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How do I do that change the agression to 5?I tried via setav but the values dont come out right. I put setav agression 5 and it puts like 70. Maybe I have to change it in the mod. Maybe its easier for them just to do the needs in a radius instead of just battlehorn, except I have no idea how and I didn want to mess the mod up. I have TESCS I saw the packages but have no idea what I need to change. Modding is complicated. I could even find a solution for the dicks being all the same which I was able to go around by using slofs boners as equipment, so they are always changing the appearance. Just missing those two things and its perfect. After I learn to place things in the world map I want to create a Village around battlehorn. Can you help me if you have the time? 

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setav aggression 5 is right.

Open the console, click on the NPC

enter setav aggression 5

hit enter key.


Or you use CS or better TES4Edit...  but if you have enslaved vanilla  and Mod NPCs you will change the NPC forever. Next time you play the game the NPC will have aggression 5.

And very bad if you change Bandit, Necromancers, Marauders , . . .  and other Level list NPCs. Each of them is used very often in the game , and if you change the base NPC all the spawn NPCs will have aggression 5. A lot of bandits will not attack you.


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When the carácter becomes a plunderer in the mod setav doesnt work as it should. It gives a stupid value. For example to set my confidence to 60 I have to use setav 5. Its the mod itself because it also changes the natural agression of the converted NPC to a fixed value. So I just need to change that value in the mod itself.

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? The script that change  player and NPC values ? Don't know, can not help.


But if you use "setav aggression 5"  the aggression is 5. It is a set command. A mod command ( like modDisposition) would increases an existing value.

So you set aggression to 5 and it is 5.

Then a plunder script change the 5 right after the console "setav" command.

So even if you can get aggression to 5 by using the command more often or with other values, the script will change it again immediately, after some time  or  next game start.

Sounds like an insoluble problem to me.

Hope Speele can help.



The NPC and player you can not change in the Mod esp. they are not in the esp.  You have to find the always running script that change the values.




A solution :classic_biggrin:  create items ( amulet, ring ) with a script.

begin GameMode

If GetAV  aggression > 5

setAV  aggression 5




Give one of these items to every NPC.




Or create a spell , a ability spell  with a script , same as above.

Add the spell to the NPC with console.

Addspell xxyyyyyy

xx  =  load order number

yyyyyyy = spell ID

The ability always runs/ is active, like "Water breathing" or other ability spells.

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