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[mod] [Stellaris] Lustful Void - WIP

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6 hours ago, AvAcyn said:

Months without news and updates, Mod = Dead i think

If you bother to read the last ~dozen comments, you'd know that an update is expected soon. The slight delay is actually to add another civic in.

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9 hours ago, Sycario said:





I'm gonna test if it is save compatible with the previous version

So I played for a couple hours and no problem with the save, and I could see all the new features

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I love the new updates, though I think I've noticed the placeholders used for two events may be incorrect. The one for invading a planet uses your empire name instead of the planet name and the one for a pop dying off uses the name of the planet the pop is on in place of the pop's species name. I didn't think to take screenshots but can if you need them.

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5 hours ago, Smock said:

I see addictive and aphrodisiac cum in the trait files, but it's not in the game, is it locked behind the gene ascension path or just not implemented.

Its locked behind a tech... I forget what its called, but you don't need the bio ascension path to get it.

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11 hours ago, keflyn said:

Not complaining, but do you have a vague idea when you might add Titanic Life events? I've always found those fun.

Here another mod on this site, with this kind of content it calledLustful Void THM Addons - WILD LASCIVITY, from theLustful Spirit

Its pretty damn good, in my opinion. Cant wait it update:)

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13 hours ago, snarfies said:

Its locked behind a tech... I forget what its called, but you don't need the bio ascension path to get it.

thanks man

Edit: on that topic, wouldn't it make sense to reword the trait descriptions a bit since it implies some if not all of the locked traits were inherent to the species from the beginning, like how the mega traits from the bioascention path say they altered or improved prexisting traits of the affected species to have those traits if it is gene modded behind a certain tech, I still haven't found the unlock so I can't say this with 100% surety 

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So I'm guessing this is a glitch, since i don't see any modifiers that cause this. When i turn on pop controls i get the "neutered pop dies and gives birth to main race pop" at random intervals until the pop with controls on goes extinct. its kinda murdering all my slaves and future slaves. I had it happen with pre-sapients on tolerated too. it's not hindered by a 5 year timer either, had 4 pops die in under 2 years.

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Does anyone know if the escort job and other specialist sex jobs counts as an entertainer job for the purpose of the domestic slaves having an exception for the entertainer job in vanilla

I'm not too good with reading code, but entertainer has a entertainer_job_check_trigger = yes while the specialist jobs including the sex ones have lv_specialist_job_check_trigger = yes so that might answer it for me, but I just want to make sure


edit: I just figured it out, they both share the same exception for domestic servitude, but the lustful void one doesn't have the check proles, nerve staple and some machine empire conditions

if someone has questions about the scripting, just ask, I'm still going to comb through the files when I need to and having questions to answer will give me more opportunities to do so

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