don't wear a condom. Dogmeat is excluded from this, he is a good dog;
  • Added: a new "Relax and share" topic branch available for most of unique and non unique npcs, there you can choose to share many things with npcs. These new dialogues can happen only if your Infamy is less than 20 and you and the NPC don't wear power armor. They are all animated with vanilla simple animations:
    • You can share booze (this option was already available), it can increase relationship with unique npcs non married and affinity with vanilla non romanced companions. It can lead to sex based on player charisma;
    • You can share food, the valid food you can share is from a list of cooked and generally good value foods in vanilla game (i.e. you can't share filthy radroach meat or simple vegetables). This increase relationship with unique npcs and affinity with vanilla companions. It can decrease your infamy by 1 if it is less than 20 and you have the herbal antimicrobial effect by using this;
    • You can share cigarettes, this increase relationship with unique npcs and affinity with vanilla companions. You will receive a 5 minute bonus to Luck and Charisma. The cigarettes that can be shared are the vanilla ones but there is a formlist you can edit with a custom patch in case you want to add custom cigarettes from other mods;
    • You can share Jet. Doing so you will have a chance of consensual sex based on your Special Stats sum (relatively higher than the share booze option). If a consensual sex will not happen you can decide if you want take advantage of the npc and do aggressive sex but doing so will decrease relationship or affinity and will increase Infamy. Not taking advantage or having consensual sex will instead increase relationship or affinity.
    • You can share MedX. Is very similar to sharing Jets but it has more chance of consensual sex and lesser penalties in case you take advantage;
  • Added: a completely new Initiative System Scenario, called "Relax Scenario". This can be chosen if the player have less than 20 infamy and you and the NPC don't wear power armor and consists in the npcs approaching the player to relax together sharing something:
    • You can Refuse, doing this will give you a malus of -1 to luck and charisma for 12 minutes and may damage relationship or affinity. It can also lead to harassament based on your settings;
    • You can propose to turn this approach into a date, or if you were approached by married npc or romanced companion you can turn this into consensual sex;
    • You can propose sex based on your current Mood:
      • Normal Mood: have an hard speech challange to turn this into consensual sex, if failed it has the same consequences of refusing;
      • Aggressive Mood: you can pay caps to have aggressive sex;
      • Submissive Mood: you can have sex but it will count as double submissive;
      • If the approaching npc is instead a married actor or a romanced companion you can turn this into a submissive sex in change of your lover cooking food for you;
    • You can accept to relax with the approaching npc this gives a bonus of +1 to luck and charisma for 6 minutes, then based on what you enabled in your settings in MCM:
      • The npc can share food with you and you eat together (with animation) requires you and the approaching npc to not wear clothes that covers the mouth (Vanilla AnimHelmetCoverMouth);
      • The npc can share a beer with you (with animation) this can lead to consensual sex...because you know...alcohol. Requires you and the approaching npc to not wear clothes that covers the mouth (Vanilla AnimHelmetCoverMouth);
      • The npc can share a cigarette with you (with animation). Requires you and the approaching npc to not wear clothes that covers the mouth (Vanilla AnimHelmetCoverMouth);
      • The npc can share jet or Medx with you (with animation) this can lead to submissive sex because the npc could take advantage of you;
      • The npc can ask you to find a bed to lay down and cuddle, this can happen only in settlements;
      • The npc can ask you to have a strip or slap dice game, if you loose you will be forced to stay naked for 30 seconds, else you will punch your opponent in the face xD;
      • The npc can ask you for a Hug;
      • The npc can ask you to barter your equipment, this is valid only for non unique npcs;
      • The npc can have a conversation with you, this is never used usually and it's only a fail safe
  • LightUp2.0 Patch: Reworked the cigarette and cigar effects. Now Cigar gives +1 Luck instead of +1 Intelligence. In addition now you can enable in MCG in the debug page of its MCM the animations when using LightUp2.0 cigarettes and cigars. If the conditions allow it, player will execute the vanilla smoking animation and it will be possible to tap the Right Shift button to smoke, hold Right Shift to pass to the cigarette in mouth and Hold Right Shift again if in mouth to drop it to the ground. In addition with this patch, LightUp2.0 Cigarettes, Cigars and stogies are valid to be used by MCG Relax scenario and to share them with NPCs;

V 2.9.65 - 09 OCTOBER 2019:  

  • Fixed: the button "give clothes if possible" used on enslaved Super Mutants now gives a proper set of clothes;
  • Fixed: using the [Try to Hug] topic ended in a kiss instead of an hug, now this is fixed;
  • Fixed: not equipping back the vanilla Pipboy when stealing by value (Player Robbed settings), this should add compatibility with mod PIP-Pad, who has that mod should only use "Steal By Value") now;
  • Fixed: Limited many social interactions and dialogue with Actors wearing power armor, this is to give more stability to the game. Sometimes the fact that an actor is wearing a power armor limits the amount of vanilla animations that can be made with them and also they are a risk in case AAF fails the sexual animation they could be stuck outside of the power armor for the rest of the game. While I didn't limited the sexual interactions with them if the player actively interact with them, many other MCG interactions will result with a refusal if proposed to actors in power armor. This doesn't include Danse of course! 
  • Fixed: Blocked drinking, eating and dancing animations if you are in power armor;
  • Fixed: Blocked drinking and eating animations if you wear vanilla helmets and gas masks that covers the mouth, or anything that has the keyword "AnimWornCoversMouth";
  • Fixed: further checks before validate MCG hotkeys input, this to avoid unwanted results in some special situations, like when the player is in vertibird;
  • Fixed: the notification when your married npc dies now correctly displays the name of the fallen lover;
  • Fixed: other very small fixes not worth mentioning;
  • Changed: The Clear dead body system is OFF by default now, you can still use it by enabling it in MCM, note that this change doesn't apply to already started games with MCG.
  • Added: Two buttons in MCG Options Hotkey Menu to drink or eat with animation, this is just for immersion and aesthetics purpose if you wish to use them, they are the vanilla very basic animations for drinking a beer and eating a noodle cup;

V 2.9.54 - 08 OCTOBER 2019:  

  • Fixed: submitted npc could approach the player under certain circumstances, now they can't in any way;
  • Fixed: better MCG guards AI package;
  • Fixed: corrected some message popup typos;
  • Fixed: unlocked Creature and Human anims files now contain legacy missing AAF Themes xmls. Some users experienced a non working AAF without those and these XMLs patches. They now should work.

V 2.9.50 - 07 OCTOBER 2019:  

  • Fixed: bad consequences for offering your romanced vanilla companion or married npc now properly work in the Harassment and prostitution Initiative scenario;
  • Fixed: now in the initiative prostitution scenario when you offer your companion in your place, the AAF scene will be properly called. (Before the alias that stored the companion was cleared before sending the command to AAF...doh!)
  • Fixed: the animations about eating, dancing or drinking during the dating have been better adjusted;
  • Fixed: execution animation whitelisted also for Ghouls (non ferals);
  • Fixed: after the changes on the infamy system in previous version, the infidelty and Infamy sytem was not working at all because the new conditions were confronted upon an empty quest alias instead of "On subject". Now it is fixed;
  • Added: Now the sharing booze dialogue is available also for unique npcs and vanilla companions, at the condition that they are not already romanced. Sharing alcohol with unique npcs will increase your relationship by 0,10 points and you have a chance of getting laid, same with vanilla non romanced companion but instead of relation points you can increase 50 affinity point (if the Vanilla affinity handling setting in the debug page of MCM is enabled).
  • Added: new formlist so that users can manually add external mods armor "Skins" that are considered the naked body, this is to give compatibility to mods like Unique player with the MCG Initiative system Harassment naked condition . You must add in FO4Edit the FormId of your third party mod skin, that you find in the Armor section, to the formlist "AnghelosNudeBodiesCompatibility" of MCG. Of course this will make your MCG dependent on that third party mod;

V 2.9.20 - 06 OCTOBER 2019:  

  • Fixed: additional block for the NPC-NPC autonomous sex and Initiative System to not initiate new scenes or dialogues when the player has the movement controls disabled, this is for better compatibility with other mods. Keep in mind that scenes or approaches started just before the player movement controls have been disabled will not be stopped.
  • Fixed: NPCs in the Super mutant faction, Raider faction and Gunner faction will no more report the player for infidelty;
  • Fixed: added a new keyword for when the player is raped in MCG to signal the mod to not do any infidelty calculations;
  • Changed: now high sexual experience will not completely remove sexual wear, before reaching 210 sexual acts with a race would completely remove the wear with that race, now wear can be reduced to a max of -85%, or 15% of base wear and coefficients included;
  • Added: New MCM option in the player robbed settings to let MCG steal from the player using the CreationKit Base object type instead of keywords, this is because some modders don't make use of vanilla keywords to define their custom armor, weapons or aid objects, with this option on instead MCG can rob everything that in Creation kit is considered a Weapon, an Armor or a Potion (ingestibles);
  • Added: New MCM option in player robbed settings to ignore all the previous categories and instead rob stuff from the player based on the stuff value. If an item in the player inventory has an higher or equal value than the threshold you can now set in MCM that item will be stolen. Ammo is always stolen regardless of value;

V 2.9.14 - 05 OCTOBER 2019 - Hotfix:  

  • Fixed: the bug in starting orgies that made the actor[1] duplicated, when the playerref was sent as actor[0];

V 2.9.13 - 05 OCTOBER 2019:  

  • Fixed: Prevented the calling of Bad End Animations when masturbating (for females);
  • Fixed: More reliable cum applying effect, remember this experimental feature must be enabled in the debug page of MCM and you must have installed Polistro patches v3.1 and AAF Overlay Patches V2.0.0 for it to use, otherwise keep it disabled;
  • Added: If the MCG Cum Overlay experimental system is enabled a fail safe spell is cast on all AAF animation partecipants that onEffectFinish (80 seconds or on cell unload) will remove from those actors all remaining cum effects if any has been left. The purpose of this is to have a similar function to the mod "Wash Out That Cum", less immersive but automatic.

V 2.9.10 - 04 OCTOBER 2019:  

  • Fixed: better differentiation between vaginal and anal animation tags set;
  • Fixed: the blacklist on calling shades of 50 animation pack has been eliminated, now MCG can handle that pack again, install those anims they are very good! As everything from GrayUser!
  • Fixed: a minor MCG system when making AAF calls was missing in the latest MCG start sex functions (internal code, nothing you need to worry about), it is now added also for them;
  • Fixed: torture animation effect dispel on hit;
  • Fixed: better implementation of the button "Nearest furniture" when planning a player started sex, now it search for a more limited radius of only 128 game units centered on playerref to better scan and select furnitures you cannot otherwise directly activate with the MCG Furniture selector perk (Usually statics). So make sure you are very near the furniture before starting the sex if you cannot directly activate them.
  • Fixed: new checks in the npc approach system to better avoid being interrupted if the player is in another dialogue scene. Does not apply on walking by dialogues;
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented the correct initialization of Lesbian or Gay orgies in the NPC-NPC random sex system.
  • Fixed: blacklisted the random npc-npc sex to create scenes when the player is in the Kelloggs memories.
  • Fixed: some lip files that were missing in the skippable dialogues archive have been added;
  • Changed: removed the ability to ask to romanced vanilla companion for food and caps, that was not intended because it is unbalanced. Now the divorce and asking for food/caps is valid only for married npcs not romanced vanilla companions.
  • Added: an MCM option in the debug page to set the duration of slave torture and npcs executed animations (AAF Bad End Animations mod). Note though that for best result this should be changed only if you change in FO4Edit also the duration of effects in AnghelosExecuteSpell and AnghelosTortureSpell to match in seconds the duration of this setting;
  • Added: new MCM options in the DEBUG PAGE to apply cum overlays from Polistro's patches to the receiver actor. (Actors[0]). Of course Polistro's patches are required for this to work and only animations tagged by AAF Themes will be valid for this system.
  • Added: New MCM toggle in basics system page, advance systems section, if enabled it will try to find the nearest valid furniture (128 game units) centered at player when starting orgies where the player is involved. If no furnitures are found the ground will be chosen. So make sure you are very near the furniture before starting the sex.
  • Updated: The locksmith patch has been updated to support the new additions of the MCG Sex furniture selector perks to not interfere one another when the player is "Finding another place" to do sex.
  • Updated: The CWSS optional patch have been updated to include the latest features of MCG and savage cabbage shower animations;

V 2.9.0 - 01 OCTOBER 2019 - MAJOR:  

  • Fixed: stuck in black screen after fading out as consequence of post harassment scenario rape. (It was because there was a popup message and the user could forget to press "ok", now there is a delay between the popup and the fading;
  • Fixed: paused for 30 seconds the initiative system after some new events like just after a sex involving the player, this to avoid some unwanted situations, and when the rapist is letting you leave in the MCG Respawn System;
  • Fixed: Choosing Foreplay animations will not allow Kissing/Hugging anims to be chosen;
  • Fixed: The "crime!" message popup were showing when using the drug injector some times, that was not intended, it was a message used for debugging purposes;
  • Fixed: a bug that prevented to mark a slave as official lover after they reached the maximum submission level;
  • Fixed: duration of animations of npcs not involving the player, called by this mod is now controlled by the MCM option "animation duration" in the NPC - NPC sex system page even if that system is disabled, this to have a master setting regarding NPCs;
  • Fixed: Better recognition of player naked state, now the to be recognized as naked, player must have the human skin body exposed, this means any clothes or armor that doesn't cover your slot 33 (Body) and must not wear any armor in any body part that has the ObjectTypeArmor Keyword;
  • Fixed: Added some keywords conditions for the Main MCG Hotkey to better exclude children, still mods that remove the ActorTypeChild from children will override this new check. (This was because the simple IsChild conditional function is not enough sometimes);
  • Changed: Added traces for papyrus logs to remind smart asses to ignore the MCG errors about some arrays out of range or some functions called on none or with none parameters, they are intended use; DISABLE PAPYRUS LOGS WHEN USING MCG;
  • Changed: enabled rufgt animations to be used for the random npc-npc couple sex;
  • Changed: the submitted effect on NPCs have no more the purple aura like the Fear effect from Skyrim, this to add immersion;
  • Changed: the "Set romanced" and "Ask affinity level" buttons have been moved to the companion submenum they will show if you have the relative option enabled in the MCM Debug page (experimentals) and if you are interacting with a vanilla companion;
  • Added: You can now craft double beds (wooden post war) and Player House Pre war in your workshops...useful for certain animations...
  • Added: now if you choose a kissing/hugging/cuddle animation when you have the opportunity to choose more...ehm...complete animations in the popup, after the kiss/hug/cuddle animation you will be prompted if you want to have another animation...so now you can have a sort of preliminary. This is an experiment. "Wait a minute! Sexlab-like foreplay stages before sex incoming?" No.
  • Added: Now when slaves sit on pillories, and they have a submission level of less than 2,59, they will increase their submission to 2,59 after a day in the pillory. Note that only slaves that can sit on them have can have this effect so only human-like slaves. The submission cannot be further increased using a pillory, you need to complete the submission...manually...if you know what i mean. But this is at least a semi-automatic way to increase your slave submission to an usable point if you embrace the big slaver roleplay;
  • Added: if you have the mod Bad End Animations installed now you have a new button in the slave activation submenu to torture your human slaves with the electric chair and the reclamation chair, which need the "Shadow of Steel" quest and the "institutionalized" quest completed, respectively to being available. They work like the pillory but they increase the submission level much more, up to 3,59 for electric chair and up to 4,60 for reclamation chair;
  • Added: Support for up to Fivesomes in player planned orgies, Prostitution Client Requested Orgies, Player Defeated Orgies;
  • Added: Option in MCM to switch between 2 rapist animation distribution during player defeated. Now provided there are enough enemies when the player is defeated, you can choose if you want the enemies to focus more on making orgy with you and one companion or to distribute the rapists to make them rape as many as of your currently followers as possible;
  • Added: New option in MCM to choose how many turns the player can be raped after defeat. Before it was forced only one turn. Note that many turns can increase
    wear level a lot, if you are using the Wear system;
  • Added: Now you can choose between simple kill or proper execution when pressing the "EXECUTE" button on submitted or slave activation submenu . Note that Proper executions require the mod "Bad End Animations" from GrayUser and they are enabled only for human npcs; At the beginning the player can execute only using hanging trees or impalation poles, but after some quests of the brotherhood and the institute you unlock the mechanical chair and the reclamation chair respectively;
  • Added: Now in MCM you can enable the player to be executed when defeated using "Bad End Animations" mod before having the message popup about respawning. The animations chosen are dependent on faction, Institute will execute you with the reclamation chair, BOS with the electric chair and the other intelligent creatures (NPCs, supermutant, Robot keywords) will execute you choosing randomly among hanging trees, hanging pole and impaling pole!
  • Added: Now the MCG Respawn System (aka Player defeat/death alternative system) is integrated with the Abductions features of "RSEII: CSA - Combat Surrender and abductions" by the great Flashy-Joer. In MCM now you can configure the chance percent that you end in an abduction scenario when being defeated by Gunners (sold to gunners), Raiders (sold to Raiders), Super Mutants (sold to super mutants), other intelligent races and factions, like robots or diamond city security etc etc, ( equal chance of being sold to gunners or raiders). The abduction scenarios can be toggled to be calculated when the player is raped after a defeat and when the player is raped after an harassment. By default they are OFF but if you have CSA Installed you might definitely want to enable them. A consideration on compatibility: CSA doesn't have only abductions but also player auto surrender and raped and player aggressor (submission of npcs) features. You need to disable both CSA player surrender and player aggressor features and leave only Abduction enabled. If you instead want to use CSA to its full extent then you need to disable the MCG Respawn System. Note: while the abduction quest is running (while you are abducted and/or you didn't have retrieved your stuff back killing the boss) the MCG Initiative system will be automatically disabled, after you complete the abduction quest the Initiative system will resume. If you leave the dungeon in which you are abducted without retrieving your stuff and thus not completing the abduction quest the Initiative System will still remain paused but in CSA MCM you can Interrupt the player abduction quest with a button, for those case that you just want to run away from captivity, doing so will make the initiative system resume.
  • Added: Now there is the button "Offer to Companion" in the activation submenu of Human slaves and submitted npcs, if you press it a menu with the list of your current HUMAN companions will show letting you choose to which companion you want offer the subject for sex. 
  • Added: New button in the companion submenu options to mark your current followers as available to be picked as client for orgies during player prostitutiona. In addition to this, note that normally when you prostitute to an actor there is a 25% chance that the actor asks you for an orgy, but if you have a follower marked valid for orgy closer than your client, the chance will be 100% that the client will ask for an orgy.
  • Added new dialogue branch in the Initiative Prostitution Scenario. Now when an actor approach you asking to fuck you for money and you refuse, if you have a vanilla companion or an Human companion with you they will ask if you let them fuck your companion, you can then refuse, accept 50 caps or attempt 2 different speech challenges, orange for 100 caps or red for 200 caps, to haggle the compensations for your companion services. Note that prostituting your official lover or romanced vanilla companion can have bad relationship consequences;
  • Added: now in MCG Dialogues when you start a conversation with unique npcs and you select the right conversation according to their personality, this will lead to more options, let's call them "Further conversation options";
  • Added: The MCG Dialogues with non unique npcs are now more similar to unique npcs dialogues. Now they have also a Romance topic branch in which you can ask them for a date (option that was already) and new topics:
    • You can now share your booze (2 randoom alcohol items will be removed from your inventory), you two will consume some booze, and you will receive a +1 luck effect for 10 minutes. In addition you'll have a small percent chance, equal to your charisma level to impress the actor and get laid. 
    • You can now have a general conversation with non unique npcs, if they are in the right mood this will lead to more options, let's call them "Further conversation options".
  • Added: "Further conversation options", when an MCG conversation is successfull you are presented with new options to conclude your conversation:
    • You can ask to continue the conversation resting and cuddling on a bed (Cuddles) [Increase relation points with Romantic personality]
    • You can try to hug the actor [Increase relation points with Friendly personality]
    • You can propose a strip or slap dice game xD [Increase relation points with Spicy personality], basically if they accept a sort of Hi-Lo Dice game will start, if you win they will undress for 30 seconds (they will redress after) and If you loose they will punch your face (without starting combat) and you will receive the refused effect.
    • For non unique npcs using these new conversation topics will not increse the relationship level but will give you a percent chance equal to the player charisma level to impress them to the point that they will ask you to become your official lover. When you will propose these new conversation options they will not accept always, there is a 50% chance that they will not accept. 

V 2.7.58 - 21 September 2019:  

  • Fixed: A bug in the handling of the FPE Condom that sometimes would not correctly recognize it equipped on player and so MCG would calculate STDs chances even with a condom equipped. Note: when the sex animation is called by external mods (not MCG) it is imperative that the animation starts properly (without AAF errors, otherwise the Condom recognizing could not work, for sex called by MCG instead it will always work even if the AAF animations doesn't start.

V 2.7.57 - 20 September 2019:  

  • Fixed: A bug that sometimes was preventing the quest "AnghelosOrgyFinder" to shut down during some particular respawn events, when that was happening the system that allowed for  Threesomes in the MCG mod was stuck, now it is fixed and won't happen again. If you want to check if your orgy finder is stuck you can run the command "sqv AnghelosOrgyFinder", if it returns "Running" while you are not in sex or planning a sex scene then your system is currently stuck, to unstuck you can just have any MCG sex that is not a threesome and it will fix by itself.
  • Fixed: A bug in the dating script that miscalculated the number of Synths, robots and turrets killed during the dating, basically it was returning the entire number of those instances killed during the entire game each time, and that of course was a massive cheat for the "spicy" personality dating ?. Now it is fixed and behave like the counting of animals and people for the other two personalities.

V 2.7.55 - 04 September 2019:  

  • Updated: The optional XMLs for unlocked creatures animations have been updated to include the last changes of AAF Creature Pack Release 3.00
  • Updated: The optional XMLs for unlocked human animations have been updated to include the last changes of Atomic Lust - 8/31/19
  • Nothing else about MCG mod itself has changed.

V 2.7.55:  

  • Added: Now the "Do It" activation option on furnitures to have sex on them is available also for when the player prostitute theirself. Before it was not available for technical reasons, now it's unlocked, enjoy! Reminder: unlike almost all the other sexual situations, when the player prostitute theirself the menu to choose what type of animation to play is not available, this is intended feature, because it's the client that choose what type of sex they want. 

