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9Damao and Baidu Download Request Thread

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7 hours ago, TheDragonBorn said:

checked out the twitter for this follower it is definitely down, if anyone has it could you share it

ShinWAIFU re-uploaded.

If her SMP hair hangs down more than you imagined, I think it will be nice to remove the bone weight of the hair tips.


By the way…does anyone have ShinWAIFU's April Fools Follower? I was too late. If possivle, Could you please share this?


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On 1/14/2021 at 3:15 AM, Bruh420Bruh420 said:

Can someone help me download this Ninirim preset for the SE version?


Does this have any requirements? is this a pack or preset?

thanks again



not sure about the requirements but probably ECE

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On 1/15/2021 at 9:50 PM, Mailick said:

I really want to download this file with the game, but all public links are broken :(
Perhaps there is at least one working link here, but the rest are hidden and you need an account to access them
Hope someone can help me with this. I'll be very grateful


maybe if some can get me the download link i can download the file for you

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Hi. Can you guys tell me if there is a mod like a automatic use of a wardrobe where I could dress and undress my followers, I love heels and boots and I would like to use them, one set on morndas and the next day different ones with a different skirt and jewelry. I'm using one from nexus simple npc outfit manager but it has just only 15 outlets to use with outfits. Maybe there is one  from 9damaomods. I appreciate any help😚

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