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[mod] [Stellaris] Lustful Void - WIP

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3 hours ago, zelayasrevenge301 said:

Also SE added new skins and clothes options, and the patch hasn't been updated yet.

I'm not using the patch. I'm editing the asset_selectors directly. However, what I just now realized is that having eliminated all but single gender options from the SE files, the game is simply creating pops of the opposite gender with the default game portraits. It looks like you can have single gender leaders (ruler, scientist, admiral, etc), but not pops.

Unfortunately, I don't have an older version of SE to test 2.6.2 (which I believe was the last time I played where it worked), but it looks like Spenser may be right. This may be on Paradox's end.


EDIT - I've attached an edited portraits file using the patches seen around here as a model. If someone cleverer than myself would like to have a look, I'm open to suggestions.



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If many people are having problems with mono genders for humans (not humanoids and even on SE humans), try Undiverse Humans.

Just select the descriptive portraits and it should not spawn pop assets of the incorrect gender,

This mod will not correct Humanoid race genders, just Humans and uses Humans as the base

for asset selection.

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This mod is so good. Suggestion: I wished for a Pleasure Palace building for my resort world (or pleasure world as i like to call it) with concubines, in exchange of generating some profit and/or pop grow (unlike temples or brothels). (also add some housing because resort worlds are limited). I don't know how to mod sadly, otherwise i would have done it. But is isn't a bad idea. After all what is better for a Resort World than a palace?
By the way how do i activate the Lost Sexbot event? I have been struggling with this and only found once. Or how to activate event by console command.


Nevermind, found the file.

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20 hours ago, rallyelgen said:

If so, why get event notifications about that, before it's even possible to do?

Well, the notifications are about two different species fucking each other, the ascension perk make mixed species.

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Hm i think i have a little problem.(i think i done something wrong :D) I got the military sex party event now two times and no picture in the event pop up. I really think the would be a picture right?


I installed the mod normaly and moved it to the bottom of the load order, so it loads after all other mods. should that not be enough that it should work as it would normaly? Or is it the opposit and i have to move it to the very top of the load order? x_x


Edit: Hm i deactivated the LV smaller pic patch, SSX Portrait's LV patch and an SSX Species Engineering patch and at least i got an picture for the sexbot event. only one so far(on the i think 3. pop up screen, all before that was simple random vanilla event pictures) I hope that everthing will work now as it should. xD

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Can you update it to make the event pictures the same size as the vanilla event window?  The rape events, and xeno breeding events pictures are huge. Speaking of xeno sex events, I keep getting the "tax them like any other job" event before I even make first contact.


Also, would it be possible to upload a SFW version of some of the traits to steam? I would love a stand alone all male. hermaphrodite, and all female  trait pack.

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I'm not sure if this has been reported yet, but there's a bug with the mono-gender conversion . For example, trying to convert all female pops to futa doesn't get rid of the all-female trait, it just adds the futa trait on top of the all-female (which shouldn't be possible unless this is intentional)


I can work around this by enabling the "remove special traits" in the LV options, and then removing the all-female trait manually, but this shouldn't be necessary with the regular conversion, especially if i don't want to allow the AIs to remove those traits since it'll cause them to spam the brood parasite trait (another special trait) on all their pops


I know the special titanic life event automatically removes incompatible traits, so I don't know why it wouldn't be the same for the mono-gender conversions. 

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On 10/26/2020 at 12:19 AM, StripesTT said:

Does anyone else have the issue where the second species of the Parallel Evolution origin not show up? The base game syncretic evolution works fine so it's only an issue with the origin

Is there a fix for this?

Were you also running the Forgotten Queens mod?

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2 hours ago, Anonymous said:

For people who already played the latest update, on a scale of 0 to 10, how hard does this mod need updating to play on the 2.8?

While I haven't delved too deep yet, I can tell you right now at the very least that this mod does not play well with the Necrophage Origin. Under that, it's supposed to be your main race and a secondary race. I'm still testing it out but when I have this mod enabled, instead of getting 18 of the main and 12 of the secondary, I'm just getting 28 of the main and that's it. I'm gonna test to see if the issue is tied in with specific traits or if it's the mod as a whole.


Edit: It's the mod as a whole. I removed all the mods traits from both races and I still only got the primary race.

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Just a little status update since I kind of disappeared for a few months. I won't bore you with why I've been gone, but don't worry LV isn't dead yet! lol. I have been working on it when I had time though and it's at the point where I feel like I should release an update soon. I just wanted to add the last few things on my todo list and to fix anything the lasted update/dlc might have broken. After testing it a bit, I can't see anything broken just yet, but I'll do a thorough test probably tomorrow to make sure there isn't any not so obvious problems I missed (I still might miss some though lol). While typing that I noticed people were saying the new origin has a problem so I'll look into that soon. For now, delete (Lustful Void\common\scripted_effects\lv_scripted_effects.txt) and don't use lv's Parallel Evolution or Symbiotic Evolution origins as deleting that will break them!


Some highlights for the next update are reworks of the hybrids system (linked to tech and traits, removing the ap) and pop synergy system. This should reduce lag maybe. Also milk/cum things!

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Just now, Spiders_Venom said:

Does this mod work for the latest version of stellaris or not?

So far it seems to work mostly okay. I can't see the new Necrophage Origin, but I've got at least three other mods running that might cause that...

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The mod likely doesn't play nice with the Necrophage origin because it adds additional parameters to the syncretic pops generation coding. Changes which aren't included in the mod's coding which is loaded after.


That and it looks like they moved the generate_start_pops bracket that contains syncretic pop handling from the scripted_effects.txt to the start_of_game_effects.txt


Basically a combination of the new necrophage coding being missing and the coding for syncretic pops handling being moved to a different file. Dropping the marked Parallel Evolution and Symbiotic Evolution additions from the mod into the new coding and renaming the file fixed it for me.


Also, fun note: Necrophages can be Fanatic Purifiers with starting syncretic pops unlike other Purifiers. First thought was a conversion to devouring swarm hive minds, but with a lewd twist.

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