V 2.7.50:  

  • Fixed: Force subtitles on npcs initiative greeting, remember that you need to have subtitles on for this mod to work properly;
  • Fixed: rearranged some lines of code to make the ability of choosing a furniture, using the "Do It" command during an initiative scenario, more reliable.
  • Fixed: Now the "Do it" activation on furnitures to do sex, if you choose "let's find another place" button, is both in the override default and additional activation slot, this should add more compatibility when choosing beds because before even if you saw the "Do it" on a bed, using that would activate the sleeping instead of the sex, now if you have this problem you should be able to use the secondary activation;
  • Fixed: Now the Rent bed activation is disabled while the "Do it" activation is enabled to avoid conflicts in the selection of bed furnitures to do sex on;
  • Fixed: small improvements in the initiative system transitions. Now the player should regain controls much faster but still when the approaching actor is in the 300 CK units radius the controls will be disabled for up to 5 seconds depending on the speed of the AI to reach you. After the greeting will start you should have your controls back but be aware that now with your controls back during the greeting if you go beyond the "activation range" of the approaching actor you will trigger the "walk away" topic.
  • Fixed: improved the recognizing of combat situations when an initiative scenario start the greeting phase, in that case MCG will abort the scenario much faster now and the player should regain controls in time to save theirself if a sudden combat situation should be.
  • Changed: the majority of non critical or redundant notifications are now disabled as default because it could be annoying after a while if you played this mod for a long time. Note that critical info for some mechanics will still be displayed as notifications or messageboxes. If you still want all the notifications in your game, that may be useful to understand what the mod is doing you can enable the option "Additional notifications" in the Debug page of MCM;
  • Note for those that uses the additional XMLs: i just saw that atomic lust has been updated to 2.6.1, be aware that my Human XMLs are updated to atomic lust 2.5.1 so should you use my patch you will loose the most recent atomic lust additions, when i will have time i will update those xmls but it's low priority for now since they are meant to be used by a very small portion of people.

V 2.7.41:  

  • Fixed: Added again the button to manage inventory of actors in guarding duty;
  • Updated the additional XMLs to include the recent changes of Atomic Lust and Mutated Lust, be aware that those files are for "experts", read the instructions if you want to use them because now they do much more than before, in particular they patch the atomic lust.esp itself so know what you are doing.

V 2.7.40:  

  • Fixed: Pause the initiative system for 10 seconds when you submit someone. This *should* prevent getting approached by the one you submit;
  • Fixed: Forced the aggression actor value of MCG actors in guard duty to 1.0 and added some factions to the reference collection alias, this should prevent the guards to enter in combat against the player and other neutral npcs. Note though that some creatures and npcs are inside particular factions that force a combat status against other factions so maybe it's not a good idea to leave a deathclaw guarding a settlement filled with your working enslaved raiders...
  • Changed: Greatly reduced (75% less) the offset for the preferred race system to kick in. Now at the start of the game the offset is +10 , this means that if you fuck about 22 people of the same sexual category without fucking other races or masturbating that category will become your preferred race, if in the mean time you fuck also other races or masturbate, the required fucks will be greater. I remind you the formula to have a preferred race is that the number of sexual intercourses with a race must be 11 units higher than half of the sum of sexual intercourses with all races including masturbations;
  • Changed: doubled the radius of AI following Package, this should reduce the "personal space invasion" annoying behaviour of slaves, dating npcs and some other MCG followers;

V 2.7.30:  

  • Fixed: The npc Harassment approach naked condition now uses a new system (again...) this time it should be more accurate but to be marked as naked the player must be almost completely naked, in particular it must not wear any armor, any railroad enhanceable clothes and any clothes in slot 33;
  • Fixed: Introduced locks for Wear and Lust functions, hopefully this will reduce the stats not updating sometimes problem;
  • Fixed: The harasser drug injector now will become dangerous again after 3 seconds if you made the harasser recoil but you did not beat it down;
  • Fixed: minor errors in the API;
  • Fixed: Actors in Power Armor are now excluded by NPC Approach System to avoid some unwanted situations;
  • Fixed: The XML unlocked kiss and hugs are now the proper undressing rules enforced using AAF XMLs, because sometimes the corresponding setting in AAF settings struct seems to fail;
  • Added: support for the furnitures in latest Atomic Lust version;
  • Added: support for furnitures in creature sex, now if you have sex with a creature if a valid furniture in a 300 game units is nearby it will be used;
  • Added: support for random npc sex use of furniture also for threesomes if any valid furniture is in scan radius;
  • Added: various XMLs files to override gender behavior in a clean way for those who want it. (See in the installation instruction for more details)

V 2.7.1:  hotfix

  • Fixed: a potential vanilla edit that could change player appearance! 

V 2.7.0:  

  • Fixed: A stuck loop in the AAF Event Handling that made that script fail, now the after animation calculations will be done. Note that if you had the script failing you require a new game or to load a save where the stats were updating;
  • Fixed: Optimization of code with less getvalue functions on globals;
  • Fixed: Now the cost to retrieve stuff from bartenders or merchants after being robbed is working;
  • Fixed: reduced the chances of CTD on mod startup by increasing the time that the mod will take to start;
  • Fixed: Threesomes for prostituting is now fixed, still it is necessary that there is a valid additional client nearby to be picked;
  • Fixed: More optimization for the NPC Initiative System, still the scenarios will happen accordingly to your setting in MCM...so if your settings are very conservative they will happen rarely
  • Fixed: Non AAF masturbations correctly recognized now;
  • Fixed: Better haggle bonus on giving money on approaching npcs is now correctly given to the player
  • Fixed: Implemented a more efficient method to check if the player is naked for harassment. (Now it is a magiceffect, before it was a function with F4SE methods)
  • Fixed: Cloak spells have a duration of 1 second standard to avoid some weird behaviour that could happen;
  • Changed: eliminated any code regarding the KWs gender Override Method, the focus is increased in the search of better XMLs, in the future days i will make new researches about this;
  • Changed: the Source Files (aka Loose Files) are now protected by a password and are not able to be installed by mod managers...sorry guys I told you:  THEY ARE ONLY FOR MODDERS.
  • Added: Better Integration Kit;
  • Added: All player controlled NPCs now have also an additional Faction to double ensure the allied stance;
  • Other small fixes not worth mentioning;

V 2.6.50:  

  • Fixed: Splitted AAF handling into two scripts in the hope to limit that script failing; 
  • Fixed: General optimization of the code, increase use of properties in place of grabbing objects using functions;
  • Fixed: Spouse income variable initialized at 100 caps instead of 0 so that a first income is readily available after marry;
  • Fixed: On AAF End Events double check that AAF keywords are removed;
  • Fixed: GrayUser animations excluded from masturbation, and some other AAF calls;
  • Fixed: Soften up the strict checks of the NPC Initiative (Approach) System;
  • Changed: Abort responses from NPCs are now more immersive and indicative of what made the Approach Scenario to be discarded;
  • Added: New button to give fresh clothes to slaves if possible, it is expecially useful for enslaved Super mutants and Feral Ghouls;
  • Added: New Special Recruitment option for Robots, Synths, Animals and Super Mutant slaves. Special Objects or some perks can allow instant recruitment of them as companions. The info about this new system will be added in the guide soon, brief summary:
    • Animals: Pheromones (Endurance 8+ and some ingredients) or Wasteland Whisperer 2 AND Animal Friend 2;
    • Robots and Synths: FFOFF Override Chipe (Intelligence 8+ and some ingredients) or Robotics Expert 3;
    • Super Mutants: Super Mutant Delight (Strength 8+ and some ingredients) or Cannibal 3;
  • Added: A new toggleable condition for Harassment Approach Scenario, if you have Devious Devices mod or Real Handcuffs mod now you can enable this condition and set a chance percent of being harassed if you wear a device from those mods;
  • Changed: The MCG Option Hotkey now can only:
    • Equip Bare Hands, if you have weapons drawn, not your fists equipped and not in iron sight;
    • Call to you neutral actors to mae them follow you for a brief period of time ( 30 seconds), if you have your weapons sheated or if you are in iron sight or if you have your bare hands equipped;
    • Ask to an hostile actor, that defeated you or that you surrender to, to extend the pacification time offering your body again;
    • Show the MCG Options Menu, by long pressing the hotkey for a roughly a second.
  • Changed: Now to surrender to an hostile actor you must either select it using the MCG MAIN HOTKEY on the actor in crosshair or use the "Try To Surrender" new button in the MCG Options Menu. This last option will try to make the player surrender to the nearest enemy in a 2048 CK Game Unit Range;
  • Changed: Now to masturbate yourself you must use the appropriate button in the MCG Options Menu;
  • And many other small things I just cannot remember, friend.

V 2.6.0: Major Internal code rearrangement 

  • Fixed: Infidelty system making vanilla actors have negative affinity. It seems that the game handle the affinity actor value in a different and unique manner, so that all the reasonable and know ways to handle it like other actor values (like Health) using i.e damagevalue() etc are not applicable without ruining the system, the solution was to handle the value casting the actor to the vanilla companion script and then using the vanilla functions "ModAffinity()" inside that script. Tests done gave good results and no problem, still I consider this an experimental feature and for this reason, handling the companion affinity is now decoupled from the Infidelty system and you can activate it if you want in the debug page of MCM;
  • Fixed: aaf keywords that override genders of actors for animations purposes are now correctly removed OnSceneEnd of AAF. NOTE: AAF KEEPS THE OVERRIDE STORED ANYWAY FOR THE CURRENT GAME SESSION SO YOU SHOULD LEAVE THE GENDER HANDLING SETTING IN THE DEBUG PAGE TO THE DEFAULT VALUE ("AAF").
  • Fixed: Objective displayed of the Respawn System Quest to retrieve your stuff from rapist is now better handled, especially when stopping and restarting the system;
  • Fixed: The NPC Initiative System (Approach) will be paused in the following cases: (in addition to the cases already coded in the previous versions)
    • If player is sneaking;
    • If player is bleeding out;
    • If player is unconscious;
    • If player is trespassing;
    • If subject is sleeping;
    • If subject is bleeding out;
    • if subject is unconscious;
  • Fixed: the player cannot kiss the dating actor at the end of the date if the player is trespassing, in that case can only say goodbye, so always check your remaining dating time in the "Teleport" option of the MCG Option Hotkey menu to know how much time you have left before the date ends. (You can always end a date when you want using the appropriate MCG dialogue;
  • Fixed: various very minor fixes in the handling of defeat and player raped scenes;
  • Fixed: Fixed (probably?) the MCM menu to be used by all MCM versions...I hope. As a result the MCM has been rearranged so you should check it again from start to finish;
  • Added: The debug Page of MCM is now split between the "TOOLS" section, safe to be used, and the "EXPERIMENTAL" section where all the "cutting edge" systems are available but that are not safe to change, new and untested features will be made optional and made "Main stream" only after extensive use to prevent another "Require new game" situation;
  • Fixed: a mathematical error in the Player Defeat script;
  • Added: new MCM option to force the Initiative system to pick only actors that detects the player;
  • Added: Now the respawn system can track up to 20 rapists that raped you, robbing you. You can activate their dead body to remove them from the "Revenge List";
  • Added: Now rapists and harassers that defeat you will be much more difficult to take revenge against, because they will have the new "Ego Emboldened effect" which will increase their speed to 200%, damage output to 300% and damage resistance to 500%... so retrieving back your stuff from the rapist that raped and robbed you will now prove a real free form quest instead of a chore (i.e. you will need to be better prepared and equipped before the next encounter);
  • Added: Now when you respawn because of the defeat system or you are robbed as a result of a post rape Harassment scenario, you can recover your stuff from general merchants and bartenders using the appropriate dialogue in the "Hey do you have a moment" topic branch and then the tools topic branch. You can customize the cost to have back each item stolen from you in MCM, since merchants and bartenders will charge you the price of this favor; 
  • Added: now the post rape harassment scenario can make use of the Player Defeat Setting page for the "Being robbed" scenario;
  • Added: now you can customize in MCM the percent of caps robbed from you if no scenario happens after a post rape harassment;
  • Added: now when the player prostitute themself and the client wants a threesome, instead of starting it immediately the player is asked if they want accept or decline the request. In the case the player declines, the client will abort the transaction;
  • Added: new MCM option to let the player choose their role in the animation when doing CONSENSUAL SUBMISSIVE SEX, before when doing that the player was always assigned the receiver role, this way the Gigolos among you can better roleplay;
  • Added a new optional file in the download section to have the "Atomic Kissing" and "Atomic Embrace" animations unlocked for all gender combinations (They work good also for Omo) without any use of other dirty override systems, this is the future direction of this mod in handling gender combinations, I will try to personally unlock manually each animation available for the best result and compatibility, but this process will require time, for now only those animations above are unlocked;
  • Many other things I just forgot, this has been a very busy period in my life and when I coded in my free time I did not take precise note of what I did for this version, so this changelog is just what I remember! Sorry!

V 2.5.60: 

  • Fixed: Package for the alias chosen for the NPC initiative scenario now has a little bigger force greet radius;
  • Fixed: Changed the message Menu about the player choosing their role in the sex animation to be more true to what was supposed to be, let the player choose exactly if they want to have a "receiver" or "giver" role regardless of sex, the coherence of animation to the player decision about this is forced when the "Gender handling behaviour" in the debug option is set as "MCG" and it is not guaranteed if set to the other options (AAF or XML);
  • Added: A new stepper option that let you choose what mod or mechanism will handle the genders sent to AAF, this new option is in the Debug Page of the MCM and you can set it to:
    • "MCG": Doing so MCG will force the roles in the animation with the AAF keywords GenderMale and  GenderFemale as in version 2.5.50 but in addition to this if a female, be it player or npc, will be sent to have the "giver role" she will equip a strap On, for this reason you now need the mod Strap-on's of fallout 4  If you will use this behaviour. Using this behaviour is exactly how I designed this mod to work from the start but it may not suit all the users' taste also because strapons will not Morph
    • "AAF": Doing so all MCG gender handling are disabled and the actors chosen for the animation will be sent to AAF as they are and AAF will handle their role in the animation;
    • "XML": Doing so the user has the opportunity to use the old MCG gender handling that was available in the versions prior to 2.5.50. This set basically send actors to AAF as they are but telling AAF to ignore the AAF Themes gender restrictions put into those XMLs so that acombinations like FMF (female-male-female) that normally are not supported by AAF themes at the moment can be played used threesome animations i.e. intended for (female - male - male) etc.

V 2.5.50: 

  • Fixed: a wrong message when you kiss refuse in the approach flirting scenario that was stating that you were in a date with the actor you just refused;
  • Fixed: cannot use MCG hotkeys on busy actors, this include actors currently involved in approach scenarios, MCG Random sex and if the npc or the player are currently marked by AAF with the Busy or locked keywords;
  • Fixed: some minor bugs involving the AAF locationbase setting;
  • Fixed: Now the Wear Emollient work properly;
  • Fixed: Excluded AAF Poses from MCG animation callings and MCG Calculations;
  • Fixed: Now if MCG call somewhat for an animation tree (it should never do that) it will automatize the esecution, using the corresponding AAF setting;
  • Fixed: Other minor bugs and Typos not worth mentioning;
  • Changed: The XML Gender Override setting in the Debug page of MCM is no longer, now that has been changed with the "Skip Walk Override" which will use the skip walk setting of AAF when calling animations involving the player, this should greatly reduce waiting times when calling animations, still animation will not start fast, they keep taking their time, but less if you use this setting. So make sure it's ON in your debug page;
  • Added: Now the mod make use of the AAF keyword for gender override, this means that actor[0] will be marked as female and actor[1] will be marked as male. This is valid only for couple sex and this means that if you are a male and when you choose the role "Receiver (female default) now you should always take the female role even if you are male. This is good to let the player choose exactly what they want and also to give more substance when the player is abused, defeated or do submissive sex;
  • Added: New strict controls on actors you interact with MCG hotkeys, actors involved into MCG Random sex and MCG Initiative scenario, now those systems check strictly if the actor or the player are marked with the AAF Busy or AAF Locked keywords, this should give much more compatibility with other AAF mods, but still it could be not a perfect block;
  • Added: Fail safe during the NPC Initiative scenarios, now when a scenario start, during the time since the actor "call the player" and actually go to the player starting the dialogue there is a check to see if conditions are changed in that time window and if so the scenario abort itself, this resolve the bug of MCG Initiative and MCG Random sex possible interfering and also this should give much more compatibility with other AAF mods;

V 2.5.20: 

  • Fixed: Now you can't undress submitted or enslaved creatures, this function now is reserved only for humans and NON feral ghouls. You can still access inventories of submitted creatures;
  • Fixed: Dogmeat has been properly blocked from the Npc Interaction system...poor dog;
  • Fixed: Better calculations of harassment chances as asking scenario bad outcomes, now the calculations properly use all the settings the user set in MCM;
  • Fixed: Enslaving of feral ghouls, now they conserve their head in the cloning process (lol, before they were cloned headless!)
  • Fixed: a bug in the MCG hotkeys, they basically were interfering one another if used both on the same actor in short time;
  • Fixed: The "allow sandbox" command for slaves has been fixed and working now;
  • Fixed: When you give money to asking npcs now you can properly restore up to 5 infamy points (if you have any infamy and that system is enabled);
  • Fixed: A bug in the message at the end of non unique dating that was asking if you would set that actor as set pet instead of the intended official lover;
  • Added: More strict checks to prevent the NPC initiative system to interfere with some scenes and probably also some other mods, this is still non perfect. Now MCG recognize when an actor or the player is involved in AAF animations from other mods and should pause the initiative system for the duration of the animation...but it can happen that the initiative system pick an actor and start a scenario just seconds before the player start an animation and in that case MCG is not able to stop the scenario.
  • If you are a modder you can pause MCG Initiative System for 30 seconds, a time that should be enough to do your mods calculations before calling your mods AAF animations. Once the player is into an animation the initiative system is auto paused you don't need to worry at that point, the problem is just the time that passes from your mod calculations to the actual calling of AAF animations, since in that time MCG initiative scenario could happen. TO PAUSE the initiative system, in your function do:
    • SPELL xMCGPause= Game.GetFormFromFile(0x178832, "MagnoCumGaudio.esp") as Spell
    • xMCGPause.cast(game.getplayer(), game.getplayer()

V 2.5.10: 

  • If you use AAF with this mod now you require the latest AAF version, v BETA 78;
  • Fixed: Now users with Start Me Up mod can start the NPC NPC random sex and Npc initiative systems;
  • Fixed: when you ask an human slave to dance they will use the vanilla magnoliasong animation instead of using the AAF systems;
  • Fixed: Crafting of the Wear Emollient;
  • Fixed: some typos in MCM;
  • Fixed: discarded some redundant notifications during the stalker pursuing;
  • Added: Slaves not assigned to workshops now can be commanded to sandbox around or to stay put in place. (Before they could only stay put in place);
  • Added: Now when you go eat, drink or dance with your dating actor a vanilla animation will play for immersion purposes, if the dating actor keep animating just command it around to make it resume the following;
  • Added: Now when you select to kiss or hug an an actor, you and the actor will not remove all the clothes, but only the helmets/bandanas in case of kissing and nothing in case of hugging. Keep in mind that single piece clothes with helmet included will be removed entirely.
  • Changed: The slave submission level has now more uses to keep this version on par with the Skyrim version, in specific the changes are:
    • Slaves can be recruited as followers with caps only if their submission level is 1,0 or higher now;
    • Slaves can be assigned to workshops and work for you only if their submission level is 1,0 or higher now;
    • Human Slaves will accept to dance for you only if they have a submission level of 2,0 or higher now;
    • You can ask slaves to have consensual sex using a dialogue if their submission level is 3,0 or higher and they are not in cooldown and you are not in a refused state and your infamy is lower than 50;

V 2.5.0: NPC Approach Update:

  • Added: an NPC on player approach system, that basically let the NPCs do on player the same things that the player can do to the NPcs with this mod, for more informations about this new system read the mod guide;
  • Added: Lust and Mood system if enabled now affect the availability of some MCG dialogues, i.e. if the mood of the player is submissive the player have less options to resist harassment etc...

V 2.4.5: Fixes in preparation of major update:

  • Fixed: Crafting of drugged injectors, now the purified water requirement is displayed;
  • Fixed: Crafting of nice flowers, now the purified water requirement is displayed;
  • Fixed: now married lovers have the vanilla actor value isRomantic properly set and this could potentially add more compatibility with morning with Lover mod;
  • Fixed: Married actors give you an adequate quantity of food to cover at least a vanilla day;
  • Fixed: a small typos and missed info in the startup sequence;
  • Fixed: Horizon has been added to the Respawn System incompatibility system, this means that with Horizon installed you won't be able to use the Respawn system. Rest of the mod is ok with it;
  • Added: Slave detonator laser weapon, it's a laser weapon that does 1 damage but when used against slave make them explode...yeah...;
  • Added: Remote kill and remote release for slave archives (into teleport section);
  • Added: a button into teleport section to teleport all the slaves or all the guards to you at once;
  • Added: an MCM toggle for the more hardcore Wear effect, in case you find bleeding and limb damage annoying;
  • Added: Various MCM cheat toggles in case you want to use this mod more as a casual mod, fucking all the careful balance work i put into it :P
  • Added: while under the influence of MedX or Psycho and its derivatives you won't suffer wear effects;
  • Added: a craftable emollient to reduce your wear by 40%...it may turn handy for the most active among you;
  • Laid down: fundamentals for the npc  approach system and MCG Api, both not yet operative; For the Npc approach system you could see the skyrim version of MCG to have an idea of what it will be.

