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9Damao and Baidu Download Request Thread

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3 minutes ago, chevalierx said:

simple = not all have monster war machine and 10 bis XX extra tv

that pack have all skin exist in LE/SE and it not have only nini skin.................


They're already compressed, compressing them again does nothing.



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I would like to make a request for KZ Style for Skyrim Special Edition. The request that was already fufilled in this thread seems to be the one for LE.


KZ Style SE v3.0



Baidu PW: fui8



It seems like the other necessary files are hidden behind the text file downloads which I can't access. If possible can you make those available as well? Thank you in advance.

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Can someone get this for me? It's starting to ask for Chinese character captchas and I can't get past it..


hdtSMP patch for Shanoa Armor

Managed to get my Baidu working! heres the first file if anyone needs this, the second one is taking forever for me to download. Baidu is at 9kbps.



Also this one please! smp patch for vindictus habitant


MJust got the smp patch for habitant it doesn't seem to work for me though. ill link it here too just in case anyone is ever looking for it as well. 


hdtSMP patch for Shanoa Armor.zip


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