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[mod] [Stellaris] Lustful Void - WIP

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1 hour ago, anno said:

Hi all, how do you make a custom trait for lustful void and make it work in game? and events? As I wanted to take the futa trait and combine it with different different  LV traits. Haven't decided on whitch ones yet but I wanted it to effect modifiers like sex/milk/etc job output but have doubbed the consumer goods/ food upkeep for all them sex toys n energy for sexy time. I don't know how to do this or how to do the localisation file are there any guides or can someone share their own version, I can't be the only person to want this kind of thing?


I'd recommend that you talk with some of the modders on discord



They can help out.

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On 5/13/2020 at 7:23 PM, Railgunner2160 said:

There is a hotfix for 2.7 on the discord, full release of the 2.7 update is "I will probably have the new LV update done this week or around the start of next week." as posted by Lithia.


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38 minutes ago, Railgunner2160 said:

Lithia popped into the discord, she was ill. So the date slipped due to illness. You wouldn't feel like modding either in that state....

Ah ok, that's understandable then. I don't use discord so I'm out of the loop.

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19 hours ago, darthvaapad said:

I'm having problem's with Parallel Evolution origins did the stellaris update break this origin?


The 2.7.1 update screwed the origin code, so anything that adds origins made before said patch will not work. A hotfix for this mod is available on the discord.

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On 6/2/2020 at 10:26 AM, Railgunner2160 said:

Lithia popped into the discord, she was ill. So the date slipped due to illness. You wouldn't feel like modding either in that state....

Oh, i hope she is ok. With this Covid crap, this kind of news always makes me feel scared are bit.

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I was testing sex robots + all male race and parallel evolution of an all male race and an all female race.  I got an event about the former but there was no changes to the species.  The ladder didn't do anything after five years.  Is there a bug there?  A dom/sub species combination did work and I could find those pop modifiers.

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damn shame about the hiveminds losing their respective swarm/host type government types. it broke my heart to spend so many minutes crafting the perfect human-bug femhive only to find out the breeding casus beli was disabled and it's just a broken, gimped version of a regular hivemind

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I can confirm in the new version that the male only trait now works properly when combined with sex bots.  However male only and female only still don't seem to work with each other.


The new advisor voices are quieter than all the other advisors.  I'd recommend increasing the volume on all of them.

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Just so people here know, I do know about mono genders still being weird! I thought I fixed it but will have to look into it more. I'll get a new patch out as soon as it's fixed. Also @TheDarkMaster I'll see what I can do about the advisor.


And here's a fixed base game portraits patch (sowwy I'm forgetful these days and miss things lol).


Base Game Portraits LV Patch.zip

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