V 2.4.1: hotfix

  • Fixed: a nasty bug during dating that forced the date to end badly as if the player had sex during the date with other actors even if he/she was not involved;

V 2.4.0: Post-Easter bugs fixing:

  • Fixed: The mood level is now correctly showed in statistics;
  • Fixed: The "Normal" item in your misc inventory can now be safely dropped and forget after you restart the mod, no more need of it for Mood statistics;
  • Fixed: Made sure (altough I believe it was already fixed) that the player is not involved in the random sex system, if you experience this then it's not something started from MCG;
  • Fixed: Forced the random sex system to work only after the quest MQ102 stage 1 is completed (When you exit from the vault) Not sure how this would work with Alternative Start Mods;
  • Fixed: A bug in the function AbortSex() when player surrendering or raped;
  • Added: An MCM toggle to let the player ignore the in combat submitted activation;
  • Changed: Now by default if you submit an actor you can't use the submission options if you are still in combat and if you submit a non hostile actor and you are caught committing that crime the submitted actor will be revived (You can override this with the relative MCM toggle in the "Interaction" page "player aggressor" section;
  • Changed: The objective in the Player Defeat quest has been changed to be more informative;
  • Fixed: Turrets and vertibirds will not be considered valid aggressors for the player defeat system;
  • Fixed: Now you can "Find another place" when you prostitute yourself, but the payment will be received only when you start the sex, if you abort you loose the client;
  • Fixed: a mathematical, stupid bug that gave to the player always zero caps when prostituting;
  • Fixed: Now if you do sex with an actor while you are dating another actor, your date will end badly. This is not the case if you just masturbate. (Public sex crime if enabled will still apply);
  • Fixed: Now if your date ends while you are on a vertibird, you are in combat or in workshop mode you'll be able to only say goodbye so calculate your timings, in the "teleport Options" of MCG Options Hotkey Menu there is showed how much in game hours you have left before the dating end, by the way you can always end the date when you want using the appropriate dialogue in "tools topic branch";
  • Added: Now you see your potential earning in the prompt of the player prostituting dialogue (XDI users may not see this additional information because that mod cuts dialogue prompts);
  • Rebalanced: Values of slaves are now much less, this is true especially for low levels slave, high levels slave are not changed much;
  • Fixed: many...many other small bugs

V 2.3.1: hotfix

  • Fixed: an MCM bug;
  • Fixed: a bug about the end date kissing and the slave dancing;
  • Added: a toggle in MCM to let players decide about the MCG gender override mechanic, as always remember that since version 2.3.0 this mechanic doesn't influence other mods animations so you don't have to worry;


  • Fixed: A bug with the moving of the Respawn Point;
  • Changed: Now the Respawn point is a physical object, almost invisible;
  • Added: Now you can move the respawn point on sleep and wait, see MCM for options. The manual button in MCG options Hotkey menu is still available;
  • Added: A new slider to fine tune player income from prostitution;
  • Added a new mechanic to recognize sex type from other mods, now if you want a mod to be fully compatible with MCG System you can ask your modder to add the meta:
    • "PlayerRapist" if player is to be considered aggressor
    • "PlayerRaped" if the player is to be considered Victim
    • "Consensual" if the sex is consensual
    • The difference from version 2.1 is that now I use the SplitString function from LL_FourPlay.pex so you can put anything you want in that string as long as at least a part is one of those keyword I listed just above, I use the "," comma as separator
  • Fixed: A bug that forced other mods sex animations to have sometimes the genders and roles of animation inverted;
  • Changed: Now the rename system works but is limited to only 97 names possible in total, use "Rename Anything" if you want a specific mod for this purpose;
  • Fixed: a bug when cloning leveled actors that made the clone not having the same stats of the original;
  • ADDED: A NEW NPC-NPC RANDOM SEX SYSTEM, see guide and MCM for details;
  • And many many other small things;

V 2.1.0:

  • Fixed: a problem with the wear value not updating sometime after some sexual animations;
  • Changed: Giving a gift like nice flowers to a dating actor now put that actor in cooldown, so calculate your timings;
  • Fixed: A problem with MCG Followers and slave, now they have a custom regeneration effect instead of the vanilla one that made them loose health on player teleport;
  • Reworked the handling of external mods sexual animation, now the system should be more reliable on recognizing the type of sex that happened. Note that MCG is still perfectly capable to recognize the sex type that has been called by its own system as this happen internally. If you find that you have a mod that is not correctly recognized by MCG regarding type of sex tell your mod author to:
    • put the meta "PlayerRaped" if the player is to be considered the victim of the animation;
    • put the meta "PlayerRapist" if the player is to be considered the aggressor of the animation;
    • Or at least use animations with the tag "Aggressive" and putting the player to
      • actors[0] and the animation tag "Aggressive" if the player is to be considered the victim of the animation;
      • actors[1] and the animation tag "Aggressive" if the player is to be considered the aggressor of the animation;

V 2.0.0:

  • Just released;


Link to comment


--->M.C.G. GUIDE 1/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 2/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 3/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 4/4: Here







Please apologize my bad english and I hope you appreciate this guide. Have a cup of tea (or wait until you have to do number 2 in the bathroom) to read it for maximum comfort :D




This mod has a goal: to add simple sexual mechanics that are universal, that have a purpose other than just see sex, that are balanced gameplay-wise and difficulty-wise, that merge with the vanilla gameplay, giving it some sexual context and possibilities. This is not a mod that adds tailored quests, story driven situations and elaborate dialogues for individual actors, this must be clear in your mind, this mod is much substance but zero form. The dialogues are the most generic and approssimative I could write because I believe in giving the player the instruments to roleplay as they want, if you want AAA level dialogues then you're searching for a story mod, which this mod is clearly not.


The central pillar concept around which this mod has been built is the LUST, which is your need to have sex and It inexorably grows over time at a pace you can customize. Such a need which have actual gameplay consequences, since it gives incremental debuffs SPECIAL stats debuffs if not satisfied, gives you a reason to have sexual animations. The rest of the mod is built on various ways to satify this need and from this it develops into many, and often quite intricate, systems. (You can disable this need of sex in MCM but without it almost all the features of the mod loose actual gameplay purpose, becoming only roleplay instruments.).


To satisfy your sexual need are prostitution, flirt and actual relationship. All these first three ways are started by the dialogue "Hey! Do you have a moment?" which is available for any NPC actor that is not a slave, an enemy , a vanilla companion or a child.

The moment you select that dialogue some things are calculated each time:

  • "Dating Power": is a charisma derived stat number from 1 to at least 15; 
  • "Dating Dice": is a random resistance between 0 and 12;
  • "Prostitution Power": is a perk derived stat number from 10 to 100;
  • "Flirt Power": is a complex derived stat number that will be explained later;
  • "General Dice: is a random resistance between 0 and 100;


All these stats are calculated with the following algorithm and formulas:

Dating Power = Player Charisma + Boss Bonus (Boss bonus is a bonus of 5 given to your dating power if you are considered the "boss" of the actor you are trying to invite in a date (i.e. if you become the director of Institute you have this bonus with all the Institute faction npcs)


Prostitution Power = ((X - 10) * 10) +10

Where X = 10 and for each of the following perks X is 1 point higher:

  • partyboy01 (partygirl01 for women)
  • partyboy02 (partygirl02 for women)
  • partyboy03 (partygirl03 for women)
  • quickhands01
  • quickhands02
  • quickhands03
  • vans01 (this gives 2 points instead of 1)
  • vans02

So i.e. if you have all these perks your prostitution power is: ((19 - 10) * 10) + 10 = 100 (in other words 100% success chance when prostituting;


Flirt Power = perksPower + Accomplishments bonus + (charisma * 3) + Boss Bonus + Mentats Bonus Where:

  •  perksPower = (X(from prostitution power) - 10) *2 
  • Accomplishments bonus is a bonus that starts from 0 and grows the more questlines you complete:
    • Completing Nuclear Option for Bos or Minutemen or RR, or completing Nuclear Family = +9 points;
    • Defeating the Mechanist: +9 points;
    • Completing the main quest of Far Harbor Dlc: +9 points
    • Completing the main quest of Nuka world (with raiders or against them): +9 points
    • Completing the Vault 88 quests: +9 points
  • Boss Bonus is the same as the one from the Dating power but in the case of flirt it has a value of +20 points
  • Mentats Bonus: If you are under the influence of mentats your flirting power is 7 points stronger;
  • Of course anything that increase charisma is valuable in the calculation because each point of charisma is worth 3 point of flirting power.


The flirt power is then adjusted for the relationship level you have with the actor you're trying to flirt with, i.e. if you already successfully improved your relationship with someone it will be easier to flirt with them even if your flirt power is low, especially at lower player levels.


Your current infamy level influence all these three power, the more you accumulate infamy the lower the success chance of having consensual sex. (More on the infamy mechanics in part 3 of the guide).


You then use those powers and if they are higher than the corresponding resistances each time rolled, you succeed in the dialogue:


  • Prostitute yourself (Submissive sex type for player) = Use Prostitution Power
    • If General Dice <= Prostitution Power, you will have a new client to prostitute to, earning of prostitution in caps is 25 + Sexual experience with that race (You can adjust a coefficient for this income in MCM). You can see your sexual experience with each race using the MCG Options hotkey and selecting "statistics" from the menu. If the client brings friends for an orgy and you accept you receive +30 caps for each friend brought by your client (at the moment only up to threesomes are supported), after sex the client enter in cooldown;
    • The following perks can increase your prostitution revenues:
      • Lady Killer 1 (Black WIdow 1 for women) = +25% earning
      • Lady Killer 2 (Black WIdow 2 for women) = +50% earning
      • Lady Killer 3 (Black WIdow 3 for women) = +100% earning
    • If Random resistance > Prostitution Power you fail to solicit the client and that actor enters in cooldown;
  • Flirt (Normal Sex Type for player)= Use Filrt Power
    • If General Dice <= Flirt Power, you will have the ability to fuck that person, after sex that person will enter in cooldown;
    • If General Dice > Flirt Power, you will fail the flirt, that actor will enter cooldown, and in addition you will enter in a refused state that prevents you to flirt, prostitute, pay for sex and date anyone for 6 real time minutes;
  • Pay to have sex (Aggressive sex type for player) works differently and has only 2 requirements: (easiest quick sex option)
    • You need 200 gold to pay for the prostitute (You can customize this cost in MCM);
    • You can only ask to pay for sex to NON UNIQUE actors;

Prostitute yourself and paying for sex have an hardcoded 33% disease chance from sex (this is more than the 32% max you can set in mcm for the normal disease chance, of course this is calculated only if you have the feature for sexual diseases enabled and you don't wear a FPE condom).

COOLDOWN: Is a state in which an actor doesn't accept any sexual related or dating request, it lasts 15 real time minutes or until you reset the cell they are (i.e by fast travelling);

REFUSED: Is a state in which the player is not able to have a successful sex related or dating related action, it lasts 6 real time minutes.


  • The Dating Power is used for just inviting someone to a date and is confronted against the Dating Dice, if you succeed you are in a date with that actor, if you fail that actor enters cooldown;




Prostituting yourself, flirting and paying for sex are part of the "Quick sex options system". Dating and relationship dialogues are part of a different, more complicated system, let's see what it's about...

Fundamentally, due to game engine limitations, we must divide between Unique (persistent, named actors) from Non Unique actors. We'll talk about non unique actors later, now we focus on unique actors.

This mod gives to each unique actor a random personality among 3 , we'll call them "A", "B" and "C", this personality is different each new game for each character but remain the same during the same game, so i.e. in you gameplay Marcy may have personality A but if you start a complete new game the mod may assign her the personality C for that new game. [Technically the personality is assigned the first time you start an MCG dialogue with the actor]

Each personality react differently to various approaches, if you use the right approach for a personality you earn Relationship points with that actor, if you use a wrong approach you loose points. 


Relationship points

Relationship point is a level of your relationship with an actor, it's composed by 2 parts:

Relationship status, a number from -1 to 4 and

Relationship Level, a number from 0 to 60

Relationship level is just the sexagesimal part of the relationship status, pratically Relationship points is a number system in base-60 instead of base-10. What this mean? It means that i.e. you have a relationship points of 3,50 and you add 0,11 relationship points you then will have 4,01 relationship points.

Yes I could have used a custom actor value for this instead of a faction based system to store this information because this is Fallout 4 instead of Skyrim but I recycled my code from Skyrim and I am a lazy ass and I didn't want to build a new system for this port.


How to increase relationship points with an npc?

The easiest way is using the "romance topics" and using the "Try to start a conversation topic", then you can choose one type of conversation among three: "spicy", "sentimental" and "friendly", each personality  has a preferred conversation, i.e. Personality A likes to do "spicy" conversations. If you succeed in choosing the right approach your relationship points will increase with that actor according to this formula:

relationship points gained = CHARISMA points (Duh!) Instead if you choose the wrong conversation approach you will always loose 5 relationship points. After the conversation (successful or not) that actor enters cooldown.



Instead of increasing your relationship points with an actor having a conversation you may want to do a more direct approach, in that case you may want to invite to a date that actor, you can do this by selecting the "Romance" Dialogues and then the dialogue to invite to pass some time together. The chance of the actor accepting your invitation is based on your Dating Power. Once you are in a date, that actor will follow you for more than an hour (REAL TIME) or until you manually end the dating via dialogue. You can see how much time do you have left by checking the MCG Options in the Teleport submenu. During this time you will have new options and new dialogues to try to impress your friend...

  • Bar Keepers dialogues (only once per dating), new MCG dialogue to: 
    • Order something to eat (100 gold), if right approach will add +20 relationship points, else -10.
    • Order something to drink (100 gold), if right approach will add +20 relationship points, else -10.
    • Dance with your friend (100 gold), if right approach will add +20 relationship points, else -10.
  • Radios and jukeboxes new activation option (only once per dating):
    • Dance with your friend (100 gold), if right approach will add +20 relationship points, else -10.
  • New "Romance" topics when talking with your friend, (only once per dating), you can tell a story to your friend:
    • Tell about your journeys, if right approach will add ((Number of locations discovered at that time/ 12) + 1) relationship points, else it will subtract that amount divided by 2.
    • Tell about your completed quests, if right approach will add ((Number of quests completed at that time/ 5)+1) relationship points, else it will subtract that amount divided by 2.
    • Tell about how many workshops you own, if right approach will add (Number of workshops owned) relationship points, else it will subtract that amount divided by 2.
  • Registering the killing of particular creatures:
    • killing hostile animals and creatures, will add +1 relationship point for each animal you kill while you are in the dating if right approach, no maluses if not right approach
    • killing hostile Humans, will add +1 relationship point for each creature you kill while you are in the dating if right approach, no maluses if not right approach
    • killing hostile robots/synth/turrets, will add +1 relationship point for each robot you kill while you are in the dating if right approach, no maluses if not right approaches
  • Kiss of goodbye, at the end of the dating (both if you manually end it or if the time of dating runs out) you have the opportunity to kiss or not your friend: (Kissing options are available only if the player is not in a dangerous situation and not in workshop mode)
    • Kiss passionately, will add +15 relationship points if right approach or -5 if wrong;
    • Kiss romantic,  will add +15 relationship points if right approach or -5 if wrong;
    • Let the other actor Kiss you, will add +15 relationship points if right approach or -5 if wrong;
    • Just say goodbye!: will add +10 relationship points
  • Gifting a dating actor with something precious: You can buy these only from general store vendors, they have an high cost in caps and usually there is only one of each in merchants inventory until refreshed. You can gift these multiple times...if you have the money...for a big increase in relationship and for a kiss ;) (If the gift is not right for their personality you will simply not earn any increase in relationship.
    • Last Edition of a Best Seller: for spicy personality (A)
    • Precious Jewel: for romantic personality (B)
    • Elegant Watch: for friendly personality (C)
    • You can also gift "Nice Flowers" that you can craft in chem labs using flowers you collect in the wild, this gift is valid for all personalities but only increase the relationship up to max +10 points.


It's up to you to find the correct approaches for each personality, you can have some hints using the tool dialogue "i am interested in your stories..." but be aware that the actor will not talk about himself/herself if it's in cooldown.

Here is a little spoiler to help you figuring all out [MAY BE A CHEAT FOR SOME OF YOU THAT LIKE THINGS HARDCORE]:


Personality A likes only:

  • Spicy talking;
  • Dancing;
  • When you tell them about place you have discovered;
  • If you kiss them passionately;
  • If you go together killing robots;
  • Last Edition of a Best Seller;


Personality B likes only:

  • Sentimental talking;
  • eating together;
  • When you tell them about your owned workshops;
  • if you romantic kiss them;
  • If you go together hunting animals;
  • Precious Jewel;


Personality C likes only:

  • Friendly talking;
  • drinking together;
  • When you tell them about your completed quests;
  • If you let them kiss you;
  • If you go together hunting hostile humans;
  • Elegant Watch;


What Happens if my relationship points with an npcs go so down to become negative?

The result of this will make that actor unfriendly, this means that he/she will not be available for any MCG dialogue, so with her/him you will not be able to see the "Hey! do you have a moment?" topic with all that means. You can restore normal relation if you pay that actor a sum of caps you can customize in MCM, this happens also if you submitted or enslaved an actor and then released him/her. (More about this in the Chapter 2 of the mod guide).


Reasons to use the relationship system instead of the quick sex.

Since dating progression and flirting chances seems to have lots of requirements in common at this point you may be wandering why should you use Dating instead of a quick flirt, well flirting is a one time success, if you are able to successfully fuck someone after a flirt, next time it's possible that you will fail (unless you are a very advanced character with maxed quests and skills), building relationships instead will give you the security of success. (i.e. if you work Marcy increasing your relationship points with her, you will arrive at a point that her will give you her pussy when you request it :P) but not every sexual actions is available from the beginning using the romancing system, let's see what relationship points level unlocks:

  • Relationship points < 0,4: You can't have any sexual related interaction with this actor...yet.
  • Relationship points > 0,4 and < 1: You can only kiss or Hug this actor. (kissing doesn't reduce lust and doesn't give wear, it's for immersion purposes);
  • Relationship points > 1,0 and < 2,0: You can only have foreplay masturbation with this actor (Incomplete sex)
  • Relationship points > 2,0 and < 3,0: You can have Oral sex with this actor (full sex starts from here);
  • Relationship points > 3,0 and < 4,0: You can have vaginal sex  with this actor;
  • Relationship points > 4,0: You can have also anal, rough and orgy sex with this actor, and in addition this actor can be recruited as MCG follower, which is a sort of additional companion system;
  • Relationship points = 4,61(max): You can also marry this actor (by giving her/him the role of official lover, making this actor your spouse/husband with all the related benefits that emulate the skyrim marriage system.


DIFFERENCES WITH NON UNIQUE NPCS: Non unique npcs are actors in game that are not persistent, it means that they may despawn at some point, so it's useless to store a relationship level on them. Because of this, a different mechanic, similar to dating is in place for them: you may invite them on a date as you would do with unique actors but you must be so good to impress them during the date to raise the relationship points from 0,0 to at least 1,0 in the same dating. If you fail that actor will simply erase all the progresses done in relationship, if you succeed you will have the opportunity to tag that actor as your official lover. If you tag it so, that actor will become persistent (filling an alias) so it will not despawn even if it's a non unique actor, and will become your husband/spouse with all the related benefits! Yes you can marry a random raider with this system!


MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE: If you ever played Skyrim you know that you can marry some actors, when you do so in Skyrim your husband/lover will cook some food for you each day and it will accumulate some gold each day, you can then ask to retrieve that gold and that food each day, in addition to that when you marry someone you receive the keys of the married actor home (if they have one) and all the things they belong become yours, you can take them without this being considered a crime. Well...now you can do this in Fallout 4 too! When you increase your relationship level with an actor to 4,61 you can make them your official lover, marring him/her, you will receive the keys of their house (if they possess one, i.e think about Myrna in Diamond City) and you can enter, sleep and take things from their home, also they will cook for you each day some food and they will accumulate 100 caps each day that you can retrieve when you want.

Also a married npc will not enter in cooldown when you ask sex from them, this means you can have all kind of sex with them, (Provided you are not in a refused state or your infamy is not higher than 50)

How do you make any npc marriable? To do so that npc must be your OFFICIAL LOVER , for unique npcs this means you must raise your relationship points to the max (4,61), for non unique it means that you must raise your relationship points at least to 1,0 in a single dating, we've talked about that system in the previous paragraphs. Once you have an official lover, the marriage benefits are available

How do I divorce? You have a new MCG dialog topic for married actors and you will see a subtopic in which you can tell your married npc that you want to break up. If you break up that actor will hate you, your relationship points will be setted to negative and you will not be able to have MCG dialogues with him/her anymore. You can restore normal relation only by paying an amount of caps you set in MCM. When you have an official lover you can't replace it unless you divorce from it first. In addition to that you can't date non unique npcs while you have an official lover.

Infidelty divorce: In MCG there is a system about infidelty and Infamy for public sex, if you have it enabled and you are seen directly by your spouse/husband while you do sex with another actor, your married npc will automatically divorce from you, with all the consequences of that act. Also if you do sex in public and someone see you there is a chance (you can set it in mcm) that actor will report your misconduct to your married npc. Vanilla companions are also affected by this system, but instead of the relationship points you loose the vanilla affinity points with them (if you enable this option in the experimental systems).


NPC APPROACH SYSTEM (aka Npc Initiative System)

In the introduction and the relationship system paragraphs we discussed about the social mechanics but when we did that we assumed that the player always takes the initiative, in fact it was always the player that would start the dialogue and propose a flirt, a prostitution transaction, a dating to the other actor. This was true until the MCG version 2.5.0, and indeed until that version we could assume that this mod was more geared towards male players rather than female players. The NPC Initiative system has been introduced in the 2.5.0 version and it's here to level the playing field. Now the mod is equally geared towards male and female players.




How do you activate the system? Once you have started the MCG mod using the appropriate MCM button you can start also the NPC initiative system from the MCG options hotkey menu that you can open by long pressing the MCG Options Hotkey.


How does this system work? When this system is running all the NPCs that are in a 15 meters (48 feet) radius from the Player undergo some calculation checks to see if they are valid for the NPC approach scenarios on player. Once an actor has been calculated there are 180 seconds of cooldown for that actor, i.e. that actor can only undergo calculations once every 180 seconds to avoid calculations spam and conserve processing power.


System Pausing: The NPC initiative System even if enabled and running will pause itself during some specific situations, to avoid as much as possible conflicts with normal gameplay and other mods, as all the MCG mod it has been coded to blend with the vanilla experience and balance as much as possible. A list of possible situations that pause the system:

  • If the player is involved in a AAF animation or has been marked with the AAF locked keyword;
  • If an NPC Initiative Scenario is already happening;
  • If you have someone that is following you because you are searching a more private place for sex (i.e. you have a "following for sex" actor following you,
  • If you are sneaking;
  • If you are currently in a date;
  • If you are chased by an harasser, stalker (One of the harassment scenario bad endings);
  • If you are in combat;
  • If you have been defeated and a rape - surrender scenario is happening;
  • if you are in a conversation or scene;
  • if you are on a vertibird
  • If you are in workshop mode;
  • If you are trespassing;
  • and many other checks;


Npcs excluded from the system: Some Npcs will not undergo the system calculations and so will not be valid to start an approach scenario if they fall under one of the following conditions:

  • No children allowed (of course);
  • If they have already undergone initiative calculations (temporary cooldown of 180 seconds);
  • No MCG slaves or MCG guards can start an initiative scenario;
  • No actors already involved in a AAF animation can start an initiative scenario;
  • No hostile actors will start an initiative scenario;
  • If an actor is in combat it will not undergo calculations
  • if an actor is in scene it will not start a scenario;
  • actors that have negative relationship points with player;
  • sleeping actors are excluded;
  • and many other checks;

The npc approach system consists of basically 6 scenarios, each of which may have different outcomes. Two scenarios, the lover and harassment scenario are condition based, it means that they will have priority if their relative conditions and cooldowns allows that, and the other four scenarios, the flirting and dating (FLIRTING CATEGORY), asking for sex and the asking for money scenarios (ASKING CATEGORY) are chance and condition based, it means that they COULD run if their conditions and cooldowns allow that but more importantly if the player have enough influence, passive power to make those scenario happen. In the introduction paragraph we talked about the dating power, the prostitution power and the flirting power, they are used if you actively try to flirt, prostitute or propose a date to other actors and they determine your chance of success in doing that. Those power are also used in the NPC initiative system but they are by default weaker because they are divided by a divisor you can specify in MCM, because this system works as you were passively flirting, trying to prostitute and proposing a date to actors near you, so from now on regarding the NPC Initiative system we talk of a passive flirting power, passive dating power and passive prostitution power.

Is worth noting that the scenarios are choosen respecting a sort of priority system on top of a random system: the random system is given by the fact that calcultions are done on NPCs near you, so the nearest npcs normally always are calculated first and this influence the outcome because i.e. you could have your lover at 15 meters and an other actor at 5, generally is always the actor at 5 meters that are calculated first, so the lover scenario could be discarded. The priority system consists on a sort of hierarchy of scenarios, this means that if all scenarios are valid to be executed on a specific actor, some scenarios are chosen first: i.e if your lover is the nearest actor and the lover scenario is available but the player is also valid for harassment, flirting and asking scenarios, the lover scenario will have priority.The order of priority is as follow:

  1. Lover scenario
  2. Harassment scenario
  3. Equally Flirting and asking scenarios

The flirting and asking scenarios are mutually exclusive so in MCM there is a slider you can set to determine the chance of each of them to happen instead of the other. 




  • Lover scenario: This take place when a married actor, an official lover or an actor with a relationship level of 3,0 or higher is chosen by the system, they ask you to have sex together and at that point you have 4 options:
    • Accept;
    • Accept if they cook something for you: You'll have submissive sex but you will receive some cooked food;
    • Refuse but give a gift of 100 caps;
    • Simply refuse: There is 1% chance that your relations will be damaged and if married this could lead to divorce;


  • Flirting scenario: This take place when your flirting power is high enough to charm other people around you, when an actor is charmed, he/she will propose to have sex with you, and at that point you have 4 options:
    • Accept and have consensual normal sex;
    • Tell them to slow down and invite you on a date first; This will start a date between you two and also the charmed actor will "pay for the expenses" giving you 100 caps, this to simulate "the other actor offering you the dinner" ? (100 caps is just the price for paying to drink/eat or dance during a date, see the relation system paragraph.) 
    • Refuse but give a kiss; This will start a kissing animation between you two and your refusal will have no other negative effect;
    • Simply refuse: This will damage the relationship point by -0,10 with unique actors and there is 1% chance that your relations will be really damaged to the point of them interrupting any relation with you (at least until you repay them back to restore the relation);


  • Dating scenario: This take place when your dating power is high enough to capture the interest other people around you, when an actor is interested, he/she will propose you to a date, and at that point you have 4 options:
    • Accept and start the date;
    • Tell them the you accept only if they offer to pay for the expenses; Depending on your charisma, if your "convincing" level is low the actor will simply change their mind and abort the invitation, else if high enough this will start a date between you two and also the interested actor will "pay for the expenses" giving you 100 caps, this to simulate "the other actor offering you the dinner" ? (100 caps is just the price for paying to drink/eat or dance during a date, see the relation system paragraph.) 
    • Refuse but give a hug; This will start a hugging animation between you two and your refusal will have no other negative effect;
    • Simply refuse: This will damage the relationship point by -0,10 with unique actors and there is 1% chance that your relations will be really damaged to the point of them interrupting any relation with you (at least until you repay them back to restore the relation);


  • Caps Asking: This take place when a non unique actor approaches you asking for some caps:
    • Accept and give caps; Your Infamy will be reduced by 5 and you will receive a boost in buying and selling prices of 10% for 15 minutes, a sort of fallout 4 version of the skyrim beggar gift;
    • Tell them that you want sex in exchange; You can have aggressive (Dominant) sex with them as you would have paying a prostitute for sex;
    • Propose to solve the question by betting in a dice game; This will start an HiLo Dice game, based on the result it will be:
      • Player Win: You can have aggressive (Dominant) sex with them as you would have paying a prostitute for sex but without paying;
      • Draw: You can have aggressive (Dominant) sex with them as you would have paying a prostitute for sex;
      • Player Loose: You will have to pay the caps asked;
    • Simply refuse: This has a chance of turning this scenario into an harassment scenario. The chance is normally low (5%) but with the Dangerous Nights option can be up to 50%.


  • Sex Asking: This take place when your prostitution power is high enough to "solicit" actors nearby. They will approach you willing to pay for sex with you, the price is based on your sexual experience:
    • Accept and have submissive sex; 
    • Propose a threesome with your companion; You can include your current companion in the transaction for an additional 100 caps;;
    • Propose to solve the question by betting in a dice game; This will start an HiLo Dice game, based on the result it will be:
      • Player Win: You will receive the caps without having to do sex;
      • Draw: You will have submissive sex and be payed for that;
      • Player Loose: You will have submissive sex without being payed for that;
    • Simply refuse: This has a chance of turning this scenario into an harassment scenario. The chance is normally low (5%) but with the Dangerous Nights option can be up to 50%..


  • Harassment scenario: This takes place when some conditions you can choose in MCM are met, i.e. you can choose that when the player is naked the npcs around will start an Harassment scenario. There are many hardcoded conditions and checks to make this scenario more immersive as possible, i.e. companion and followers will not start this etc... Basically the npc that start this scenario try to force the player to have sex, and you have some options:
    • Yeld and be raped; (You will have submissive sex but there will be no other negative consequences)
    • Give some money;
    • Offer your companion; This could damage your relations with the companion you offer;
    • RUN. This will start a brief scenario, described in the following spoiler:

Run outcome harassment subscenario:


If you choose to run from your harasser a timer of 60 seconds will start, during this time the aggressor will try to reach you and hit you with a drug injector without starting combat, if they come too cloose they will drug and rape you. After the rape a post defeat scenario could happen like being robbed of caps.  While the aggressor will pursue you they'll have an increased speed to compensate for the mediocre game AI, you'll feel the fear! The options to defend yourself are the following:

  • Run and avoid the harasser for 60 seconds, at that point they will abandon the pursuit;
  • You can use the "ask for help" activation option on companions, followers and some other actors, by doing so that actor will help you to repel the harasser but this will take 5 seconds during which you still need to run, or avoid to being hit by the harasser's drug injector;
  • You can defend yourself blocking with your fists that comes already equipped at the start of the run subscenario, doing so while the harasser is going to hit you will make them recoil, like when you block a melee attack. At this point, pointing the harasser you have a new activation option on them "Beat down" to stop the aggressor. Note that this option requires ready reflexes because the time window to successfully act is very small and failing will let the harasser drug and rape you;
  • If you enter combat with the aggressor you may end being recognized as the aggressor by nearby actors, so try to not respond starting a combat, so you will prove that you are the victim to the wicked Fallout 4 justice system. 


Post harassment drugged scenario: This take place if after an harassment you ended being drugged and raped. After the event you may be robbed of only caps (in MCM there is a slider to set the percent of caps stolen) or you will be robbed accordingly to the "Player Defeat Settings" so that you can be also robbed of weapons, armors etc... also if you have the Respawn System, you may end also respawning. In all cases your stolen stuff will be recoverable only from merchants and bartenders for a fee, that you can set in MCM, using the appropriate MCG Dialogue (In the "tool" topic branch). Also note that the harasser will have the "Ego Emboldened Effect" which will increase their attack, speed and resistances in case you are impulsive and want to take immediate revenge on them! This will increase game difficulty and avoid player exploitations.



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M.C.G. GUIDE 1/4: Here

--->M.C.G. GUIDE 2/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 3/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 4/4: Here








With this mod the player can be both an aggressor and a victim, depending on the situations and player choices. The player aggressor part is a vast system that embraces submission, people traffic, multiple followers system and sex. The player Victim part instead is a mechanic that let the player surrender to enemies to escape defeat or as a non combat solution to most vanilla fallout 4 encounters, or let the player experience a respawn system like in fallout 76 with more customization options and the player raped scenario included.





The player can force other Npcs to do some things if you are able to SUBMIT your target. Submission is a state in which an actor will cower from combat and will avoid hostile actions against the player, they will be completely harmless and immobile in fear and you can choose their fate. A submitted actor is higlighted by a visual effect similar to the Fear spell from Skyrim. Submitting an actor that is neutral to the player is considered a crime if witnessed (If other actor of the same faction detect the player while he/she is submitting a non hostile actor) and they will respond trying to help the victim by entering combat with the player. You have many ways of submitting an actor, but we can divide them in two main categories:



  • You can combat submit an actor if its Health is below the percent you set in MCM, once this condition is true you can then proceed to the submission by doing one of the following:
    • Using the Main MCG Hotkey on the target, you will see the "Combat Submit" option in the menu;
    • Hit the actor with an unarmed weapon type like your fists, but keep in mind you could kill the target. (Available only if immersive submission is enabled)
    • Hit the actor with the "Disciplinary Baton" that you can craft in the chemlab under the MCG Craftables category. (Available only if immersive submission is enabled)
    • Aiming at the target in ironsights you will see a new activation option "Submit". (Available only if immersive submission is enabled)
  • You can combat submit an actor regardless of their health percent if they're under the vanilla holdown effect, this includes:
    • Actors pacified with the vanilla intimidation perk;
    • Animals pacified with the vanilla animal friend perk;
    • Creatures pacified with the Wasteland Whisperer perk;
    • Robots controlled with the Robotic Expert Perk;
    • Again, you submit them doing one of the following:
      • Using the Main MCG Hotkey on the target, you will see the "Combat Submit" option in the menu;
      • Hit the actor with an unarmed weapon type like your fists, but keep in mind you could kill the target. (Available only if immersive submission is enabled)
      • Hit the actor with the "Disciplinary Baton" that you can craft in the chemlab under the MCG Craftables category. (Available only if immersive submission is enabled)
  • You can combat submit an actor regardless of their health percent if they are actors you captured in cages from the wasteland workshop mod, doing one of the following:
    • Using the Main MCG Hotkey on the target, you will see the "Combat Submit" option in the menu;
    • Hit the actor with an unarmed weapon type like your fists, but keep in mind you could kill the target. (Available only if immersive submission is enabled)
    • Hit the actor with the "Disciplinary Baton" that you can craft in the chemlab under the MCG Craftables category. (Available only if immersive submission is enabled)



  • You can silently submit any actor if you use the MCG Main Hotkey on them while they don't detect you and you're sneaking and you have the sneak 5 perk;
  • You can silently submit any actor if you, while sneaking, use the Drug Injector weapon , that you can craft in the chemlab under the MCG Craftable category or buy it from general merchants, against them while they don't detect you (Each Drug Injector is single use and expended in the process);
  • You can silently submit any actor if you use the new Drugged Dart for the Syringer weapon , that you can craft in the chemlab under the MCG Craftable category or buy it from general merchants, against them while they don't detect you.


For gameplay reasons some actors cannot be submitted, this include:

  • Vanilla companions
  • Children (of course)
  • already enslaved npcs (because they already are submitted)
  • Generally actors that are in a MCG role, like your official lover etc.


ACTOR SUBMITTED OPTIONS: Once you have submitted an actor you can use the MCG Main Hotkey on them to see the new "Submitted options", and a new submenu will appear letting you doing any of the following options:

  • Exit: You can just leave the actor in the submitted state, they will recover after 3 minutes or if you leave the area;
  • Inventory: You can take anything from their inventory as they were one of your settlers;
  • Kill: You can kill the submitted actor. You can also do this manually but with this button you can also kill Essential actors;
  • Revive: You can instantly revive them and they will leave the submitted state, they may resume combat against you;
  • Rape: You can Rape them on the spot;
  • Enslave: You can enslave them, provided you have at least one Enslavement Equipment in your inventory. 
  • Undress: You can force them to be naked, valid only for human like actors;
  • Info: A message with some useful info about the actor you submitted will appear, this could be useful to evaluate if they are worth to be enslaved and other things.

When you submit an actor, that actor will remember this. If they leave the submission state they will not let you have normal MCG Dialogues with them, but you can restore the relation to normal by paying an amount of caps you can set in MCM.



  • You can submit any race, including deathclaws, but depending on settings you can only enslave a limited list of races;
  • By default when you submit someone that is not hostile towards you, it will be revived if you enter combat being caught in the crime by other actors; (You can change this in MCM)
  • By default when you submit someone, the "Submitted actor" submenu options will note be available if you are in combat, combat must end for those options to be available, this is intended to limit player exploitation but you can change this in MCM.




ACTOR ENSLAVING: As you noticed, one of the options for submitted actors is to enslave that actor, that option will be available only if you have at least one Enslave Equipment in your inventory, you can craft these in the chemlab under the MCG Craftables section or buying them from general merchants. The enslavement will cost 1 Enslave Equipment in most cases but it's free in the following cases:

  • Enslaving a newly built synth via dialogue if you use the Workshop Synth Production Mod;
  • Enslaving Actors captured from the Wasteland Workshops Cages and submitted;

When you enslave an actor there is a process called "Cloning" that take place, essentially the actor you enslave is killed and disintegrated (it will vanish from the game) and a new actor with the same face and same statistics will appear in its place. This system is not enabled for Unique Actors but you may enable it in MCM. The advantage of this system is that you can clear a location or completing a quest that require you to kill an actor while at the same time enslaving it. In addition to this the cloning system enable any enslaved actor to be assigned to workshops as they were settlers.


ACTOR ENSLAVED OPTIONS: Once you have enslaved an actor you can use the MCG Main Hotkey on them to see the new "Slave options" menu. From there a new submenu will appear letting you doing any of the following options:

  • Command: You can give commands to your slave like it was a vanilla companion, you can exit this mode as you would in vanilla;
  • Info: A message will appear with useful information about your slave;
  • Inventory: You can manage the inventory of your slave;
  • Release: you can free your slave, doing so could make the actor hostile to you again if you didn't assign it to one of your workshops before;
  • Follow/Wait: You can order up to 4 slave to follow you, only the slaves that are currently following you can be sold to some merchants and some factions for a profit;
  • Kill: You can kill even essential actors with this button;
  • Recruit with gold: Every slave has a price in caps depending on its level. If you pay you can make it one of your MCG followers; 
  • Give Food: You can give your slave some food to replenish their health and if right personality to improve their submission (More on the submission Level of slaves later in the guide)
  • Undress: You can force the slave to be naked with this button, valid only for human like slaves;
  • Rape: You can rape the slave;
  • Tag For Orgy: You can tag this actor to partecipate in the orgy you are preparing, (At the moment orgies are supported up to threesomes);
  • Recruit by submission: The same as recruit with gold but instead of using caps this require that the slave reach the submission level of 4,0;
  • Move to Workshop (not assign): this will simply teleport the actor to the workshop of your choice, Note: this will not assign the slave to the workshop, to do that you must give that command in a MCG dedicated dialogue;
  • Equip New Collar: the slaves have a custom collar equipped by default but if you manage their inventory you could end unequipping it, you can then equip one copy for free using this button, this is valid only for human like slaves;
  • Allow/ Cancel sandboxing: By default, after enslaving it, the actor will stay put on the spot they are, doing nothing. This is an assurance that they will remain exactly where you want, but you can also allow them to sandbox around using this button. If you do so they will also use furnitures in their sandboxing radius, so i.e. if you want them to stay into a furniture you must allow this and optionally command them to load into the furniture;
  • Special Recruitment: is a way to instantly recruit a slave as one of your MCG Followers, this option is valid only for enslaved Robots, Synths, Animals and Super Mutants and it requires either some stats and craftables in your inventory or some perks, as follow:
    • Robots and Synths: FFoFF (Friends or Foes) Override Chip or having the Robotics Expert 3 perk;
    • Animals: Pheromones or having the Wasteland Whisperer 2 AND the Animal Friend 2 perks;
    • Super Mutants: Super Mutants Delight or having the Cannibal 3 perk;
    • Find more about Pheromones, FFoFF chips and Super Mutant Delights HERE.
  • Give Clothes if possible: you can make your slave equip some standard clothes if you want, this is valid only for human like, feral ghouls and Super Mutant slaves, the latter two in fact when enslaved and cloned are generally naked.
  • NPCs (Humans and ghouls) have in addition a dialogue with other additional options:
    • Assign to workshops like they were settlers;
    • Force them to dance for you;
    • Give them food via dialogue;
    • Forcing to rape via dialogue;


SLAVE SUBMISSION LEVEL: This is a level stored for each slave that works like the relation points explained in the Chapter 1 of this guide; Each Slave has a personality among three, that we will call A B and C for convenience and that exactly mirror the relationship personalities. You can break their resistance and increase their submission by doing the appropriate action for their personality:

  • Some slaves react positively if you take care of them giving them food;
  • Some slaves are bent if you rape them;
  • Some Slaves are broken if you hit them with your fists;
  • All the slaves react when you hit them with the disciplinary baton.

Note that every action if appropriate increase their submission by 20 points but then they enter cooldown and you can't increase it while they are in that state, unless you are using the disciplinary baton that only increase the submission by 1 point per hit but be careful not ending killing your slave while punishing it.

The submission level unlocks more options you can have with your slaves:

  • When it reaches the level of 4,0 and higher you can recruit that slave as a trusted MCG companion for free; (Recruit by submission)
  • When it reaches the level of 4,61 you can make that actor your official lover (Stockholm syndrome anyone?)
  • When it reaches the level of 4,61 and that actor is an animal or creature you can make it your sex pet.
  • When it reaches the level of 1,0 you can recruit that slave as an MCG Follwer by paying some caps
  • When it reaches the level of 1,0 and that actor is human or ghoul you can assign it via a MCG dialogue to your workshops as they were your settler;
  • When it reaches the level of 2,0 and that actor is human or ghoul you can make them dance for you using a MCG dialogue
  • When it reaches the level of 3,0 and that actor is human or ghoul you can have consensual sex with that actor (Factors like cooldowns and refused state and infamy apply in this case)



  • Slaves have an explosive chip inside...in the chemlab there is a "remote detonator" weapon that you can craft under the "MCG Craftables category"...if used against a slave it will blow it up! ?
  • You can have a max of 100 slave at any given time in the world and you can only bring with you a max of 4 slaves, those slaves that are currently following you are the only valid that can be sold to merchants at time;
  • Generally general goods merchants and quartermaster will trade in slaves but they are faction dependent, this means that they will accept to buy slaves that are considered their enemies (i.e Bos will accept Institute slaves etc)
  • Some categories of slaves like animals, robots, synth, super mutants, gunners and raider etc are generally accepted by all factions, so you can sell them to all;
  • General merchants of player settlements will accept any enslaved actor, so you can sell any slave to them;
  • If you long press the MCG Option Hotkey to display its menu you will see the "TELEPORT" option submenu which has many additional handy options for handling your slave:
    • You can teleport to you all the 4 following slaves if you lost them in your journeys;
    • You can Access the "Slave archive" which is an indexed archive, you will have various button that will tell you where each of your slaves are, and what is their name and also their index in the archive. Using the archive index you can then also remotely select any of your slaves and you will then be able to do remote actions on your slaves like, getting additional info, teleport to you or kill them etc...
    • You can also teleport all your owned slaves to you at once;
    • The enslavement of Massive creatures like deathclaws is disabled by default but you can enable it, note though that if you do that and an enslaved or companion deathclaw follows you in interiors there may be glitchy situations...




As you know for Fallout 4 there are many mods that allows you to have all the vanilla companions following you at the same time, generally they're indicated as MULTIPLE FOLLOWERS FRAMEWORKs, my opinion on them is that they're unbalanced. There is a reason if the authors of Fallout 4 did not allow that, I am generally reluctant to heavily modify vanilla game because the authors creating the game had a general vision of balance and fairness I prefer to not modify

So i built a different system that can emulate in part those mods but keeping always balance in mind and not using vanilla followers. (You can however have both MCG and MULTIPLE FOLLOWERS FRAMEWORKs installed together if you don't mind balance).


RECRUITING PEOPLE AS FOLLOWERS: Virtually any Npc can be made a player companion with this system, and yes this include animals, creatures, raiders, gunners etc... but them will follow some rules:

  • They are not set as essential, unless they already are, this means that your MCG followers can die in combat;
  • Already essential MCG followers will enter bleedout if beaten and you will have 30 seconds to stimpack them or else they will leave your command;
  • They will not have infinite ammo, this means that generally you must give them ammo (Or use the cheat in MCM for infinite ammo for followers)
  • If they are injured they can auto recover health out of combat;
  • They behave like vanilla companions, so you can trade with them, give commands etc;

To recruit an npc as companion you have different options:

  • You can recruit a slave if submission is at least 1,0 and paying a sum of caps necessary for its training;
  • You can recruit a slave directly if submission is at least 4,0;
  • You can recruit slave robots, synths, animals and supermutants using the special recruitment system;
  • You can recruit any actor belonging to a faction you are the boss (or quite) of, you can do that by using the appropriate MCG Dialogue in the "tool" branch. This means that i.e. when you reach the rank of Sentinel you can order any BOS Actor to become a "companion"
  • You can recruit any non unique actor by "hiring" them as mercenary paying a sum of caps, using the appropriate MCG Dialogue in the "tool" branch.
  • You can recruit as companion any actor that has at least 4,0 relationship points;
  • You can recruit as companion your married actor;


YOUR PERSONAL ARMY: Basically with this mod you can have a sort of personal army at your command, but there are some limitations and some rules on how much of them you can have:

  • You can have a max of up to 8 active MCG Followers, an Active MCG Follower is one that is currently following you;
  • When you dismiss an MCG Follower they will abandon their duty to you and you cannot simply recall into service, they must be rehired, this is not a problem for some categories (i.e. if you are a BOS sentinel you can always recruit actor back, but it can be a problem for actors recruited as mercenary because you need to pay again to recruit them back)
  • Instead of dismissing them you can order them to leave active service and "stay here as guard" this way they will hold their current position and act as a turret. Note that you can have a max of 100 companions as guards in the world at any given time;
  • If you use the MCG Main Hotkey on them you can see an option submenu "Companions Option" that gives you the following choice:
    • Recall: Tell them to leave guard duty and become an active follower;
    • Stay Here as Guard: Tell them to stay exactly where they are guarding the place, becoming a sort of "turret", in this state they will abandon active state and will free an MCG Active followers slot and at the same time they will have infinite ammo for combat;
    • Dismiss: they will abandon their duty to you and will return to the activities they were doing before you recruited them;
    • Move to Workshop (not assign): this will simply teleport the actor to the workshop of your choice, Note: this will not assign the companion to the workshop, to assign to workshop as they were settlers you must instead give that command in a MCG dedicated dialogue for MCG followers that are humans or ghouls;
  • If you long press the MCG Option Hotkey to display its menu you will see the "TELEPORT" option submenu which has many additional handy options for handling your companions:
    • You can teleport to you all the 8 current active companions if you lost them in your journeys;
    • You can teleport to you your active vanilla companions;
    • You can Access the "Guards archive" which is an indexed archive, you will have various button that will tell you where each of your guards are, and what is their name and also their index in the archive. Using the archive index you can then also remotely select any of your guards and you will then be able to do remote actions on your guards like, getting additional info, teleport to you or dismiss them etc...
    • You can also teleport all your owned guards to you at once;




 If you enable the Respawn System of MCG the player will become essential, not killable, filling an Alias. In this way when defeated the player instead of reloading the game can continue to play and live with the consequences of the defeat. To some a feature like this may seem a cheat that make the player easier, well I think that it's quite the opposite:

When you are defeated, if you set the MCM setting accordingly you will be robbed of your stuff by the aggressor, this means that i.e. you can loose your precious legendary weapons and armors. I think that in fallout 4 we can quite confidently say that the power of the player can be calculated from their weapons and armors, so if you loose them the game will become surely harder than a simple reload the game when defeated.



You can Surrender to hostile actors as a non combat solution for most fallout 4 hostile encountes, to surrender you must use one of the following:

  • Use the MCG Main Hotkey on an hostile actor you want to surrender to and you must have at least more than 50% of your total health.
  • Long Press the MCG Option Hotkey to see the MCG Options menu, one of the buttons will allow you to surrender to the nearest hostile actor in a 2048 radius, if any.

When you use one of those options a popup asking if you want to really surrender will show and if you accept you will be forced to do sex with the hostile actor but at then end you will enjoy a period of pacification, any actor in the area will be pacified for the amount of time you set in MCM, this period can be interrupted by using violence against any actor and can be instead extended by using the MCG Option Hotkey again on any hostile pacified actor during this time. Extending the pacification time will grant you 2x the pacification time at the end of the rape;



You cannot be killed, instead of being killed you will instead enter a bleeding out state, and based on the settings you set in MCM some events can happen: 

  • You can be robbed and raped, then allowed to escape in a small time window;
  • You can be left for dead and you will respawn to the spawn point you can set using the MCG Option Hotkey ("Move respawn Point"), or after you slept in a bed or waited on a furniture. 
  • After being raped you have 60 seconds of pacification time (you can change it in MCM) to leave the scene, you can extend this time by using the MCG Option Hotkey again on any hostile pacified actor during this time. Extending the pacification time will grant you 2x the pacification time at the end of the rape;


When you are raped, the system will track your rapists up to the max of 20 at any time. Rapists that raped you will also rob you if you allow that in the MCM Defeat system settings. You can then use the tracked rapists on the Quests to find them and take your revenge, note that once they defeat and rape you, the rapists will have the "Ego Emboldened Effect" when they fight you, this will give them much more attack, speed and protection. So you should better prepare yourself for the time you want to take revenge. After you killed your rapist, you can get your stuff back from the dead body, if they robbed you, and then you can cancel them from the revenge list using the appropriate activation option on their body


When you respawn instead, your stuff will be gone (if you allowed that in the MCM settings). The only way to retrieve your stuff back at that point will be to either use an MCM cheat or use the appropriate MCG Dialogue in the "Tool branch" with general goods merchants and bartenders, they can retrieve your stiff back...for a fee that you can set in MCM.



  • The respawn system is an emulation of the Fallout 76 respawn, if you ever played that game. Note that the mod is aware of where you die and will prevent respawn if you die in some locations where you cannot be allowed to leave like the mechanist lair during the final battle. In that case you just...reload your game as you normally would without this mod...the old fashioned way! ;)
  • If the tracked list of rapists reach the max of 20 at any given time, the next rapists that defeat you will not rob and take your stuff in their inventory but will treat you stuff as you respawned;
  • After someone raped and defeated you, you will be in a "Just Defeated state" that will last 15 real time minutes, if you are defeated again in this time you will respawn instead of be raped;
  • If you die killed by natural hazards or for your incompetence ("so tell me of that time you aimed that fat man too close...") you will respawn instead of be raped by nearby enemies;
  • When you are raped the system support a max of 1 follower being raped with you, the follower can be the current vanilla follower or one of your active MCG Followers but they need to be humans.
  • The player being raped supports up to threesomes;


FOR MODDERS: Mcg has an API and an MCG_Integration_kit that you can download and use to tie into MCG mechanics. In particular, regarding the Respawn System, there is a custom event you can register for that is sent after the player has been defeated or respawned, with useful info returned as a Var array like the actor aggressor that defeated the player and the current player location. You could use this event to make post defeat scenarios or add custom consequences on player defeat.






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M.C.G. GUIDE 1/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 2/4: Here

--->M.C.G. GUIDE 3/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 4/4: Here






This mod has many statistics, attributes and mechanics, the biggest two mechanics have been treated in the previous 2 chapter, now let's see the other major system and we'll leave the minor ones for the last chapter that will be treated in other posts further down in this topic.




Lust System:

Every 15 in game minutes your inner sexual desire grows. That is your current lust level, which goes from 0 to 100 and is divided in 5 stages:

  • 0 - 9.99  Happy (Euphoric) : The mood bonus applies;
  • 10- 30.99  Satisfied : In this phase you don't have bonus nor malus;
  • 40- 59.99 Distracted: In this phase you suffer -1 to Int and Perception plus the mood malus
  • 60- 70.99 Aroused: You suffer -2 to INT and PER plus the mood malus x2
  • 80- 100 In need: You suffer -4 to INT and PER plus the mood malus x4


Mood System:

The Mood is the result of your Sexual Type preferences, in fact there are 3 types of sex considered in the mod:


  1. SUBMISSIVE: when the player is the "victim", this happens when the player must satisfy the other actor so you'll have this type of sex when the player prostitute himself, when he/she is raped, defeated or generally using his/her body to obtain something;
  2. NORMAL: This is the typical consensual sex;
  3. AGGRESSIVE: This happens when the player have the aggressive, dominant role, whenever he/she force to sex the other actor, this happens in certain relationships, when the player wants sex from an enslaved npc, when he/she rape or drug actors and so on...


Every Sexual Act will be added to the corresponding number of Sex Type increasing its corresponding level, so at the end of each sexual act the Player's Mood will be determined by the following formula:


            MOOD: (Aggressive/Normal) - (Submissive/Normal) 

By this mathematical formula every normal sex act has the power to maintain the Mood close to 0, while every aggressive or 

Submissive sex act will bring the mood away from 0. An equal number of aggressive and submissive sex will mantain the equilibrium.


AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME THE VALUES ARE: 0 submissives10 normal and 0 aggressive, this to avoid division by 0 and to give the player a buffer before enter in perversion or addiction according to the Mood formula:

  • Mood >= + 1.0:             AGGRESSIVE MOOD
  • - 1.0 < Mood < + 1.0:     NORMAL MOOD
  • Mood <= - 1.0:              SUBMISSIVE MOOD


The interactions between the Lust System and the Mood System are summarized in this table:




  The lust grows at the same small rate at first (about 0.08 per 15 in game minutes...so you need about 13 in game days to have your need of sex full normally but this rate is influenced by the Mood System and can dynamically increase (if you enable the option in MCM) the further you are from mood 0 or Normal. So the more deviated you are the faster your need for sex will grow. 

NOTES about the Lust and Mood system:

  • In MCM you can customize the rates and interactions of this system.
  • Some MCG dialogues and options are influenced by current Mood Level, i.e. the player will not be able to refuse a prostitution approach or harassment if their mood is too submissive, or the player can't have sentimental conversations or give romantic kisses if their mood is too much dominant etc...





Wear System:

So...you wanna fuck all diamond city in a day right? Wrong...If Sex acts reset your lust level, they also increase your wear level which is a value that goes from 0 to 100 and is divided in 5 stages:

  • 0 - 20 Healthy: it's all ok!
  • 20.01-40 Discomfort: you suffer -1 agility -1 strength
  • 40.01-60 Pain: you suffer -2 agility -2 strength
  • 60.01-80 Bleeding: you suffer -4 agility -4 strength
  • 80.01-100 Wasted: You suffer -8 agility -8 strength.

In addition to the previous malus reaching certain wear values will make you suffer the following effects (HARDCORE WEAR EFFECTS?

  • Wear >= 50, as long you have a wear level over 50 you have a chance of taking a disease from wear level (if diseases from wear level is enabled), the bigger your wear level the higher the chance.
  • Wear >= 70, you start bleeding taking periodic small damages as long as your wear is above 70;
  • Wear >= 80,  one of your leg will become crippled...and will stay that way as long as your wear level is above 80;
  • Wear >= 90, your arms become crippled...and will stay that way as long as your wear level is above 90;
  • Wear = 100, you are crippled on all body parts and you take a random disease (if diseases from wear level is enabled)


The wear you take after a sex act is influenced by the following factors:

  • RACE : Having fun with humans is one thing...with Super Mutants is a different thing...Racial values give the base wear.
  • RANDOM COEFFICIENT : A random small coefficient is multiplied to the base wear for a bit of randomness, we are not all the same after all :)
  • SEX TYPE: as I have already mentioned submissive sex give x2 the base wear, normal x1, and aggressive x1.5
  • SEX EXPERIENCE: The more sex you have with a race, the more experienced with that race you become, the less wear you receive after sex with that race. (after 200 sex acts with a race you become immune to wear with that race. The same Sex experience is also used for the calculus of prostitution earnings when you sell your body to that specific race!
  • THREESOME: Threesomes give 1.5x the Wear after all the previous calculations


How to heal your wear:

  • with time the wear will automatically heal at the following rate by paying a doctor 1000 caps( doctors also normalise your mood)
    • - 0.27 every in game 15 minutes when you are awake.
    • 3x the previous value every in game quarter hours sleeping.
  • by paying a doctor 1000 caps( doctors also normalise your mood). The MCG Dialogue to do so is in the "Tool topic branch"
  • by using the Wear Emollient which is a craftable in the chemlab, under the "MCG Craftables category", when used will heal the 40% of current player wear level, so this is more efficient the higher is the current wear, but it can be used only once every 5 minutes or else you'll waste it.


NOTES about the wear system:

  • You can customize everything about Wear and Tear System in the MCM menu, in the "Wear System" page.
  • The wear effects are temporarly negated if under the influence of MedX and Psycho and its derivatives;
  •  The damages on your limbs due to hardcore wear effects can be temporarly healed using stimpacks, but if your wear is still high their condition will soon worsen again;



This mod uses the Condoms by Family planning enhanced (HERE) for protection against diseases as they are equippable by Males and Females alike. After a sex act involving the player there is a check if you wear the condom. If you wear the condom nothing happens more than the normal. If you are not wearing any condoms, there is a chance of getting a disease than you can customize in MCM. 

  • In MCM the max chance of taking a sexual disease is 32%
  • Some situations are hardcoded to give a chance higher than the max, i.e. prostitution and making sex with some creatures and mutants.
  • Some actors don't give any chance of taking sexual diseases if they are in some specific roles, like if they are your official lover.
  • Kissing, Hugging and masturbations if started by this mod are exempted from STDs.
  • The diseases you can take are from the vanilla fallout 4 survival mode;

You can cure yourself with vanilla antibiotics or vanilla doctors, if you are not playing survival check the chemlab under "MCG Craftables" section because you can craft a non survival mode version of antibiotics with this mod.



When the player starts the game, he/she is open minded about sex without bonus or malus, but when you fuck a specific race for more than the half of all the sexual acts combined, including masturbation, the mod starts some calculations, and after each sex it will calculate the preferred sexual race. To PREFER A SEXUAL RACE, the number of people fucked from that race must be bigger than the half of the total number of people fucked in general. If no race satisfy this condition then you'll remain open minded. When a race is preferred only the sexual acts with that race will give GOOD ORGASMS, all the others will give BAD ORGASMS.

The point of having a preferred sexual race is that you will have combat bonus with them, as follow:

  • HUMANS: +5% damage against them;
  • MUTANTS: +20% damage against Ghouls and super mutants
  • ROBOTS: +20% damage against robots, synths, turrets.
  • ANIMALS: +25% against animals and creatures;
  • MASTURBATIONS (Incomplete sex) : no bonuses.



After a sexual Act the player is have an orgasm, there are two types of them:

  • Good Orgasm: they reset the LUST level of the player to 0 (zero) and, depending from the current Player MOOD they give a bonus for 180 seconds:
    • +10% weapon damage if MOOD AGGRESSIVE;
    • +10% better selling or buyng prices if MOOD NORMAL;
    • +10% Stealth capabilities if MOOD SUBMISSIVE;
  • Bad Orgasm: They DO NOT RESET the LUST level of the player, which remain the same as before the sexual act and they give malus that lasts for 180 seconds:
    • -1 to each SPECIAL stat;
    • +10% damage received from enemies



Infamy and Infidelty Systems:


For the entire time you are involved in a sexual activity you are vulnerable to prying eyes, if they acquire line of sight upon you, you may suffer some consequences:

  • If you are directly seen by your lover or romanced vanilla companion, you loose the married status or the romanced status with that actor;
  • If you are seen doing public sex by actors that have at least a relationship level of 1,0 with you you suffer a damage in relations;
  • if you are seen by vanilla companions doing public sex and they are not romanced and have at least 100 affinity you loose some affinity.
  • If you are seen by other actors and you are married or you have a romanced vanilla companion following you there is a chance (that you can set in MCM) that they report your misconduct to your lover;
  • If you are seen by other actors doing public sex there is a chance (that you can set in MCM) that this will irritate them and raise your infamy level.

Of course there are exceptions to the actors that spy on you, i.e. MCG followers, children, enemies, actors you are doing sex with, and some other will not spy on you. The purpose of this system is to encourage the player to have sex in private, while at the same time giving consistence and real consequences if the player choose to be an exhibitionist. Lacking fallout 4 a crime and jail system like in skyrim i couldn't integrate this system like I did for the Skyrim version but I had to create a new simpler system. The consequences of an high Infamy level are the following:

  • Infamy > 1 = for each point of Infamy your success chances of flirting, prostituting and dating are lower, precluding at some point the player the ability to have consensual sex.
  • Infamy >= 30 from this point you are not able to date anyone, it's very difficult to increase relationship level with other actors;
  • Infamy >= 50 The quick sex options like prostituting and flirting are disabled and in addition to this even if you have a lover, that lover will be disgusted by the rumors about your activities and will not accept to do sex with you
  • Infamy >= 75 On fast travelling or entering a civilized place, like diamond city, GoodN , Far Harbor and even player settlements you may be confronted by the people living there that tells you to pay a fine for your misconduct or leave (If you refuse they will turn hostile), in effect banning you from that community.
  • In addition to those effects if your Infamy is very high you receive debuffs to your charisma and also your luck to take in account the bad disposition of people against you.
  • An additional consequence of an high Infamy is that the merchants will apply higher prices and your stealth capabilities will be weaker because you are a known bad boy/ bad girl.

Ideally you want to keep your Infamy always at zero but if you accumulate infamy points be aware that infamy doesn't fade away with time and the only way to lower the Infamy is to talk with someone and pay the corresponding cost. (You can set the cost of each Infamy point in MCM).


Notes about the infidelty and Infamy system:

  • Publicly masturbating will not be calculated for the infidelty but WILL BE for the Infamy;
  • Kissing/Hugging started by MCG will not be calculated for infidelty nor for Infamy;
  • The affinity of vanilla companions cannot be damaged to negative values, this to allow you to always recover the relation


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M.C.G. GUIDE 1/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 2/4: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 3/4: Here

--->M.C.G. GUIDE 4/4: Here








Bed Renting: If you have this option enabled you can approach an owned bed (You must be very close) and you'll see a new activation option called "RENT". Using it if a valid owner is nearby you will be prompted to pay with caps (An amount you can customize in MCM) or pay with sex. Either way after you pay you can sleep only 1 time, so choose wisely especially if you play in survival. To sleep again you must pay again. This very system is also the same for beds owned by your official lover in its home, i.e. if you marry Myrna you will have access to her house, if you go to her house you'll find that all the things she owns are free for you to take now but the bed is still marked as owned but if you use the "RENT" activation option you'll be able to sleep without any payment. Know bug: Beds assigned to settlers in player owned settlements are marked as "rent" even if you can sleep there normally, solution: ignore the "rent" activation and use the normal "sleep" activation option.


Clean Dead Bodies: If you have the relative option enabled in MCM, when you're sneaking you have a new activation option to use on corpse: "Clean Body", using this will remove the corpse from the game, you can roleplay this as a sort of "bury dead" feature, but the main purpose is to let you clean your settlements from corpses if they start stocking up due to attacks. Note: this feature don't use any disable() and mark for delete function, instead it uses the setcriticalstage function so you can be sure it will not break your game and especially it will not remove actors spawn points from the game. As of version 2.12.00 if you have currently an MCG Shovel equipped, using the clean body activation will show a menu in which one option is to bury in an actual grave the corpse. Then you will have the opportunity to interact with the grave to add markers like a wooden cross or a stick with an helmet on top which you can activate to pay respect on. Note that a model of grave and fancier activable tombstones are also available to be constructed in settlements under the decorations/misc category.



Craftables: all MCG craftables can be built in the chemlab under the "MCG Craftables" category. The majority of them require that you have enabled in MCM the "Player Aggressor" toggle and some other have quest completion requirements, they will be hidden if those conditions are not met. They are:

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  • Enslaving chip: When you have this in your inventory you are able to enslave actors you were able to submit. You can also buy them in general stores. To craft it you require:
    • Night person 1 perk;
    • 1 circuit;
    • 2 adhesive
    • 1 oil
    • 4 steel
    • 1 fertilizer
    • 1 fusion cell
  • Antibiotics: This is an alternative recipe to craft the vanilla antibiotics, also this is the only way to obtain them if you don't play survival. Note that you can cure your diseases also using doctors. To craft them you need:
    • Chemist 1 perk;
    • 2 acid
    • 1 stimpak
    • 3 purified water
    • 3 glowing fungus
  • Syringer weapon: You can craft a syringer from any pipe bolt action weapon, if you have the skills and the materials! the exact requirements for it are:
    • Gun nut 2 perk
    • 5 glass
    • 5 adhesives
    • 5 oil
    • 5 springs
    • 5 steel
    • 1 pipe bolt action weapon, any weapon of this type will be ok.
  • Drug Injector: This is a special weapon that you can use against actors, if you hit them while you are sneaking and they don't detect you, you will silently submit them..what will you do next with the drugged actor is your business. You can also buy them in general stores. To craft it you require:
    • Medic 1 perk
    • 2 circuitry
    • 3 copper
    • 3 adhesive
    • 3 oil
    • 1 mentats
    • 1 purified water
    • 2 fusion cells
  • Drugged Dart: This is a special dart that you can use with the Syringer Weapon, it essentially is a Drug Injector that you can shoot from distance. You can also buy them in general stores. To craft it you require:
    • 1 Drug Injector!
  • Disciplinary Baton: You can use this special weapon that does only 1 point of damage to increase the submission level of your slave with each hit, without them entering cooldown. Also if you have the immersive submission option enabled and your target has the health below the submission threshold you can use this to instantly submit it like when you use your fists but with much less chance to kill the target in the submission process. To craft it you only require:
    • 5 wood
  • Nice Flowers: These are flowers that you can gift to your dating actor to increase their cooldown by 0,10 points. This gift is valid for all personality types and you only need some flowers that you can gather in the wild:
    • 1 Purified water
    • 1 thistle
    • 1 Mutated fern flower
    • 1 bloodleaf
    • 1 hubflower
  • Flare Gun: you can craft a copy of the flare gun which is an unique weapon and the only of its kind in the game, this is because if you loose that weapon or harassers steal it from you you can always make a copy. To craft it you need:
    • Completing "The First Steps" quest, basically joining the minutemen
    • 2 adhesive
    • 2 oil
    • 3 steel
    • 1 pipe revolver weapon, any weapon of this type will be ok
  • Remote Detonator: this special weapon does only 1 damage and must be reloaded with 1 fusion cell for each shot, but if you hit one of your slaves with this you will trigger the explosive chip inside your slave, making it explode...imaging using this against those pesky super mutant suiciders...fight fire with fire ?. To craft this you need:
    • demolition expert 2 perk
    • 1 circuitry
    • 2 copper
    • 2 adhesive
    • 1 Laser weapon, any weapon of this type will be ok but note that Institute Laser weapons are not compatible.
  • Emollient: this special self medicament is capable to instantly reduce your sexual wear by 40%, this means that the higher your wear the more efficient this will be. Note that once used your body will not respond to further treatments with any more emollient for at least 5 real time minutes. To craft it you need:
    • Medic 2 perk
    • 5 antiseptics
    • 3 purified water
    • 4 cloths
  • MCG Prostitution Ring: this special ring can be use along the relative setting in MCM about the NPC Initiative System. If that setting is enabled, the player will be approached by npcs asking for sex (I.e. that will pay the player for sex) only when you wear this ring, and at the same time while you wear this ring any other initiative scenario, except harassment and lover scenarios, will not start. Essentially this ring will mark the player as a prostitute. To craft it you need:
    • 1 gold
  • Creature Pheromones: this item can be used to instantly recruit any enslaved animal or creature as one of your MCG Active followers, like a companion, using the "Special Recruitment" button in the slave options submenu (That you can show using the MCG Main Hotkey on your slaves). Note that the very goal of this item can be also achieved if you have both the Wasteland Whisperer 2 and the Animal Friend 2 perks. To craft it you need:
    • An Endurance stat of 8 or higher
    • 1 stimpak
    • 1 bloatfly gland
  • FFOFF (friends or foes) Override Chip: this item can be used to instantly recruit any enslaved robot or synth gen 1 or gen 2 as one of your MCG Active followers, like a companion, using the "Special Recruitment" button in the slave options submenu (That you can show using the MCG Main Hotkey on your slaves). Note that the very goal of this item can be also achieved if you have the robotics expert 3 perk. To craft it you need:
    • An intelligence stat of 8 or higher
    • 1 military grade circuit board
    • 1 robot repair kit
  • Super Mutant Delight: this item can be used to instantly recruit any enslaved super mutant as one of your MCG Active followers, like a companion, using the "Special Recruitment" button in the slave options submenu (That you can show using the MCG Main Hotkey on your slaves). Note that the very goal of this item can be also achieved if you have the cannibal 3 perk. To craft it you need:
    • A strength stat of 8 or higher
    • 1 radAway
    • 1 Mutant Hound Meat...yeah you will make you super mutant slave eat his loved hound meat and show him who's boss.
  • Shovel weapon: this weapon can be used by hitting a corpse killed by the player to bury it in a grave or to use the "Clear body" activation option on corpses while having the shovel equipped to have a menu in which you can select to simply clear or bury a body, this activation option will work also on bodies (not skeletons) already in the gaming world (i.e. not killed by the player).


Dice Game: If you start an MCG Dialogue with some people, under the "Hey, do you have a moment?" topic and the "tool" topic you will see the opportunity to start a dice game, if the actor is not in cooldown. The amount of caps required to play depends on the amount of money that the actor you are talking with have, the minimum is 10 caps anyway. If you have the caps and the actor is not in cooldown the game commence: There are 3 turns for you and the opponent. each turn a first value is rolled, being used 2 dices the value can be in the range 2 - 12, you must then say if the next launch of the turn will have a lower or higher value. if it's the same value you loose the turn, if you predict wrongly you loose. After you it's the turn of your opponent and you are notified if it loose or win. This repeat for 3 turns, to win you must win more turns than your opponent. The higher the player luck the higher the chances for the opponent to loose.


Drugged on submissive sex: If you have the relative option enabled in MCM, when you have any sexual intercourse considered consensual submissive (Which means all the time you use your body to please the other actor and obtain something in return) you have a chance, that you can set in MCM that you will also use a drug (jet and it's derivatives) to accompany the act, this includes also masturbations started by this mod. Note that if you have this option enabled and you are Raped, or you have NON CONSENSUAL submissive sex the chance of being drugged are hardcoded at 100%


Lotteries: If you start an MCG dialogue with bartenders (including the one you assign in settlements) you find a new dialogue about a lottery. You can buy a ticket for the cost of 10 caps, if you have a winning ticket you can ask the bartender for the reward, that will be 1000 caps. Chances of winning are low, and are sensitive to player Luck Points. If the player have maxed out luck lotteries in the long run can provide a positive balance income.


Npc-npc sex system (random sex): If you enable this system from the MCG Options Hotkey menu, human npcs around the player will have autonomous sex intercourses among themselves, accordingly to the settings in the relative MCM page. The settings should be self explanatory, just some notes:

  • Disabling AAF Scene settings packages can be unimmersive (actors teleport) but more efficient on resources and you will see much more action...
  • All the settings of the type "X vs Y" like "Solo vs Non Solo" let you set the relative chance between 2 options that are mutually exclusive, i.e in Solo vs Non solo, the higher you set this chance the more often you'll see masturbations and lower will be chance of having couple or threesome sex.
  • This system is very simple and very few options to customize it, if you want a more fleshed out system you can check a mod like AAF Autonomy or RSE II Random Shenanigans that are built specifically for this purposes with many more options, like non human sex etc.


Quest Rewards system: If you have the relative option enabled in MCM, sometimes when you complete a quest actors will be pleased by your accomplishments and will want to reward you...sexually. This is not limited only to quest givers, tough they are the most probable candidates to give you this kind of rewards, but can also be actors you recently talked with, as they could hear the rumors about your adventures and be eager to reward you! When this happens you are informed either via a notification or via a message, depending on the relative setting in MCM. To claim your reward you must start an MCG Dialogue using the MCG Main Hotkey on that actor. Then choosing the reward dialogue you can:

  • Accept the reward and have consensual normal sex;
  • Refuse the reward:
  • Delay the reward to the next time;
  • Optionally if you have some Infamy you can have a speech check to lower your infamy. If you pass your infamy will be reset, else you will loose the reward.


Rename system: If you have the relative option enabled in MCM, when you use the MCG Main Hotkey on actors you have the "Rename" option. Renaming an actor will not change their real name, instead it will change their displayed name, essentially what you see when your crosshair is on them. The rename submenu will allow you to:

  • Clear any nickname you added to this actor;
  • Add a male name you can choose from a list of 39 names that are divided between 2 pages and are among the most common in the U.S.
  • Add a female name you can choose from a list of 39 names that are divided between 2 pages and are among the most common in the U.S.
  • Add a misc name that you can choose from a list 19 names. These names are funny, citations or can be helpful to assign roles to your recruited followers in your personal army, i.e. calling them "soldier" etc

The renaming system technically works applying an alias template on them, the alias data is set to be removed when you want, most similar mods from nexus don't allow this as their changes are permanent. However this system is limited to the available 97 names total, if you want more freedom you can use a mod specific for this purpose like the "Rename Anything" mod. Note that some specific actors, like those already filling a named alias, can't be renamed using this system, generally those are the cases in which the game force them to have a particular name: i.e. the player spouse or husband in the pre war part.


Transfer caps system: If you have the relative option enabled in MCM, you can transfer your caps in containers. When you are sneaking you will see a new activation option on containers, note that in MCM you can set the "caps transfer rate" which means how many caps are transferred to the container from your inventory for each use of the activation option. Note that if you have less caps than the transfer rate, all your caps will be moved to the container. This is an useful system to use in combination with death alternatives mods or mods that have the player be robbed by other actors. This way if you swim in caps you can save some of them storing in your secured containers! Just make sure though that the container will not reset with the cell (like containers in the wild) or you'll loose the content!


Check also the additional material section for more screenshots and more suggestions. HERE!

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UPDATED 9 October 2019


 Frequently Asked Questions



  • MCG sometimes doesn't recognize a sexual animation started from another mod to be aggressive or submissive: MCG is perfectly capable of correctly recognizing the sex animation type started from MCG but because there is not a standard in the AAF framework used by all mod authors MCG can only "guess" the intention of the other mod authors. If you want to help setting a standard you can tell your mod authors to send a particular string as the meta setting of the AAF Setting struct before starting the AAF scene. Copy paste this code taken from the MCG_API to let them know, they will understand:

; This is not a function but a reminder that MCG to correctly categorize the player sexual
; activity as submissive, consensual or dominant needs that when you start an AAF scene from 
; your mod. Sex started by MCG Systems handle this internally but MCG can categorize it also
; reading the "META SETTING" of the SETTING STRUCT of an AAF Scene. The meta is a string
; parameter that can be added before starting a scene. MCG can read the following strings:
; "PlayerRapist" : Use this if the player has dominant or aggressive sex and the other actor is
;					to be considered a victim;
; "Consensual" : Use this if the sex involving the player is to be considered consensual;
; "PlayerRaped" : Use this if the player is having submissive sex or if the player is being
;				Raped and thus considered a victim;
; An example of calling the start scene from an external mod and adding the meta setting to
; signal that the player is forcing the second actor to have sex:
;	AAF:AAF_API:SceneSettings Settings2 = AAF_API.GetSceneSettings()
;	actorsN = new actor[2]
;	actorsN[0] = secondActor
;	actorsN[1] = Playerref
;	settings2.preventFurniture = false
;	settings2.includeTags = "Aggressive"
;	settings2.excludeTags = "Pose"
;	settings2.meta = "PlayerRapist"  ; this is the meta. Note that your meta can be also composed of many words separated by commas like 
;										"YourModName,FormIdOfTheVictim,PlayerRapist" and MCG will still recognize the "playerRapist" part.
;	AAF:AAF_API.GetAPI().StartScene(actorsN, settings2)



  • I have a mod that give npcs custom races, like the mod "Crimes against Nature" or anime races but animations don't play and also statistics are not updated: This mod rely on AAF themes and race data in AAF xmls, if your race is not supported by those files yet when MCG call the animation, AAF will not find any available animation for the custom races you have installed;


  • I don't understand anything of this mod, or mechanics are too complicated or I don't like it: Don't waste your time then, unistall MCG immediately and don't use it anymore, thank you.


  • The mod guide is a wall I can't read it, too boring: It's up to you to read or not, but if you ask something about the mod that is already covered in the guide I will just ignore you. My advice: If you can't read the guide, just unistall the mod.


  • Can you change this <insert mod mechanic>? No.


  • Can you add this <insert fantastic idea you had>? No, I don't have time. But the source code of MCG is free for everyone, use it to make your own changes or your own mod, I don't care as long as you follow these rules:
  • No child porn situations;
  • You provide your source code to everyone;
  • You add me in your credits.


  • Is MCG compatible with <insert your favorite mod>? Yes as long it's not in THIS LIST. (The list is updated as soon as an incompatibility is reported. If you find any, report in the support topic.)


  • My male or female character take the female or male role? If your PC is involved into a submissive, especially non consensual type of sex, like prostituting theirself or renting a bed paying with sex or being raped they will assume the role that the other actor (the NPC) will demand from them, so yes, this can happen.


  • The mod works only partially in pre war? Yes. This is intended behavior to let the player live the Pre War scene as they want without suffering too much consequences. Full mod systems unlocked after exiting the vault, also major systems starts disabled and you must to enable each one of them manually using the MCG Options Hotkey menu if you want.


  • The mod seems to not work at all? Have you started it using the "Start the mod" button in the Magno CUM Gaudio front page in MCM?


  • The NPC-NPC sex system and/or the NPC Initiative System and/or the Player Defeat (Respawn) system not work? Have you started each one of them using the MCG Options Hotkey menu? the buttons are at the bottom of that popup menu when you long press for 1 second the MCG Options hotkey.


  • The popup message about settings Player Role in sexual animation like receiver or giver doesn't seem to really work: I can assure you that it works really great, but you must have AAF animation data xmls patches that allow the freedom.


  • Is MCG  a script Heavy mod? No. Let me explain: We need to differentiate between big mods with lots of scripts and mods with a lot of active scripts. A mod can have a thousands of scripts and be very lightweight if its scripts are not being executed, while a mod with a single script could cripple your entire game if it is running constantly on runtime update. MCG has a lot of scripts but for the 90% of time they are not being executed. The MCG scripts are generally being executed at the end of a sexual animation or during and right at the end of MCG dialogues, the rest of the time they do not use processing power. MCG heavily relies on Vanilla systems to apply effects, in fact almost none of MCG effects like Lust and Wear are script based but they are Spell based which are much more fast and light on resources than scripts. The only MCG system that can be classified as more than average active is the NPC Initiative System but also in that case you should not have problems, since there are mods much more active, regarding scripts, out there like Horizon and Sim Settlements and people who run them don't have problems so you should not have problems with MCG either. In addition to this remember that if you disable a system in MCG you REALLY disable it meaning that you silence the corresponding scripts so don't use the excuse of "MCG has so much systems I don't use and I fear of script heaviness even if I disable them..." A non executing script is a non executing script, period. :D


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UPDATED 26 November 2019





In theory this post should be empty, or quite empty because MCG does very little modification to vanilla entries. Some mods however have been reported to interfere or not work with MCG as a whole or with just specific features of MCG. Note that incompabilities listed here will not be resolved, so don't ask.



(They can be used with MCG but you must disable some MCG Systems )



  • Sex Attributes - Framework: this mod have features that largely are overlapping MCG statistics and systems, if you use it make sure you disable in one of the two mods the duplicate features. For example you must choose if you want to use MCG wear and tear system or Sex Attributes wear and tear system etc. Note that this is not an hard incompatibility but it would be very weird to have two similar systems that run in parallel without communicating with each other and having different and/or cumulative effects on top of each other, so choose what you prefer.



  • Horizon: this mod alongside MCG Respawn system could create irresolubile conflicts. If you use it with MCG I suggest you disable the MCG Respawn system for maximum compatibility;


  • AAF Violate: If you use this you should disable the MCG respawn system (player defeat features). Also it's recommended that you don't use the submission options of MCG on actors that have been submitted using AAF Violate systems, i.e. Violate let you submit an actor if you cripple them, in that case use Violate systems to decide their fate i.e. rape or rob them and not the MCG submitted options.


  • RSE II CSA or equivalents: This mod has many great features, including player submission of npcs, player defeat and surrender and abductions. MCG is currently integrated with the abductions part of this mod, meaning that player being abducted is a possible scenario for when the player is defeated using MCG Respawn system. Keep in mind though that the player surrender and player submission of npcs part of CSA is not integrated with MCG and they are overlapping features, so you may want to disable either CSA player autosurrender or MCG Respawn system, it's your choice!


  • Pip-Pad: This mod changes the vanilla pipboy, this means that in the player robbed settings (Player Defeat system page in MCM) you should never use "Steal by Base Object" option, leave it disabled or use the option "Steal By Value"). If you don't use the Player Defeat System of MCG you can ignore this point.


  • Combat Strip Lite: this mod alongside MCG Respawn system could create irresolubile conflicts. If you use it with MCG I suggest you disable the MCG Respawn system for maximum compatibility;


  • Sexual Harassment: this mod alongside MCG Respawn system could create irresolubile conflicts. If you use it with MCG I suggest you disable the MCG Respawn system for maximum compatibility;


  • Knockout Framework (Death Alternative): this mod alongside MCG Respawn system could create irresolubile conflicts. If you use it with MCG I suggest you disable the MCG Respawn system for maximum compatibility;


  • Any mod that set the player as essential: this kind of mods alongside MCG Respawn system could create irresolubile conflicts. If you use any of those with MCG I suggest you disable the MCG Respawn system for maximum compatibility;



  • Sexual Harassment: this mod has an npc approach system on the player, similar to MCG Initiative system. It could be wise to disable MCG Initiative system if you find that this mod approaches interfere with MCG ones




  • Transfer Settlements: If you have this mod installed MCG widgets will not work right away, to resolve this you can follow the right procedures discovered by Satanfist and Thndrwlkr, which I quote:

    Satanfist: I got both MCG and Transfer Settlements(TS) to work together. I found it was the progress bar widget from TS was preventing the MCG widgets from updating. By removing the 'TS_ProgressBar.swf' widget from the interface directory. The only drawback is that you can't view blueprint progress as it is being built, but both work without issue.


    Thndrwlkr: just wait to install Transfer Settlements until AFTER you exit the vault and activate M.C.G.  If the widgets still don't work, then configure T.S. to run on the 'rapid' preset in the MCM, but I have been running it with the last two incarnations of MCG with no problems

  • AAF SexEmUp (SEU): This mod is compatible with MCG but if you use the MCG Respawn system make sure you don't use the SEU Surrender hotkey while you are going to be defeated and then raped by MCG Respawn System.


  • Just Business (JB): This mod is compatible with MCG and also recommended if you want to expand the slavery system but you need to keep in mind that MCG slaves and JB slaves are not compatible with each other, so If you have JB I suggest to handle everything related to slaves ans submission of actors using that mod mechanics.


  • Player Head Tracking or Player Comments and Head Tracking: this mod could prevent the correct initialization of approaches of the MCG Initiative system, to limit this soft incompatibility make sure you have enabled in MCG MCM the toggle "Alternative Approach Function" which is by default enabled. If approached or you see the npc trying to reach and approach you but you don't see any dialogue or you see a notification that say that the npc is waiting the right moment to approach, try to move a little so that those invasive head tracking mods could interrupt for a moment the head tracking and/or the random player comments so that the MCG approach dialogues can finally start.



  • SIM Settlements Conqueror: This mod and some of its dependencies like Rise Of the Commonwealth, can bring your frame rate to its knees. This is not an incompatibility per se, but if they stole all the processing power because of mega big cities in the wasteland, be aware that MCG scripts could be delayed in their execution, for example if you press the MCG Main hotkey to select an actor in a cluttered Sim Settlement city and your frame rate is low or unstable, the input could not retrieve any info. This is just for your information, I personally use Sim Settlements but I don't grow the settlements to the point that entering them is a lag fest, be responsible :D




  • XDI (Extended Dialogue Interface) is perfectly compatible with MCG, this time I wrote the dialogue to be almost the same between the prompt and the actual dialogue. Problem is the prompt is used by vanilla fallout 4 to give precious information and for Text Replacement. I make great use of text replacement and for this reason I suggest Full Dialogue Interface instead of XDI. Text replacement is used in creation kit to attach dynamic message or values to dialogues prompt, books, pop ups etc. So i.e. I can inform the player about the exact earnings they will generate before prostituting theirself, since that earning value in caps is not static but it is calculated dynamically for each actor depending on player sexual experience. I will make an example of the many text replacements In MCG: You can pay via dialogue a prostitute to have sex , in MCM there is a slider to customize the cost of the prostitute. The dialogue prompt for each mod will be:
    • FDI or Vanilla: "Is this enough to have some fun? (<exact cost of the prostitute in caps>)"
    • XDI: "Is this enough to have some fun?"



If you have mods that overwrite these MCG changes don't worry MCG will function as normal but only the corresponding functions will not work. (i.e if you have a perks overhaul mod that change the robotics expert perk you'll simply will not be able to instant submit that controlled robot, but you will be able to submit it with other ways).

  • The rads restoring effect that is inside the stimpack has an additional condition to not work on player. (Normally you never heard about this effect because normally it doesn't work on the player but when you activate the MCG Respawn System the player is marked as essential using an alias and this means that if you use stimpacks they would cure your rads, MCG doesn't let this adding that condition;
  • The syringer barrels are marked as silent, this because the syringer is not a stealth weapon in the base game but with the addition of the drugged darts of MCG, it would be a nice touch to have the syringer as a stealth weapon as it should have been;
  • The PerksQuest and the Robot Expert Perk have a keyword added to let MCG know that you took control of a robot so you can combat submit it.
  • The SanctuaryRosaHouse cell is modified by MCG, this is a cell not used by the game, it is a closed interior room with a door that doesn't lead anywhere. I put there the chest and the actor interface to let you "Barter" with any non unique actor using the MCG Dialogues. There should not be any mods editing this cell, but in case you will only loose the bartering ability.
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UPDATED 9 October 2019





Please, if you find any bug that is not reported in the following list, please use the "BUG REPORTING TEMPLATE" to report it in the support topic of MCG. Only if you do so, you will help me resolve the problems.



  • [Hotkeys] Hotkeys rarely are very slow to do their action, like near goodneighbor when i use the MCG Main Hotkey on an actor, the interaction menu pops up after many seconds! There is no solution to this, this happens when the papyrus virtual machine is overloaded and or when you have very low frame rates or you're experiencing stutter. The good news is that this, if happens, generally happen in area of intensive combat where you don't even have the time to normally interact with the NPCs xD


  • [Beds Renting] Beds assigned to settlers in player owned settlements are marked as "rent" even if you can sleep there normally, solution: ignore the "rent" activation and use the normal "sleep" option.


  • [Cloning] When an npc has been cloned, because of enslavement or because you assigned one of your MCG Followers to a settlement the first time that you fast travel away from that newly cloned actor it may equip a different outfit the next time you go back to it. solution: Just manage its inventory to reequip what they unequipped (if you customized its inventory before), this happens only one time after cloning, and should not occur again after the first time.


  • [Game Crashing to Desktop on MCG startup] When you press the "start the mod" button in MCM to initialize the mod, it has been reported that after a few seconds a CTD may occurr. This is because the starting up process causes a memory use surge for a few seconds, also this seems to be exacerbated by mods that run many scripts in background like "Rise of The Commonwealth" and "Conqueror" expansions for "Sim Settlement Mod".  solution: always save the game before starting the MCG mod, try to close all the other programs you have running in background, and make sure you are in a quiet place and othe rmods are not doing heavy script operations in that moment. Note that the CTD can happen only on startup, and it doesn't happen always and it's not a problem that can be isolated or be reproduced reliably so it's not an ineherent MCG bug, it's just an annoyance that you can resolve with a "try and error" approach.


  • [Game freezing on MCG startup] When you press the "start the mod" button in the MCM of MCG the MCM menu refreshes using the function MCM.Refresh(), this means that if you have many MCMs and your computer is weak, your system could freeze for some seconds to refresh the MCM menu. solution: patience.


  • [Renaming doesn't work on Nora/Nate] Renaming system doesn't work on actors that are inside named alias, usually when the game WANTS THIS (forcing) an actor to have a particular name. Solution: live with it or use mods like "Rename Anything" or "What's your name?" or "Give NPC a name".


  • [Wear Attribute not updating sometimes]: I am aware of this and trying to find a solution. It's a non reliably reproducible problem and it seems to happen more often when the sexual animation is called from another AAF Mod. There are no current solutions for this, but it's not a game breaking bug because it doesn't happen often...consider the times when it happens a moment when you have perfect sex without wear ?


  • [WEIRD BODY SHAPE] If you are defeated in power armor, and you are robbed of your armor, after the defeat scenario you may find yourself having a weird body shape, this is because you are still in power armor frame but it appears to be invisible. Solution: Long press "E" (or the button you use to exit the power armor) to exit power armor frame and everything should fix by itself and the power armor frame will return visible! 


  • [INVISIBLE ENSLAVED GHOULS AND SYNTHS] If you enslave a feral ghoul or synth gen 1-2 while they have a severed limb it could be possible that at some point they turn invisible because the game doesn't register them as whole anymore. Solution: Don't enslave feral ghouls or synth gen 1- 2 with severed limbs :P 



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UPDATED 12 June 2019





When you report bugs you should use this template, filling the entries where possible. I try to offer the best support but to resolve the bugs I need to isolate and reproduce them, so the more info you provide, the better. Generic reports with no useful info for me to find or reproduce the problem could be ignored.


Brief description: When I do <insert situation> the game <insert apocaliptic scenario>.

Additional Info to attach:

  • My framerate is ...>.
  • This happens <When?> <Where?>,  <Does this Happen always?> <Did you tried to reproduce the situation with the mod MCG uninstalled?> <Do you started MCG on a new game or a previous one?> <If you started the mod on a previous save, did you unistalled mods during the life of that save?>
  • <My fo4 version is...>
  • <My f4se version is....>
  • <My mcm version is....>
  • <My AAF version is ...>
  • <My MCG version is...>
  • <Am I using the source version of MCG?> 
  • <My MCG settings related to the problem are...>
  • <The problem happened on a  new game or a save where MCG was not installed before OR happened after updating the mod?>
  • <Possibly attach a screenshot in a spoiler, if you can or if the problem is visual>

Attach your load order (in a spoiler! ffs!)





Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp=1
DLC items to manufacturing.esp=1
AA Better Companions - No Conflicts.esp=1
Better Locational Damage.esp=1
No Essential Npcs - All Dlc.esp=1
CWSS Redux.esp=1
Mutated Lust.esp=1
Atomic Lust.esp=1
BLD - Leveled Lists.esp=1
Better Perks.esp=1
Better Cooking.esp=1
dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp=1
Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp=1
CBBE Furry Undergarments Fix.esp=1
LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp=1
Lots More Facial Hair.esp=1
Lots More Male Hairstyles.esp=1
Lots More Female Hairstyles.esp=1



Notes before posting a bug report:

  • Check the MCG Know Bugs first ( find the list in the previous post or HERE);
  • Check the MCG know Incompatibilites list. (find the list HERE);
  • Check the MCG FAQs  HERE.
  • TRY TO REPRODUCE if the thing that happens to you, happens also with MCG unistalled, because in that case could not be an MCG Problem;
  • Make sure you installed the mod correctly, following the instruction;
  • Make sure all the requirements for the mod are correctly installed and up to date;



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UPDATED 14 June 2019






MCG is a mod distributed as .esp and not as master file, this means that you cannot add directly MCG as one of your mod dependencies in Creation Kit, however you can easily integrate your mod with MCG mechanics using an API built just for this purpose. Before giving you a brief guide about MCG Integration I want to point out that one of the main mechanics of MCG can be integrated with any AAF mods right away without even the need of using any API, provided you will apply the following standard:



The AAF community has convened about the introduction of a standard to mark the victim of an AAF Scene in a way that can be universally recognised by other AAF Mods. Marking a victim in an AAF Scene can have many useful purposes for mods that have the purposes to add consistent consequences to sexual acts or that introduce a system of statistics or attributes like MCG. If you ever coded for SexLab framework you already know that the victim parameter there has the dual function to return the "intention" of the animation to other mods and also to automatically select "Aggressive" animations for the scene. AAF is not a sexual framework, but an animation framework more similar to FNIS than Sexlab but the Author has kindly given during time plenty of tools to mimic the victim parameter at the condition that each mod author follow a commonly accepted standard and handle the calling of "Aggressive" animations by tag manually when necessary.

In conclusion, to signal to MCG if an AAF Scene you're calling is Consensual or not Consensual you should add the corresponding strings as the "Meta" setting of the AAF Settings struct that you sent as one of the parameters of the AAF StartScene Function:

  • "PlayerRapist" ; Use this if the player has dominant or aggressive sex and at least one other actor in the scene is to be considered a victim;
  • "Consensual"; Use this if the sex involving the player is to be considered consensual;
  • "PlayerRaped" ; Use this if the player is having submissive sex or if the player is being raped and thus considered a victim; 

Note: Thanks to an useful function in the script LL_FourPlay.pex that is packed into the AAF installation, mods have the ability to split a single string composed of many words separated by "separators" into an array of strings, each element one of the words that composed the original string. The function is called "StringSplit(String asString, string asSeparator)". MCG uses this function in its scripts so the direct consequence of this is that you can have more flexibility in the use of the Meta setting in case you were already using it for your own purposes, because you can add an entire phrase in there and as long as the separators are commas "," MCG will recognise the useful part. An example:

AAFSettings.Meta = "YourMod.esp,AformIdYouUseAsString,Consensual,AnotherWordYouUseForYourPorpuses" ; MCG will recognise the useful word within the string.

Note 2: Mcg currently make statistics and attributes calculations only on the player, so if you use those meta for animations where the player is not involved then those will not have any effect for MCG.

Note 3: Mcg currently has a fail safe for when an external mod start an AAF animation without adding the meta setting, basically if no metas are found MCG will mark the animation as consensual


The following is an example of calling an AAF Scene that involves the player, signalling to MCG that the player is currently being raped by the second actor:

actor property playerref auto const

Function StartPlayerRape(Actor Aggressor)
	AAF_API = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00000F99, "AAF.esm") as AAF:AAF_API
	AAF:AAF_API:SceneSettings Settings2 = AAF_API.GetSceneSettings()
	actorsN = new actor[2]
	actorsN[0] = playerref
	actorsN[1] = aggressor
	settings2.preventFurniture = false
	settings2.includeTags = "Aggressive"
	settings2.excludeTags = "Pose"
    settings2.meta = "DemoMod.esp,00000014,PlayerRaped,CasualWord"
	AAF:AAF_API.GetAPI().StartScene(actorsN, settings2)





 Downloading the MCG_Integration_Kit you will find everything you need to compile scripts that integrate with MCG, in particular you will find all the MCG Source Code (Only the Source, not other files) and also Source code of other mods that are required for MCG Scripts to compile. If you have already mods like MCM, AAF and HUDFramework, when extract the content of the Integration Kit inside your data folder you may be prompted if you want to overwrite source of those mods, in that case you must decline because you already have them and probably yours are more up to date.


The MCG_API.psc is commented and should result easy to comprehend and implement, you can always ask me for support about this.

So in this post i would instead give you a generic summary of what you can integrate or ask from MCG and what rules you should follow when adding integration.

What can you get from MCG API:

  • You can pull the current player sexual stats like Lust, Wear, Infamy, Mood and Sexual Experience
  • You can register for a custom event that will be sent whenever a MCG Stat will change (push)
  • You can get and modify the relationship level or the submission level of an npc and also manually change the personality of npcs
  • You can submit and/or enslave an npc using MCG methods
  • You can Recruit any npc as one MCG Follower
  • You can pull, if any, the current married actor, the ref collection of slaves and guards, the current following slaves, the current npc following for sex and you can ask MCG if any actor you need to check is currently in any MCG Role
  • You can register for a custom event that will be sent when the player is defeated, harassed or respawn, with useful returned info like the aggressor and the current player location, so that you can add custom consequences for those events
  • You can make another npc steal the player stuff accordingly to the "Player Defeat" settings of MCG
  • You can use functions explicitly made to increase compatibility with your mod and some MCG mechanics that are most probable to interfere with other mods:
    • You can Stop the Pacification of enemies after an MCG surrender or Defeat, this is useful if you add a custom after defeat consequence
    • You can Pause the Npc Approach System for 30 seconds
    • You can Pause the NPC-NPC random sex for 30 seconds
    • You can Exempt the player from the infamy and infidelty system for 1 AAF call
  • You can use functions that simply relay to MCG functions to call AAF animations, this way you can easily just use MCG Systems for that without the need to learn AAF, these has been added to help amateurs modders or wannabe modders (like me) that want to add AAF and MCG support very fast.
    • You can start a sexual animation involving the player, and you will use all the mcg system like the victim parameter, the selection of player role before animation starting, the selection of animation type (i.e vaginal, rough, etc)
    • You can make the player prostitute to an npc, and automatically MCG will use its system of prostitution earnings
    • You can make the player masturbate using MCG methods
    • You can make the player kiss or Hug another npc using the MCG partial undressing system
    • and much more.


What rules should you follow when adding integration to MCG

  • Since you're going to use functions or register for events that are declared in the MCG_API.pex you will need to add that script, that is packed inside the Integration Kit, to your mod release. For this reason the best approach is that you pack your scripts and the MCG_API.pex as ba2 because MCG will instead release that API as loose file, so you will be able to make your script compile without the need to have MCG as requirement and at the same time installing your mod will not overwrite the original MCG_API.pex that being originally a loose file will have most priority on any packed script
  • Events in API can be used for heavy calculations, because they push info to scripts that have registered for them and that will execute the code in parallel, MCG_API functions instead should be used only when required and they must be used sparingly to avoid script overload (I.e calling an MCG_API function every second is not a good idea)
  • If you are going to call the MCG API very often in a script that maintains its self i.e. a script that extends a quest you should consider to declare and fill the MCG_API scriptobject variable onInit() or onQuestInit(). Also you may also consider to directly Import the MCG_API script to have the functions readily available. Example of integration in one of your script that extends a quest:
Scriptname MCG_Demo:MCG_DemoMainScript extends Quest


Event OnquestInit()

Event OnquestShutdown()

Function registerforMCG()
	RegisterForCustomEvent(MCG_APIref, "OnMcgStatChange")

Function UnregisterforMCG()
	UnRegisterForCustomEvent(MCG_APIref, "OnMcgStatChange")
	MCG_APIref = none

Event MCG_API.OnMcgStatChange(MCG_API akSender, Var[] akArgs)
 	Debug.messagebox("Your lust is : " + akArgs[0] as int + ", your wear is: " + akargs[1] as int + " and your mood is "+ akargs[3] as float)
 	RegisterForCustomEvent(MCG_APIref, "OnMcgStatChange")

Note that the above script compile only if you have the MCG_API.psc in your fallout 4 data/Scripts/Source/User. In the Integration Kit there is a folder tree with the order you should organize your mod to easily achieve integration.


In the following spoiler I will report the entire API for you to take a look at:


Scriptname MCG_API extends Quest

;   GUIDE TO THE M.C.G. MOD STARTS FROM HERE: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/119951-mcg-extended-social-interactions/?tab=comments#comment-2579591
;	Feel free to contact me in Loverslab if you have questions or suggestion and apologize me if the code or english is not good, 
;	my english is school level and coding is just an hobby for me.
;	- GetApi function: Line 28
;	- Functions to get Main player levels (Lust, Wear, Infamy, Mood and Sexual experience) : Line 44
;	- Some MCG methods that can be used on NPCs: Line 178
;	- Useful functions for Compatibility and Integration: Line 411
;	- Events: Line 584

; Example of declaring this script as a scriptObject into your script:
; Example line of use this scripobject to ask the current Lust level from MCG inside one of your function, after declaring it:
; float CurrentLust = MCG_APIref.McgGetLust()
; debug.notification("Your current Lust level is: " + CurrentLust)
MCG_API Function GetMCGAPI() Global

	MCG_API api = ((Game.GetFormFromFile(0x004C50, "MagnoCumGaudio.esp") as Quest) as MCG_API)

	return Api


; This function return the Lust level as float. Lust Level is a Global Variable which you should not modify using standard globalvariable script methods
Float Function McgGetLust()
	float Lust = AnghelosLust.getvalue()
	return Lust

; This function is what you need to use to modify the player Lust level, it accept float as input.
Function McgModLust(float afAmount)
	If AnghelosLust.GetValue() < 0
	ElseIf AnghelosLust.GetValue() > 100
	(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosLustControllerScript).UpdateLustWidget()

; This function return the Wear level as float. Wear Level is a Global Variable which you should not modify using standard globalvariable script methods
Float Function McgGetWear() 
	float Wear = AnghelosSexWear.getvalue()
	return Wear

; This function is what you need to use to modify the player Wear level, it accept float as input.
Function McgModWear(float afAmount)
	(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosLustControllerScript).WearCheck()

; This function return the Infamy level as int. Infamy Level is a Global Variable which you should not modify using standard globalvariable script methods
Int Function McgGetInfamy()
	int Infamy = AnghelosInfamy.getvalue() as int
	return Infamy

; This function is what you need to use to modify the player Infamy level, it accept an int as first parameter to mod the level and additionally if you insert 
; the second parameter as TRUE it will reset the infamy level to 0
Function McgModInfamy(int aiAmount, bool abReset = false)
	(AnghelosMain as MCGv2:AnghelosRelatioshipControllerScript).ModInfamy(aiAmount, abReset)

; This function return the MOOD level as float. MOOD Level is a Global Variable which you should not modify using standard globalvariable script methods.
; Note that the PROPER MOOD LEVEL is the product of the formula (Dominant Level / Normal Level) - (Submissive Level / Normal Level)
; the returned value is a float array "moodstats" where each element is:
; moodstats[0] : is the MOOD LEVEL proper, the result of the combination of the following three component, and this is the level used to determine the player personality
; moodstats[1] : is the Dominant component level of the mood and its value indicate roughly how many times the player raped or payed for sex other actors
; moodstats[2] : is the Normal component level of the mood and its value indicate roughly how many times the player had consensual sex without paying for it
; moodstats[3] : is the Submissive component of the mood and its value indicate roughly how many times the player used their body to obtain something or has been raped
Float[] Function McgGetMood()
	Float[] Moodstats = new float[4]
	Moodstats[0] = AnghelosSexMood.getvalue()
	Moodstats[1] = AnghelosSexAggressive.getvalue()
	Moodstats[2] = AnghelosSexNormal.getvalue()
	Moodstats[3] = AnghelosSexSubmissive.getvalue()
	return Moodstats

; This function is what you need to use to modify the player Mood level. Note that you can't modify directly the mood, but you can modify the factors that give the mood as
; result, i.e. mood is the product of the formula (Dominant Level / Normal Level) - (Submissive Level / Normal Level). The reset parameter can be used to reset the mood to
; start values (i.e. if you want to cure the mood of the player if reach a too great submissive level.
Function McgModMood(int aiDominant=0, int aiNormal=0, int aiSubmissive=0, bool reset=false)
	If reset == false
		If AnghelosSexAggressive.getvalue() < 0
		If AnghelosSexNormal.getvalue() < 10
		If AnghelosSexSubmissive.getvalue() < 0
	(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosLustControllerScript).MoodCalculus()	

; This function return an int array with the experience of the player in each sexual race category, and roughly indicate how many times the player had a sexual intercourse
; with any reference of its sexual category, i.e. how many humans the player had sex with. The elements of the array "sexExp" are organised as follow:
; sexExp[0] : Numbers of humans fucked, this include also generation 3 synths
; sexExp[1] : Numbers of mutants fucked. This category includes ghouls, feral ghouls, glowing ones, super mutants and behemoths.
; sexExp[2] : Number of animals fucked. This category includes all animals and creatures including mutant animals
; sexExp[3] : Number of robots and snths gen 1 and gen 2 fucked
; sexExp[4] : Number of times that the player had not complete sex but only foreplay or masturbations
; sexExp[5] : Number of times that the player was involved in group sex
; sexExp[6] : Total times the player had a sexual intercourse, including masturbating theirself
; sexExp[7] : Indicate the current preferred sexual category:
;		0 = no one in particular
;		1 = Humans are the preferred sexual partners
;		2 = Mutants like ghouls and super mutants are the preferred sexual partners
;		3 = Animals are the preferred sexual partners
;		4 = Robots and gen 1 and gen 2 synths are the preferred sexual partners
;		5 = The player prefers to have incomplete sex or masturbate theirself

Int[] Function McgGetSexExperience()
	int[] sexExp = new Int[8]
	sexExp[0] = AnghelosRaceMale.getvalue() as int
	sexExp[1] = AnghelosRaceFreaks.getvalue() as int
	sexExp[2] =	AnghelosRaceAnimals.getvalue() as int
	sexExp[3] =	AnghelosRaceRobots.getvalue() as int
	sexExp[4] =	AnghelosRaceMasturbation.getvalue() as int
	sexExp[5] =	AnghelosSexThreesome.getvalue() as int
	sexExp[6] =	AnghelosRaceTotal.getvalue() as int
	sexExp[7] =	AnghelosRacePreferred.getvalue() as int
	return sexExp


; These levels are in reality only one that is treated differently if the npc is free or if it's enslaved by the
; player. Note that while all enslaved npcs have this level stored, only UNIQUE npcs that have been at least on time
; involved in an MCG dialogue have this level. 
; The level is stored in npcs in base-60 using factions ranks of two custom factions, it returns an int array "RelationLevel"
; with the elements organised as follow:
; RelationLevel[0] : The relation or submission level in base-10, a level from 0 to 301, the easiest way to measure the level
;						Negative values represent that the npc has no relations at all with the player.
; RelationLevel[1] : This has a range of 0 - 4, and represents the "steps" a relation has achieved, and generally MCG unlocks new
;						actions on npcs on reaching higher numbers of this, i.e. slave with this at 2 or higher are allowed to
;						be sent to workshops as slave labourers. Returns -1 for people angry with the player this means that the
;						player must pay caps to resume normal relations, and -2 means that they are  not enslaved AND, OR they had never
;						had an MCG dialogue with the player OR they are non Unique npcs.
; RelationLevel[2] : This is the sexagesimal part of RelationLevel[1], the system as said is in base-60, you should not use this
; RelationLevel[3] : This is the personality of the npc. 1 means they have the "spicy" personality (A), 2 means they have the "sentimental" 
;						personality (B), 3 means they have the "Friendly" personality (C), -2 means that they are  not enslaved AND, 
;						OR they had never had an MCG dialogue with the player OR they are non Unique npcs.

Int[] Function McgGetRelationLevel(actor akTarget)
	Int[] RelationLevel = new Int[4]
	RelationLevel[1] = aktarget.getfactionrank(AnghelosRelationStatus)
	RelationLevel[2] = aktarget.getfactionrank(AnghelosRelationLevel)
	int sexagesimalStatus = ((RelationLevel[1] * 60) as int)
	RelationLevel[0] = sexagesimalStatus + RelationLevel[2]
	RelationLevel[3] = aktarget.getfactionrank(AnghelosPersonalityfaction)	

; This function can be used to modify the both the relationship level of an npc or the submission level of a slave, it returns false
; if the actor you inserted in the parameter is not valid, i.e. not a slave AND not involved into an MCG dialogue at least one time.
bool Function McgModRelationLevel(Actor aktarget, int aiHowMuch)
	bool validcheck1 = false
	If aktarget.isInfaction(AnghelosPersonalityfaction) && aktarget.haskeyword(anghelosSlaveWaitingKeyword)
		validcheck1 = true
		(AnghelosData as  MCGv2:AnghelosActionsScript).ModLevelSlave(aihowmuch, aktarget)
	ElseIf aktarget.isInfaction(AnghelosPersonalityfaction)
		validcheck1 = true
		(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosDIalogueControllerScript).ModLevel(aihowmuch, aktarget)
	return validcheck1

; This function is useful to set the personality of an actor, it returns false if the actor was a not unique AND not enslaved npc or if
; the argument value was not valid.
; it accepts an int as argument that must be:
; 1 for "spicy" personality (A), 2 for the "sentimental" personality (B) or 3 for "Friendly" personality (C)
Bool Function McgSetPersonality(actor aktarget, int aiNewPersonality)
	bool validcheck = false
	If aiNewPersonality > 0 && aiNewPersonality < 4
		validcheck = true
		If aktarget.haskeyword(anghelosSlaveWaitingKeyword)
			aktarget.setfactionrank(AnghelosPersonalityfaction, aiNewPersonality)
		ElseIf aktarget.isInfaction(AnghelosPersonalityfaction)
			aktarget.setfactionrank(AnghelosPersonalityfaction, aiNewPersonality)
		ElseIf aktarget.isInfaction(AnghelosPersonalityfaction) == false && aktarget.getleveledactorbase().isunique()
			(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosDIalogueControllerScript).FirstMeet(aktarget)
			aktarget.setfactionrank(AnghelosPersonalityfaction, aiNewPersonality)
			validcheck = false
	Return validcheck

; This function give other modders the ability to submit an actor they send as parameter. Once submitted, users can use
; the MCG Main Hotkey to decide the fate of the actor. If nothing is done on submitted actors, they will be automatically
; revived after 3 minutes or if the player leaves the area. It returns false if the actor inserted is blacklisted by
; MCG mod submission system.
Bool Function McgSubmit(Actor aktarget)
	bool validcheck2 = false
	if aktarget.haskeyword(anghelosnosubmitkeyword) == false && AnghelosVanillaCompanionList.Find(aktarget.getleveledactorbase()) < 0
		validcheck2 = true
		AnghelosSubmitSpell.cast(aktarget, aktarget)
	return validcheck2

; This function give other modders the ability to enslave an actor they send as parameter. Once enslaved, users can use
; the MCG Main Hotkey to control the actor. It returns false if the actor inserted is blacklisted by MCG enslavement system
Bool Function McgEnslave(Actor aktarget)
	bool validcheck3 = false
	if aktarget.haskeyword(anghelosnosubmitkeyword) == false && AnghelosVanillaCompanionList.Find(aktarget.getleveledactorbase()) < 0
		race targetr = aktarget.getrace()
		If (AnghelosMain as MCGv2:anghelossexcontrollerscript).checkEnslavement(targetr) == true	
			validcheck3 = true
			If AnghelosSlaveWaitingCollection.GetCount() >= 100
				validcheck3 = false
			ElseIf AnghelosSlaveWaitingCollection.GetCount() < 100
				(AnghelosData as MCGv2:AnghelosActionsScript).AddSlave(aktarget)
	return validcheck3

; This function give other modders the ability to add an actor they send as parameter to the current MCG followers (army) of the player.
; Once recuited, users can use the MCG Main Hotkey to control the actor. It returns false if the actor inserted is a vanilla companion
; or if the current list of MCG active followers is full. (A max of 8 active MCG followers can be at time)
Bool Function McgHire(Actor aktarget)
	bool validcheck4 = false
	If AnghelosVanillaCompanionList.Find(aktarget.getleveledactorbase()) < 0 && aktarget.haskeyword(anghelosSlaveWaitingKeyword) == false && AnghelosCurrFollowersColl.GetCount() < 8
		validcheck4 = true
		(Anghelosdata as MCGv2:AnghelosActionsScript).ProcessHire(aktarget)
	ElseIf AnghelosVanillaCompanionList.Find(aktarget.getleveledactorbase()) < 0 && aktarget.haskeyword(anghelosSlaveWaitingKeyword) == true && AnghelosCurrFollowersColl.GetCount() < 8
		validcheck4 = true
		(Anghelosdata as MCGv2:AnghelosActionsScript).ProcessHire(aktarget)
		(Anghelosdata as MCGv2:AnghelosActionsScript).RemoveSlave(aktarget)
	return validcheck4

; The actor following for sex is an actor the player managed to plan sex with but instead of doing it immediatly they delayed the 
; action to "find another place". Return the actor that is following for sex or none if there is no actor following for sex
Actor Function McgGetSexFollower()
	Return AnghelosSexFollowerAlias.GetReference() as actor

; Return the married actor or none if the player is not married
Actor Function McgGetSpouse()
	Return AnghelosOfficialLoverAlias.GetReference() as actor

; This function return the actual reference collection used to store the current MCG followers that act like additional companions.
; You can then use standard refcollectionalias script functions to operate on this, but you should't manually add or remove
; actors in it. To add actors here use the Function McgHire(Actor aktarget).
RefCollectionAlias Function McgGetCurrentFollowers()
	return AnghelosCurrFollowersColl

; This function return the actual reference collection used to store all the current enslaved npcs.
; You can then use standard refcollectionalias script functions to operate on this, but you should't manually add or remove
; actors in it. To add actors here use the Function McgEnslave(Actor aktarget).
RefCollectionAlias Function McgGetSlaves()
	return AnghelosSlaveWaitingCollection

; The following slaves are up to 4 slaves that the player can order to follow, these slaves are considered "active" and are those
; that can be sold to certain merchants. Return an actor array of those slaves, elements can be none if there aren't following slaves.
Actor[] Function McgGetFollowingSlaves()
	actor slave1 = AnghelosSlave1Alias.getreference() as actor
	actor slave2 = AnghelosSlave2Alias.getreference() as actor
	actor slave3 = AnghelosSlave3Alias.getreference() as actor
	actor slave4 = AnghelosSlave4Alias.getreference() as actor
	Actor[] slaves = new actor[4]
	slaves.add(slave1, 1)
	slaves.add(slave2, 1)
	slaves.add(slave3, 1)
	slaves.add(slave4, 1)
	return slaves

; This function returns an int that can inform if the actor inserted as parameter is currently used into some MCG systems, like
; if it is enslaved, or involved in the random npc sex system etc... Returned values have these meanings:
; 0 = This actor is currently not involved in any MCG Systems or roles, this may be useful to check if you should use an actor
; 1 = This actor is enslaved and it's a following slave.
; 2 = This actor is a slave but it's not a following slave.
; 3 = Actor is submitted
; 4 = Actor is an active MCG Follower
; 5 = Actor is an MCG follower not active, currently holding a position (Guard)
; 6 = Actor is following for sex the player, used the "Let's find a more private place..."
; 7 = Actor has been tagged by the player to start an orgy and it's currently following the player
; 8 = Player is currently in a date with this actor
; 9 = Actor is the current spouse/husband of the player
; 10 = Actor is currently involved in a MCG Dialogue
; 11 = Actor is currently the stalker of the Harassment scenario and it's tryng to drug and rape the player
; 12 = Actor is currently involved into an MCG Initiative Scenario but not the Harassment scenario
; 13 = Actor has just been selected for the random npc npc sex system
; 14 = Actor is currently in an AAF Scene, marked with the AAF ActorBusy keyword.
Int Function McgGetRole(Actor aktarget)
	Int Role = 0
	If aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosSlaveFollowing)
		Role = 1
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosSlaveWaitingKeyword)
		Role = 2
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosSubmittedKeyword)
		Role = 3
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosIsFollower)
		Role = 4
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosIsGuarding)
		Role = 5
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosFollowingForSex)
		Role = 6
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosOrgyTag)
		Role = 7
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosDatingNPC)
		Role = 8
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(anghelosmarriednpc)
		Role = 9
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosDialogueAliasKeyword)
		Role = 10
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosStalker)
		Role = 11
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosInitiativeNPCKeyword)
		Role = 12
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(AnghelosRandomSexMark)
		Role = 13
	ElseIf aktarget.haskeyword(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00915A, "AAF.esm") as keyword)
		Role = 14
	Return Role


; This function can be used multiple times in your scripts, each time it is used it starts
; a 30 seconds cooldown during which no new approach can start and those that are in a 
; earlier phase are aborted, this is useful if you want to do some calculations or you want 
; prevent the player to be approached because you want the player not interrupted in what
; they must do in your mod. Note that many vanilla situations or AAF sex already abort or pause
; the initiative system.
Function McgPauseApproaches()
	anghelosPauseInitiativeSpell.cast(playerref, playerref)

; This function can be used multiple times in your scripts, each time it is used it starts
; a 30 seconds cooldown during which no random sex can start between npcs in the area.
Function McgPauseRandomSex()
	AnghelosPauseRandomSexSpell.cast(playerref, playerref)

; This function can be used to mark the player to not be punished for public sex with the
; infidelty and or infamy systems during an AAF animation. This is valid for only one animation
; because after an AAF animation involving the player finishes this mark is removed from
; the player and you need to reuse the function again if you want this feature again.
; The intended use of this is to use it just before calling an AAF animation where the player
; was forced to partecipate, i.e. when the player is raped, so we don't blame the player
; for having public sex.
Function McgPauseInfamy()

; This quest can be used to stop the pacification effect on enemies in the area that is given
; when the player has just been raped defeated or when the player surrender. At default 
; settings the duration of this pacification is 60 seconds for after defeat and 120
; second for after surrender and can be extended by surrendering again to the same
; rapists. If you use it you stop immediately the pacification and this can be useful
; if you want to add a post defeat or post surrender scenario ala Death Alternative
; for Skyrim. Returns false if the function failed to stop the pacification.
Bool Function McgStopPacification()
	bool isstopped = true
	If anghelosCalmQuest.isRunning() || anghelosSurrenderQuest.isrunning()
		isstopped = false
	Return isstopped

; This is a convenience function to remove items from player accordingly to the settings in the
; "Defeat System" of MCG. Optionally you can transfer the items to an objectreference or actor
; or leave the parameter to none to just remove them.
Function McgRobPlayer(ObjectReference akTargetRef)
	(AnghelosRespawnQuest as MCGv2:AnghelosDefeatScript).PlayerRobbed(akTargetRef)

; This function can be useful if you want to completely tie into MCG Systems or if you
; are an amateur modder like me and you don't want to know how AAF works and so you can
; just use this inserting the parameters you need:
; aktarget: is the actor the player is going to have sex with. Player is already implicit, so you should use
; this function only to call sex where the player is involved and that has at least 1 other actor (i.e. no for masturbations)
; akvictim: is the actor that is considered the victim of this sex, you can leave it to none if the sex is consensual, or you can
; insert the playerref if the player is to be considered raped or is using their body to obtain something, i.e. caps or you can
; insert the aktarget again here to signal that the second actor is to be considered raped by the player or if the player is going
; to have a very dominant type of sex.
; akThird: optionally you can send a third actor, different from the playerref and the second to start a threesome.
Function McgStartSex(actor aktarget, actor akvictim=none, actor akthird=none)
	if akthird == aktarget || akthird == playerref
		akthird = none
	If aktarget != none
		(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosDIalogueControllerScript).DialogSex(aktarget, akvictim, 0, akThird)

; This function can be useful if you want to completely tie into MCG Systems or if you
; are an amateur modder like me and you don't want to know how AAF works and this function will also make
; use of the player sexual experience to calculate the earnings:
Function McgProstitute(Actor aktarget)
	If aktarget != none
		(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosDIalogueControllerScript).ProcessProstitution(aktarget)

Function McgMasturbate()
	(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosSexControllerScript).Masturbate()

; This function can be useful if you want to completely tie into MCG Systems or if you
; are an amateur modder like me and you don't want to know how AAF works. When
; using this MCG will recognise that the player is just kissing another actor
; and will tell AAF to just undress helmets and MCG will not calculate
; sex experience and will not give wear.
Function McgKiss(actor aktarget)
	(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosSexControllerScript).playerkiss(playerref, aktarget)

; This function can be useful if you want to completely tie into MCG Systems or if you
; are an amateur modder like me and you don't want to know how AAF works. When
; using this MCG will recognise that the player is just hugging another actor
; and will tell AAF to not undress the actors and MCG will not calculate
; sex experience and player will not give wear.
Function McgHug(actor aktarget)
	(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosSexControllerScript).playerHug(aktarget)

; This is not a function but a reminder that MCG to correctly categorize the player sexual
; activity as submissive, consensual or dominant needs that when you start an AAF scene from 
; your mod. Sex started by MCG Systems handle this internally but MCG can categorize it also
; reading the "META SETTING" of the SETTING STRUCT of an AAF Scene. The meta is a string
; parameter that can be added before starting a scene. MCG can read the following strings:
; "PlayerRapist" : Use this if the player has dominant or aggressive sex and the other actor is
;					to be considered a victim;
; "Consensual" : Use this if the sex involving the player is to be considered consensual;
; "PlayerRaped" : Use this if the player is having submissive sex or if the player is being
;				Raped and thus considered a victim;
; An example of calling the start scene from an external mod and adding the meta setting to
; signal that the player is forcing the second actor to have sex:
;	AAF:AAF_API:SceneSettings Settings2 = AAF_API.GetSceneSettings()
;	actorsN = new actor[2]
;	actorsN[0] = secondActor
;	actorsN[1] = Playerref
;	settings2.preventFurniture = false
;	settings2.includeTags = "Aggressive"
;	settings2.excludeTags = "Pose"
;	settings2.meta = "PlayerRapist"  ; this is the meta. Note that your meta can be also composed of many words separated by commas like 
;										"YourModName,FormIdOfTheVictim,PlayerRapist" and MCG will still recognize the "playerRapist" part.
;	AAF:AAF_API.GetAPI().StartScene(actorsN, settings2)

; This is an unfiltered Interface between MCG and AAF, calling this will directly start the corresponding
; sexual animation but will still be integrated into some MCG Systems like the sex type (consensual, dominant,
; akFirst, akSecond and akThird are the actor partecipating in the animation. If you send only the player as akfirst you should
; also send the aiSpecial parameter as 1.
; akPlace can be a furniture reference, if sent AAF will try to find anims compatible with that furniture, leave to none if you want
; animation on the ground or use the aiAnimType to let AAF automatically found furnitures as follow:
; aiAnimType is an int that can specify what kind of animation you want:
; 0 = Random, 1 = Kissing/hugging, 2 = foreplay/Handjobs, 3 = Oral sex, 4 = Vaginal, 5 = Anal, 6 = Rough, 7 = AAF search a valid furniture in
; a 256 game units radius with a preference of 100% for furniture anims if available.
; akVictim is the actor considered the victim of the sex. Leave none for consensual, playerref for submissive, the other npc for dominant.
; It is good custom sending as akFirst the actor considered the "Receiver" of the sex animation, and as akSecond the "giver".

Function McgCallAAF(Actor akFirst, Actor akSecond=none, Actor akThird=none, ObjectReference akPlace=none, Actor akVictim=none, Int aiAnimType=0, Int aiSpecial=0)
	If (akFirst != none && (akFirst == playerref || akSecond == playerref || akThird == playerref))
		(AnghelosMain as  MCGv2:AnghelosSexControllerScript).CallSex(akFirst, akSecond, akThird, akPlace, akVictim, aiAnimType, aiSpecial)

;   							EVENTS					 

CustomEvent OnMcgStatChange
CustomEvent OnMcgPlayerDefeat

Function McgApiSendStats(var[] stats)
	SendCustomEvent("OnMcgStatChange", stats)

Function McgApiSendDefeat(var[] akArgs)
	SendCustomEvent("OnMcgPlayerDefeat", akargs)

; Register for them first:
; Event OnQuestInit()
;	Initialize()
; EndEvent
; Function Initialize()
;	RegisterForCustomEvent(MCG_APIref, "OnMcgStatChange")
;	RegisterForCustomEvent(MCG_APIref, "OnMcgPlayerDefeat")
; EndFunction
; Then you can use them:
; Event MCG_API.OnMcgStatChange(MCG_API akSender, Var[] akArgs)
; 	(Do your code)
; 	RegisterForCustomEvent(MCG_APIref, "OnMcgStatChange")
; EndEvent
; The OnMcgStatChange return a float array packed as a var array:
; akargs[0] : Is the current Lust Level
; akargs[1] : Is the current Wear Level
; akargs[2] : Is the current Infamy Level
; akargs[3] : Is the current Mood Level
; akargs[4] : Is the current level of the Dominant component of the Mood
; akargs[5] : Is the current level of the Normal component of the Mood
; akargs[6] : Is the current level of the Submissive component of the Mood
; akargs[7] : Is the player sexual experience with Humans
; akargs[8] : Is the player sexual experience with Humans
; akargs[9] : Is the player sexual experience with Humans
; akargs[10] : Is the player sexual experience with Humans
; akargs[11] : Is the number of times the player had incomplete sex or masturbation
; akargs[12] : Is the number of times the player had group sex
; akargs[13] : Is the total number of sexual intercourses that the player had
; akargs[14] : Is the current preferred race, returned as float, the values means:
;		0 = no one in particular
;		1 = Humans are the preferred sexual partners
;		2 = Mutants like ghouls and super mutants are the preferred sexual partners
;		3 = Animals are the preferred sexual partners
;		4 = Robots and gen 1 and gen 2 synths are the preferred sexual partners
;		5 = The player prefers to have incomplete sex or masturbate theirself
; Event MCG_API.OnMcgPlayerDefeat(MCG_API akSender, Var[] akArgs)
; 	(Do your code)
; 	RegisterForCustomEvent(MCG_APIref, "OnMcgPlayerDefeat")
; EndEvent
; The OnMcgPlayerDefeat return a var array of length 4 and in which each element is:
; akargs[0] : Is an Int packed as Var in which it's defined the type of defeat of the player as follows:
;		0 = Player has been raped after being combat defeated and has not respawned
;		1 = Player has respawned as consequence of being combat defeated
;		2 = Player has been raped after being drugged by an harasser but has not respawned
;		3 = Player has respawned as consequence of being drugged and raped by an harasser
; akargs[1] : Is an Actor packed as Var, which is the Rapist or the Harasser that defeated the player
; akargs[2] : Is a Location packed as Var, which is the current player Location
; akargs[3] : Is a referenceCollectionAlias packed as var, it's the collection of current MCG Followers
; If you use this event for a post defeat scenario you could find useful to stop the pacification of enemies
; using the correpsonding function in this script (at line 441)

;   							PROPERTIES					 


quest property anghelosRespawnQuest auto const
quest property anghelosCalmQuest auto const
quest property anghelosSurrenderQuest auto const
keyword property AnghelosIsPunished auto const
Spell property anghelosPauseInitiativeSpell auto const
Spell property AnghelosPauseRandomSexSpell auto const
Actor property playerref auto const


keyword property AnghelosRandomSexMark auto const
keyword property AnghelosStalker auto const
keyword property AnghelosInitiativeNPCKeyword auto const
keyword property AnghelosDialogueAliasKeyword auto const
keyword property anghelosmarriednpc auto const
keyword property AnghelosDatingNPC auto const
keyword property AnghelosOrgyTag auto const
keyword property AnghelosFollowingForSex auto const
keyword property AnghelosIsGuarding auto const
keyword property AnghelosIsFollower auto const
keyword property AnghelosSubmittedKeyword auto const
Keyword property AnghelosSlaveFollowing auto const
ReferenceAlias Property AnghelosSlave1Alias  Auto  
ReferenceAlias Property AnghelosSlave2Alias  Auto  
ReferenceAlias Property AnghelosSlave3Alias  Auto  
ReferenceAlias Property AnghelosSlave4Alias  Auto 
referenceAlias property AnghelosOfficialLoverAlias auto const
referenceAlias property AnghelosSexFollowerAlias auto const
RefCollectionAlias Property AnghelosSlaveWaitingCollection Auto Const
RefCollectionAlias Property AnghelosCurrFollowersColl Auto Const
spell property AnghelosSubmitSpell auto const
keyword property anghelosnosubmitkeyword auto const
quest property anghelosData auto const
faction property AnghelosRelationStatus auto const
faction property AnghelosRelationLevel auto const
faction property AnghelosPersonalityfaction auto const
keyword property anghelosSlaveWaitingKeyword auto const
formlist property AnghelosVanillaCompanionList auto const


GlobalVariable Property AnghelosRaceMale  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosRaceAnimals  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosRaceFreaks  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosRaceRobots  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosRaceMasturbation  Auto 
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosRacePreferred  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosRaceTotal  Auto
Quest Property AnghelosMain auto const
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosSexAggressive  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosSexMood  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosSexNormal  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosSexThreesome Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosSexSubmissive  Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosLust Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosInfamy Auto
GlobalVariable Property AnghelosSexWear  Auto

; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->



(In case you want to see it in Notepad++, note that this is also in the Integration Kit)




In addition to the integration kit, in the dowload section there is also the file SOURCE MCG that contains the mod not packed, with all the scripts loose etc, this is intended for modders that want to see the code or make changes/fork of this mod, not for normal users. Don't install this if you already have the "M.C.G. FO4 v2.12.50.rar".


Note that because the source files are not intended to be used to play the mod and because people have ignored this warning in the past,  these files are released not respecting an order recognized by mod manager, i.e. you can't just extract it in your data folder. In addition to that the archive has a password (without quotes): "IamAModder" . Again i repeat these files are for making edits to the MCG mod and must e handled by people that know what they are doing, thus all those security measures are to dissuade the generic users to download and install those files.

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When I started coding for this version of MCG for Fallout 4 the intention was to port the exact experience of MCG for Skyrim that I consider my best work so far for Bethesda games. Now, while the MCG version for Fallout 4 ended being something much larger with many more features than the version for Skyrim, it just lacks some integrations with mods that are available for Skyrim but not for Fallout 4. My greatest regret was not being able to emulate the experience that DAYMOYL mod gives for Skyrim, I planned to code a death alternative framework with useful tools and a system of priorities to let other modders code after defeat scenarios that would have been calculated and started by this framework but unfortunately I ended the time at my disposal for modding this game, so I left this feature largely unfinished. Something though has been made and if someone among you is willing to finish the job be aware that there are tools, although incomplete, in the API to at least give a far resemblance of a death alternative framework.


Know Limitations of implementing a death alternative framework using the current MCG API:

  • You will have no ready means to pacify enemies for a death alternative scenario, although you could mimic my pacify cloak spell attached to the player alias in the AnghelosCalmQuest of MCG to achieve the same result;
  • You cannot know if the player is already in a death alternative scenario, provided the player is being defeated while doing already a death alternative scenario. In that case modders should adopt a standard keyword to attach to player to mark if the player is currently in a death alternative scenario and adopt the right response in that case, i.e. don't start your scenario if that keyword is on player or make the game quit to main menu to signal that you can't be defeated while you are doing a death alternative scenario and so on;
  • MCG Defeat event doesn't send info about current player companions and it doesn't have instruments to handle them after a defeat;
  • You can't have more than one after death scenario that satisfy each condition group because there are no priority evaluations of available scenarios like in DAYMOYL, let me explain better:
    • The MCG API sends an event, when the player is defeated, returning the type of defeat (harassment, respawn, combat defeat etc...), the actor that provoked the defeat of the player, the current location of the player and the reference alias with the current active MCG Followers; this way a modder could i.e. register for the event and start a post defeat scenario if the event return i.e. a gunner owned location and being defeated by a gunner but any users that will install this mod with that scenario must know that you can't install scenarios that satisfy the same conditions, so i.e. you can have only one scenario for gunners, one for raiders etc.


A list of idea I would have coded if just I had the time:

  • If the player would have been combat defeated by gunners a free form quest would have started, the player would awake in the wild with a message and an explosive collar, the message says that every 24 in game hours the player would have been required to bring some materials to a gunner soldier or else they would have blow up the player and to gain freedom you are required to bring a special item difficult to obtain etc;
  • If the player would have been combat defeated by diamond city or GoodN or any other civilized place the player would have been ended in a closed building where you can't escape and you would have been forced to please costumers come there to have sex, each sex would give a token and you are required many a number of token to earn freedom again;
  • If the player would have been combat defeated by super mutants the SM would bring the player in a closed place and force the player to cook foods for them in a brief period of time while gathering ingredients in the same building, player would have regained freedom by finding a way to poison the food or die trying because the time would become progressively less and at the end SM will eat the player instead.
  • If the player would have been combat defeated by raiders and the combat zone was already cleared the player would have been closed inside the CZ Cage and earn the freedom back fist fighting the opponents to the last match or die trying.


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UPDATED 12 June 2019







Starting up message:



MCG Options Menu that you can open long pressing the MCG Option Hotkey:



MCG Statistics Diary to have your main sexual levels always at hand....




MCG Options TELEPORT Submenu is a very important source of informations and very useful to keep all of your followers and companions under control:




From the Teleport submenu we can remote choose single slaves or soldiers we own even if they are far away from us and do some quick remote actions on them from this menu:










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Npc started a masturbation to relieve some stress (NPC NPC random sex system):



Interaction menu opened using the MCG MAIN Hotkey while having that slave in the crosshair:





Starting an MCG Dialogue on a slave:





Submitting and enslaving an actor captured in one of the wasteland workshop dlc cages:





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  1. Locate your Fallout4.ini , it should be in your documents/mygames/fallout4 folder. Open it with a text editor like windows notepad or better.
  2. Locate the line  [Papyrus]
  3. Edit the lines as follow:

(for Xenon and PS3 processors one line is different):  fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000.0 )



To enable logging again:


(for Xenon and PS3 processors one line is different):  fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000.0 )



  • Papyrus Loggin is absolutely not useful for normal users that want to just play the game. It can also damage your game performance and quite significantly if you have an HDD, it's not a case if by default papyrus logging is disabled. Official Source: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=INI_Settings_(Papyrus) .
  • Don't believe who tells you that you need to enable loggings to run mods, that is a lie.
  • Some modders can ask you to enable the papyrus logging to help them solve issues with mods, in that case if you have to do a bug report you can temporaly enable it again, replicate in game the bugged situation so the game in the mean time is making the log, then give the log to the modder and disable logging again. You absolutely don't want papyrus logging always enabled.
  • MCG is very verbose in papyrus logging, and if you run MCG with Papyrus logging enabled you will end with quite big logs, so if some other modder asks you to provide them a papyrus logging to debug their mod, you should temporaly disable MCG from the load order so you will provide them a log without all the MCG messages, so they will have an easier life reading them.
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